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  1. Seconds
  2. I'll take these
  3. White SS Darter with sharpie mackeral lines
  4. Would you do 32 for the darters?
  5. When you get something for free you have to at least pretend that it's a quality product. Give a concept z an 8.4 and a shimano and 8.2 and you have some sort of fabricated impartiality in their mind.
  6. The reviewer could have 50 years of experience or 5 seconds. Does the reel suck because it's not a good reel, or because you have no idea what you're doing and ordered the wrong thing? Working in customer service I had a lady want to return a electric fish filet knife. I asked her why she wanted to return the product, she responded because she looked up reviews and it only got 2 stars. I asked her what the reviews said. She said she didn't read them. So I decided to pull up the product page. 1 review. 2 stars. "This filet knife doesn't carve turkeys well at all. Dull and broke the blade trying to cut thru the turkey bones." I asked her are you going to be carving a turkey or a fish, like the product was intended? She kept the knife.
  7. I was fishing a small island about 30 yards offshore that you can wade to. Outgoing tide about 2 in the morning. Low was about 3:30 if I remember right. Had the next day off so I figured I'd fish from sunset until low. It was getting towards 3 and I hadn't had a bite for about 4 hours. I start walking towards the back of the island to wade back across to shore. Kind of teardrop shaped island. I get about half way back across the island and I hear fish back towards the pint where I was fishing. I turn around and I can see what looks like a person in a crouched position. There's no way there was anyone else out there with me. I hit my light and it still looks like someone crouching down in the exact spot I was standing. I start walking back towards "them". Get about 3/4 of the distance closer and realize that somehow a huge stump has appeared exactly where I was fishing. I swear it wasn't there when I was fishing and it was a weak tide that night so I don't think it washed up. Freaked me out. Another time I'm shore fishing a freshwater pond that I had only fished from a boat before. I grab my rod and start walking down a set of train tracks the runs next to this pond to a bridge at the point of the pond where a river flows in. I get down to the bridge, fish a little but there were a ton of horse flies. I'm getting bit like crazy. So I start jogging back down the tracks to escape the swarm. Like most train tracks they were raised so that one side had about a ten foot drop. I jog about halfway down the tracks and I look to my right down the embankment and see a guy with those full arm yellow chemical gloves on and it he's mixing something I a bucket pretty much in the middle of nowhere, midday. I kicked it into another gear and got back to my truck quick. Driving home there were a lot of cars pulled over on the side of back roads with drivers all talking on cell phones. Freaked me out.
  8. Mid November last year I caught a couple high teen/twenty pound fish. Get yourself a small boat and explore some rivers in Westport and you'd be surprised.
  9. What size vr are you looking for?
  10. Who is doing the service shimano or basspro? You're always better off sending it directly to the manufacturer.
  11. Mine should have broke a while ago. My buddy broke a 1321. Rod broke while he was holding his plug standing on the shore not even fishing. But that was after about 8 years of getting fished very hard. Probably should have broke 5 years ago. I also have a 1205-2 surf pro that I've beaten the hell out of. Every time I fish it I say today's the day it'll explode but it never does.
  12. In between main line and you're leader. Swivels in some cases are more of a tie point and sometimes don't actually swivel. The tangles and coils were more likely created by putting slack line on the reel that is usually introduced when someone engages the reel with the handle instead of closing the bail by hand. I'd try hand closing the bail and making sure not to reel slack line especially running straight mono.
  13. Offer $30 for the yellow Mack.
  14. Offer 30 for the cloud
  15. Bump up to the top. Loaded with 300 yards of 30 pp