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  1. Closing, no interest.
  2. Hey thanks for the interest, I’m just looking for cash for now.
  3. - Smith & Wesson M&P15 complete Upper - 10rd Magpul Magazine - Have box for Holo sight with cover. - Anderson Complete Lower - Magpul Flip up sights - SightMark Holo Sight - $650, meet at FFL of my choosing if sale goes through to do transfer. I live in Monmouth County NJ , I Never shot a round through the upper of this gun since I bought it new, it used to be a complete M&P rifle but ended up doing upgrades and used a custom upper on the M&P lower and had the brand new M&P upper still laying laying around so I built it on an Anderson lower. Great gun ! And it’s new!
  4. Sold, thanks everyone !
  5. Yes Pm coming
  6. Do you happen to know what the original 150 specs were ?
  7. So have the Van Staals always maintained the same gear ratios ? I have an older US Made 150, just curious if they have the same ratios as todays X series versions with the 4.75:1 ratio with 30”per turn retrieve, or were they different back in the day ?
  8. I fish this same method with a 7’0 Medium Power Fast Action St Croix Triumph, the newest versions , no issues at all
  9. Yeti M30 Hopper , line the bottom with layer or two of ice, works like a dream for fluke And smaller fish. You can even get the side pouch attachment and toss your jig heads and gulp packs in there, some leader or whatever and that’s all you need .
  10. All sold thank you SOL and everyone for your interest and purchases.
  11. Pm coming
  12. I don’t even want to sell, I just been out of work for a few weeks now, and got a 21 month old to take care of.
  13. Round bottom, not sure float or sink, never fished them but I’ll check in a few
  14. Last bump $85 shipped for 2&3 or $49 each shipped