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  1. Why? And why not others? St. Louis Park district agrees to let Muslim families opt out of LGBT curriculum "We believe that we have a sacred obligation to teach the principles of our faith to our children without being undermined by the schools," said one of the parents.
  2. You need to be honest before anyone will respect your opinion. Your attempts at clever arguments are very visible.
  3. The term Mass Migration does not mean well managed Migration. Come on now your trying to move the goal post
  4. Here's what Mass Migration (with a little help from Obama while we weren't looking) brings. Tribes who care more about the $hithole people more than the Country that let them come here for a better life. Michigan primary will put Gaza discontent on ballot...
  5. Nicky’s looking for a perfect culture in a world full of imperfect people. He think’s America is the greatest place to live (his words) yet he wants to overrun it with less perfect people through Mass Migration
  6. Nicky the Bill is like an expired warranty. Wake up
  7. Agreed. Joe may use EO to slow the migration but if they win that EO will be rolled back. Dangerous people we have in power right now
  8. We live in the best country in the world, but that doesn't mean our work is done. Yet you believe Mass Migration will make it even better?
  9. IMO - no matter what they do in the short term I believe they will maintain an Open and unsecured Border if they win. Lots at stake guys
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