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  1. Congrats Carl , Well deserved !!!
  2. Looking for 3-4 , oz jointed Wooden plugs, BM's ,RM's Pikies etc need pics Thanks
  3. Absolutely my friend, that's why I Stay on this forum, The comradery of people I've met here especially the Trolls are Bar None, Thank you for that offer, we'll meet again I'm sure and I do hope so, our last meet was Great !! I'll Always be in touch with the Trolls !!
  4. I wont say I Love em but I do fish em !! School is at Hudson Valley Comm. College, for HVAC, I'm a returning student at 50 yrs old and currently holding a 3.6 avg. The job field is Endless, I may just move to the Cape when I graduate !! Nice meeting you and Love ya like a Brother, Stephen, Ditch Troll 336
  5. @Southcoastphil, Let me just add this, the Larger baits 3-4 oz. plus create quite a disturbance when hitting the water, give it a pull back wind up the slack and do it again, then slowly fish it in,Great for beaches as it is generally slow diving,shallow, calm to semi small wave conditions on beaches, back waters, coves etc.. These lures create a disturbance, vibrate and can call in fish. Due to their profile which is usually quite large they just move water. I can walk down a beach at night and just cover 100yrds of water in no time.
  6. Oh Hell yeah , I Got jointed Pikies, RM's and some other I cant name just now ( everything is in storage for my move for school) but yes I use them. Depends on who makes them , my smaller RM's are light and dont cast very well unless I'm using Super light equipt. I also have some Muskie grade Pikies (also wooden) much larger that do cast well as well as some newer plastic, Giant Musky Pikies (plastic) I know Grrr… but they cast very well. I use these in little to no current, coves , boulder fields early morn and late evening. The problem I find with them is that they are limited to casting distance in Any wind. I do like them as they make noise, they gotta, they're split and wiggle, so I do like them in the boulders. My Giant Musky size splits are nice at night on a calm beach area, I can get about 30-40 yrds with a good heave and They Move water well, make lots of commotion, lots of attraction value here. !!
  7. Beautiful work my friend !!
  8. Now That's Funny, Gotta Love Eels !!
  9. Watch a lot of Bill Wetzel videos, or join his forum, he posts all of his journals for members. Surf Rats Ball.
  10. I'm In, Thanks
  11. Takes a Bath Every Wednesday whether he needs it or Not
  12. That is simply Not enough beer cans
  13. He's got great gear too!!
  14. That's Awsome @Sandbar1, that Does take some Guts !!
  15. You Must Cut Down the Largest Tree with a Mackeral, I'm still working on it but They Dont Know ..!!