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  1. I will do $60 shipped on the tool/seals
  2. Looking for another if anyone has one they want to sell. Preferably black not really looking for another silver. Thanks
  3. I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity
  4. Would you sell the Z without the spare spool?
  5. Offer 35 for the other boga holder
  6. 25
  7. I'd sell the middle 2 rm if your interested
  8. Its more of a foil. Has clear over it. Looking back at my messages someone said the builder is Hermanski? Ring any bells for anyone?
  9. looking for the 6" 3oz version. Preferably mackeral color. Thanks
  10. Can't really make out the signature on the tail. Might say JOHN H 2019? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Looking at the signature again it maybe says John H 2019?
  12. Looking for an ID on this plug. There's something written on the bottom but I can't make it out. Thanks
  13. The way I look at combos is the Battle 3 reel only is $130. The combo is $170. The rod is $40 and should be thought of as a $40 rod in function and quality.
  14. I'll take these for $45 regardless if they're polarized or not
  15. Yeah I'd probably put a Z25 on it. Now you got me thinking maybe I want to go 1 piece or get a rod I have rewrapped. I appreciate the offer though