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  1. With so many friends F--k the checks
  2. Or at least have a Cook Out
  3. N.Y. Active- 146,434 Recovered- 16,234 Deaths , - 7,844 and yes , Globally the numbers of Deaths are declining
  4. Very Groovy
  5. Are you selling these ?
  6. Still trying to figure this out ? Are you selling ? $ 55 top for 21 ,52,53 Shipped ??
  7. I can offer $50 for no. 21,52, and 53 shipped
  8. Looking for Jaget Needles , certain colors including . olive , herring , bunker , yellow / white, 2- , 2 1/2 oz
  9. Hey whats up @R.R. Bridge Fisher and @Angler #1 been so smashed with my last year in college , haven't had time for BS . I'll be graduating this May, 52 yrs old with a cap and gown ! Lets keep this together 2 -1/2 years of school.OUFFFF. Hope we can get @hotfishgirl and many more Trolls for an Outing!! Actually met some very weird people from a different web site called BLAhh BlaaH Whatever, Really cool and they are Definetly Troll material !! Love Trolls!!! and misss Ya! Steve
  10. Quality gear that Ditch Troll equiptment is !!! * <*)))><(
  11. Hey Dan, could you give me a price for the  1 1/2oz. Spro type unpainted jig heads,

    I need 10 of them plus the shipping cost.

    I've ordered from you before, just forgot the process , thanks

    1. Dan Tinman

      Dan Tinman


           The regular Ultra Minnows are 1.35 ea.  Ten of them plus shipping would be a total of $21.50.

           The “forward balanced” version are 1.80 ea.  They would be a total of $26.00.  
           PayPal is the preferred method of payment but I also take checks, money orders and credit cards.

            Thanks for asking.


  12. Crocodiles, Little Cleos(green and silver) , Kastmasters , caught all kinds of …..t on them from the beachs and near the piers, Barracuda, Jacks etc..
  13. 6x - 3lb , or 7x , 2lb and at my age , a Really good pair of reading glasses
  14. The line between the two numbers of a Fraction is called the Vinculum
  15. I dont know many average mid-50's year olds that can hold 80 lbs. at arms reach