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  1. Some pretty great ideas on This thread !
  2. Wow ! That’s an awesome story! I’m coming up to five years haha
  3. Pm Sent thank you!
  4. Thanks SoL
  5. No sorry.
  6. Yours bud , PM coming
  7. SW Darter lot, various sizes. Most new, couple fished. $85 shipped
  8. New updated post coming, locking thread.
  9. It’s been a while since I pulled that box of SW out of storage. Not sure how the BM got mixed in. Gonna have to edit this post now haha.
  10. Brand new , never used Abu Garcia Big Game BG9000CT. Asking $ 200 shipped right to your door! It’s a Sexy do whatever you need it to do reel ! Not a mark on her ! Listing for a day or two then taking elsewhere.
  11. Now that I have your attention!!! $120 shipped. SW Darter lot. Not sure who made the top left darter. I believe it is SW but it doesn’t have the designation on the belly like the rest.
  12. ***PRICE DROP*** $55 shipped.
  13. That a custom color @bobtack?
  14. Wish I had the funds !