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  1. Buck Tails ? My friend just gave me a Box "O" Tails , Love "em" , Tie em" , give em to people who Never fished em, Tie "em for the Love,
  2. OMG, This is all so confusing to Me, and I have a real compuutr
  3. Its actually a foam rubber tool holder for Fly Tying, I believe its an Orvis model
  4. I'm IN
  5. Looks like a Great Time !!!
  6. I will take these
  7. Looking for Shimano 8000 SW, E/C -New cond
  8. Weight may do it for me, 2-3oz?plus
  9. Looking for CCW Darters, School Bus , Yellow , White, Mackeral . Herring, Bunker
  10. Looking for a Shimano SW 8000 in VG/ excellent cond
  11. Hey Dan, I sent you a PM , not sure if it was the correct thing to do. I'm looking for some Forward Balanced Spro Type jig heads. 10 , 1oz 15, 1 1/2oz 10, 2 oz please get back to me on this, No hurry Thanks , Stephen
  12. Great Lot , is there a comparable size , just small and larger ? lengths
  13. Porche-Del Rossi would be good Phil !!
  14. And you also, Last event was Awsome , we gotta do it again !!
  15. Of course my friend , hope to get in a Troll event also !!