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  1. Just built this old girl, if anyone has any they want to get rid of I’m looking to add to my collection!
  2. If anybody Has any left over old stock Fuji LBSG, LRSG, GRSG, or BLBLG I’m in need of a set of each but that’s relative to the guides so if you have any let me know how many and what sizes
  3. As title states looking for any 8’ or longer custom rods in FL preferably moderate to heavy parabolic rods. The older the better or if you’re a rod builder with old stock selling blanks I take those too!
  4. I’m looking for any really lamiglass hurricane truline Fenwick harnell Harrington
  5. Ahh, I thought they looked pretty beefy. Any chance you have any Fuji gold sic’s in any frame?
  6. Yeah not what I’m looking for thank you though!
  7. GRSG is the gold triple foot LBSG is the single foot sic LRSG is the double foot sic
  8. I used a shoe lace and some extra paracord o had laying around LOL
  9. Yeah it was just a test run with material I had sitting around I already pulled it off haha
  10. Installed this beauty in my Gucci jigmaster 500 man is it loud! Lmao
  11. ISO of 8’6 40-60lb class harnell Harrington 550/555 Open to others but mainly looking for them
  12. Depending on the area, I fish Sebastian inlet with a 9’ 20-40 it’ll cast a 2oz jig as far as I need to. When fishing the beach I use an 8’6 17-30 but in the beach I’m mainly throwing live bait and casting maybe 10-15 yards off the beach if that
  13. I sent a few tarpon in the air last night around the Tampa bridges the incoming really had them chewing
  14. No bananas! first cast first fish will be your first and last of the day
  15. I don’t believe I have the access to PM’s yet, I think my account was reset so I have to go thru all this again lol
  16. Anyone know what size Newell clamp fits it? Looking for a deck hand style one and Newell fits the bill I just don’t know what size to look for
  17. Where can I get contact info for him?
  18. Still interested in lamis if the price is right or if anyone up near you has any harnells they wanna part with on your journey ahah
  19. Are you worried about grease getting into the water? Or water getting into the reels? Either way both of them will survive haha
  20. 8’9” river bull caught in Tampa
  21. Send them bro! I’ve had leaders stored for years that I continue to use.
  22. Here’s one for the snook chain a high 30” fish
  23. If any of them are harnells im interested I’m in Tampa let me know!
  24. Live white bait is key if you’re not throwing live I use xraps and flairhawks