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  1. It seems that Trump is able to get the Dems on the wrong side of the argument with each passing topic. He is creating a Target Rich Campaign Field
  2. Makes you think they have given up on American Citizens... The wait-list for public housing is more than four years long in LA and would be even longer if officials hadn’t closed it to new applicants. Here in New York, the wait is a staggering 10 years. Nationwide, illegal immigrants take up some 32,000 public apartments. It’s a powerful reason why the Trump administration is giving them 18 months to get out of taxpayer-subsidized public housing.
  3. Rep. Maloney slams Carson for HUD's plan to evict undocumented immigrants - Why? His plan gives them 18 months to move. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) told HUD Secretary Ben Carson on May 21 that, "The 'D' in 'HUD' does not stand for deportation."
  4. HR departments are where all the Misfits and fruit loops end up nowadays
  5. Yes but that "Mob" is resembling the creatures from The Island of Dr. Moreau each day
  6. OMG are so many women really this stupid? I guess she like most of the Dem Candidates need to go after the Low Info voters who are easly driven by emotion
  7. The 3 dimensional chess game has give Trump Hours of Footage to use again them in the coming campaign.
  8. He seems to do it with most thread he joins. Usually comes unprepared to discuss the topic of the post so he shifts to his limited 3 sentences of bla, bla, bla Back on topic I'm sure one of our Liberal posters will tell us why they have not used this Evidence to address the Impeachment plan they "All" have been talking about.
  9. Taxes and spending have been and will be a great rally call but NO One D or R has a plan. Calif has 1.5 trillion in unfunded Pension debt with other states following close behind them. Stop the Tax Spend BS and look at things that can be managed, unless of course you have a plan to fix them. Cook is a fool. Motivate kids to use their minds to move forward not dwell on the problems. Grow the economy or stand there and watch is collapse. Its as if Liberals have given up and look for someone or something to fix the problems for them.
  10. Thank you Cook the Kook is trying to shift kids in that direction using a path of self pity. The world has evolved to what it is for many reasons . Any kid buying into the "Blame Game" is destined for the same fate as uneducated minorities trapped in the hood. The man should be 8itch slapped for telling kids such BS for the sake of pushing a narrative. On the other hand my kids tell me messaging like his reducers their Competition.
  11. I’m hoping kids are smart enough or at least not selfish enough to believe this horse $hit. Cook is just another liberal kook. But he realizes the best way to shift kids even further Left is to tell them the “Older” Generation F’d up – Not your faults kids... Didn’t Gore try this when he told kids they were smarter than their dumb dumb parents. “You don’t need to look far to find an example of that failure,” he continued, pointing to an example that no one understands better than those living in the natural disaster-dogged New Orleans: climate change. Obviously Cook the Kook doesn't realize building a city below sea level is a badddd idea...
  12. Think about the Weekend talking heads Coverage this would have if he had been Black
  13. And if you dare disagree with them, you run the risk of being denounced by their high priests as a bigot or as someone without moral character. Many Americans are afraid of social punishment so they STF* about it as they were taught in our schools Indoctrination…