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  1. Lemme take a Look . I got stuff
  2. I Got Some Stuff Phil <*)))><(
  3. Are you Serious, close the Canal, Who the Fk, thought or think that's thr resolution. Am I'm missing some thing , proly Sorry if I 'm a bit out
  4. Very Fkin cool my friend, keep us in touch with what you are doing, very awsome, There are No limits , My Friend we must fish I fish jigs
  5. So what I'm thinking is this, I have that Browning 5 wgt. fly rod with hard tube case and sock , total worth proly $90-100. If some one is interested lets let the bid start at $20 I'll pay for direct shipping to that person so the auction doesn't lose a dime. Unfortunately the rod is in storage across county from me. I can proly pick it up this weekend.
  6. Thanks Phil, I am confirming a Bid of $40 at this time Stephen
  7. I'll do $25 on the Swagger Jr. Is this for the Pair or one plug? If pair then I'll open at $40
  8. I have a Browning 5 wgt.Fly Rod , brand new with hard tube case, ex, cond. worth about $65-70 , great starter rod. Is this worthy for auction ? Proly cost me $25-30 just to ship LOL !! its all good though.
  9. And what are you fishing for ? Sounds interesting
  10. Thanks but the same day I posted this my son hit me with an almost $500 plea for help. I'll be back in the game soon, Thanks again
  11. Yes , Thank You To All of our Veterans, Land ,Sea and Air
  12. I'm in
  13. I'm bring'n custom sinking made sinking needles made by @lonellr, tomorrow, very much like the sinking models he made for me.