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  1. 10 I think, how many were at the Troll event? @Southcoastphil Great time!!
  2. Looking for the smaller size (Freshwater) Darters in , Weakfish , Mullet, Chicken Scratch, Wonderbread, etc..
  3. Eyes glow in the dark too!!
  4. Sorry this took so long for my response, I just moved and started a new job last Monday. I had to do some research for this one as we just started into SEER rating. In any refrigerant-based AC system similar to what you are describing , there has to be a documented Match between the evaporator requirements ( Volume of air flow, Design air entering conditions , Design air Leaving conditions at a specific saturated suction pressure) And the Condensing unit connected to it . At a general High level, Reducing the tonnage capacity of a condensing unit (regardless of SEER rating ) to an existing coil, may Not have sufficient capacity to condition the air. The First casualty will tend to be a loss of moisture removal, but your "conditions" are not known enough to give more info. Above all, "match" your capacity. A high SEER rating is Not a capacity increaser. The qualities are Not interchangable
  5. And My Friend , Let me tell you , I Smashed my ODM also, , Let me tell you this is that Steve at ODM is going to listen and help you with your problem , , I Smashed med my ODM , and they were able to fix it for half the price and even not only fixt it but gave me that was now what was a price that was left of my rod , I Have Two rods now
  6. This guy was just chillin with me , stayed there as I ate my Turkey sammich,
  7. Holy Moly , I just received this Beautiful plug from @R.R. Bridge Fisher, what a Great gift from a fellow Troll !! Just so happens I dont have Anything quite like this ( Color, size ) Soo very cool !! Thank you Soo much Cant wait to throw it !!! Ditch Trolls are the Best !! Thanks Mike ; Sincerely , Stephen
  8. Love those Banannas, I always wanted to make some , so friggin cool
  9. No **** , I came across one of those a few years ago, I had it hanging on my wall in my fishing room (Shop) I didn't know it could be used for plug making , just thought it was cool looking.
  10. Jack made some Sick plugs and designs
  11. Great and cool set-up, , I have read so many Great things on this question through this topic on this forum , So many have related Great concepts to the Question … What is ? and it is just that.. I wish I could enter more, I've been doing this for many years( Fresh Water over 30yrs) and still have questions on this type of fishing. I could probably spend Too much time wasting facts , but its all about just what everyone said , and getting out doing just that . So happy that you have started another venture, It just Never stops !!
  12. I hope to get out to see at least one more Trolls event , this summer will be tight , and living 120 mi. away dont help, but hopefully I'll be able to put together another 3-4 day Canal event together. Smoked 'em last time out !!! and met Lots of Trolls !! at the event !!
  13. Just completed my first year of HVAC (heating Ventilation and Air conditioning) schooling at Community college , 50 yr. old returning student and on the Deans List !! Hoping to get to the Cape sometime in June . Whats up my friend , I hear Cal is doing Great things !!
  14. Am I New ? DT 336