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  1. Dude caught a fish... It was a legal fish....dude kept the fish.... the end!! Just because people don’t follow the same catch and release guidelines as most of us doesn’t mean he’s a terrible person, I couldn’t be more happy for the guy , he caught the fish of a lifetime and hopefully he did try and revive it , but either way he had every right to do what he pleased with the fish without judgement or having to feel like he’s a bad person for it.
  2. That fish had no chance of survival, too big and fought too hard most likely, thats an amazing bass to catch from the surf, a true fish of a lifetime! As I practice catch and release myself when it comes to stripers , that man had every right to keep that fish and was probably over the top with excitement as we all would be !
  3. Any trades ?
  4. Had a buddy just buy one , looks pretty solid !
  5. Hmmm.....Interesting! Let us know how that works out.
  6. Love Flatlander bags, the absolute best !! I went with three tube with removable front pouch, works awesome!
  7. 2,3,4,5 mold will do just fine , and thank you soo much , will absolutely return when finished !! Pm coming !
  8. Okay great!
  9. Where are you located ?
  10. Wow! That would be awesome ! I really want to do 3 & 4 oz pours as of now, would you happen to have the 3 or 4 oz molds ?
  11. Want to Buy!!! Bank sinker molds, looking for anything up to 4 oz , maybe if someone has a 1-4 oz mold or something of the sort or will take just a 3oz mold
  12. I know I was “breaking” the price rule but I didn’t want to post all the stuff on here if there was no interest. I mean trying to sell memorabilia on a fishing site is t the smartest but I figured I’d offer it to the SOL family first! I appreciate you looking out, I wasn’t being angry toward you , I know it can come off like that through text, I just thought maybe you seen something in the rules I did not. I’m going to close this now anyway and repost with pics and prices when I can.
  13. Show me the interest rule ?
  14. .