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  1. As said above if his name is on the ticket who else could you vote for? Gavin Newsom, Michele Obama, etc come on folks think about what any Dim victory means...
  2. Some great minds solving world problems in this thread
  3. Joe to his Gal... Let them eat cake
  4. Maybe less Appointees and more Voted in folks would be a solution to start with?
  5. IMO they would love to see MAGA supporters do something stupid because they felt provoked. This is how you unify the Country during the Team Biden Admin
  6. Course correction about the term Raid came out 2 days ago from their Media branch. It took a little longer than expect to show up here. The narrative that they had to go after these docs by showing up at his home is not supported because they(Lawyers) were in good standing with the WH team sharing as requested. What we have now is Wording Smithing to soften the definition and their action and straight up lying that they were not getting what they want through "Normal" channels.
  7. This is a Good Indication about how they feel about the American People. At this point they don't care what we think. They are in Preservation Mode. They all know what will happen if he or any Rep with half his fortitude is elected. This is worse for them than Mom and Dad coming home while the Kegger is half full and friends are naked in the pool
  8. They know what he will do if re-elected. The Support from the People to clean up these Alphabet agencies and the unelected Power Brokers is growing everyday. By 2024 it will look like Pitchforks and Torches at the gates to the Bastille
  9. Everyone should realize this by now. 87k IRS agents… Come on man
  10. FBI agents rifled thru Melania’s private wardrobe… Pathetic right or just SOP for an organization that has lost its way
  11. The misdeeds of the Leftist are well documented. Trump will use his position to highlight what’s been covered up by the Media branch of the DNC. IMO he’ll focus on the agenda he spoke about at CPAC and leave the prosecutions to guys like Jordan and other Patriots
  12. Only to someone who has no capacity to see how corrupt the FBI and DOJ have become. It’s amazing how your hate of Trump has pushed you into defending the Swamp
  13. Agreed, Dog and Pony show to control the perception of the emotionally broken and weak minded.
  14. Agreed she is pure Evil and at the Core of the Swamp she accused others of being part of. Remember Dims always accuse others of what they they themselves are guilty of.