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  1. Exactly right. If your having 2nd thoughts return them now within the stores stated return policy. When VS doesn't make a statement for another 2 months, while buying time to fix the problem, don't be upset when stores don't accept your return and directs you to deal directly with VS.
  2. Thanks but I'll wait a little bit to see if I can find the one that I need
  3. Yes as long as it has a flat side for the older type handle the 200 is the same part
  4. Just looking for the hub of a black 250 handle. I don't care about color. Just has to have the flat side to fit the old screw knob handle type. Or if someone has just the arm and a screw that'll work too. Thanks
  5. Would you split the ss bottle?
  6. Looking for 3oz Jobo Jr in Florescent Yellow Mac. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  7. Looking for a Zeebaas round comfort grip knob. Preferably black but I'm open to any color. Thanks
  8. Looking for a Zeebaas 25 or 27. Bailess. Not Looking for anything fancy. Well used is fine. Thanks
  9. Probably around 900 for bailess
  10. I would usually agree if I didn't see them being tested in the wild. If you look at a video Wetzel has on his Instagram, he has one of these over his shoulder. It might not be replacing the vsx but something is definitely in the works.
  11. Yeah sorry I meant the new one will have a skirted spool for the bailess. Like a Z. Release date towards summer/end of year.
  12. Mapluggin

    VSX Gen 2

    Anyone seen/heard about the VSX gen 2? Heard no more skirted spool, comes with power knob and Foot is now 1 piece with side plate. Anti reverse moved too. Looks promising.
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