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  1. Stooges Rock !!!
  2. Yeahh Buddy to all the weirdo Trolls, hava Happy and Safe New Years!!!
  3. Some serious **** - ill be in contact with you soon , these are just poles only , 5 wgt gimme a couple days;; I'll PM you on rods, no reels
  4. Merry Christmas to All The Trolls
  5. Sorry took so long , family issues, I only have 5 wgt poles not Combos, I fergot I sold the reels last winter
  6. I got one or two, under $150 w/o shipping, let me get back to you tomorrow night ,
  7. Saw a picture of a guy fly fishing (Nymphs) when I was about ten in a little pamphlet, was obsessed with learning FF, Bought my first Bamboo Crappie rod(10yrs old) and tied some some FFline on it, had no idea wahat I was doing but started to cast(Whip line ) , 1 yrs later or sooner my Father saw my interest and bought a starter Kit from some Box store. @12 yrs old my Father bought my first fly rod from an Orvis store in Lake Placid(NY) along with $70 worth of FF equipt. Approx value $130. By the time I was 14 I was just a Monster, just trying to learn, Still learning 40 yrs later, just cant get enough, trying to show so many about FF , Didn't realize the very educated fisherman (women ) I had been fishing with along with Francis Betters Daughter, Eric Leisure, (age 14) and others until later. Sic passion , What I taught my self without knowing at an early age fishing for Creek Chubs and Panfish along with tying has never stopped, 40 yrs later, Still dont know ****, but do it every year.
  8. You shouldn't even be on this or any forum, just do you
  9. Sorry @blastwater, I'm a want this, Lets groove. separate this ?
  10. The more expensive equiptment you have, the more fish you are able to catch. If you have a Very expensive Reel then you can catch a lot of fish. Lurs too.