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  1. Yes. About people who were in a school when they evacuated. Where do other states put all their displaced citizens? How many can they comfortably put up? In much better conditions. And is that because they care about the non-wealthy?
  2. KB opened with "The Storm" and you made this all about a political hit piece against Desantis. Who is trolling, if not you?
  3. Is it your contention that Florida cannot deal with displaced citizens? And it is because only wealthy people matter? Are there other states that can provide a better example on how to handle this?
  4. I think you mean to address Knewbee. With his "The Storm" joke. I didn't think it was funny and I called him out on it.
  5. This, on a larger scale, is raising taxes and handing out govt cheese. The democrat platform perpetuates helplessness.
  6. Why are you being dishonest? Are you embarrassed by your comment? Why did you capitalize The and Storm and have them both in quotes? "The Storm". Be honest about your intentions.
  7. Why did you choose to respond in this way?
  8. Who are the Putin lovers? Here, on SOL?
  9. You're an atheist, right? So this is just an insulting mocking of his family's situation?
  10. Has the storm changed it's gender? Do we not want to offend it?
  11. That means every other state has little to offer that other states don't.
  12. snapper, permit, cobia, amberjack, pompano, barracuda, dolphin, yellowtail.......
  13. 3-0 and Jacksonville next. Dougie P!!! Should be a good game that the Eagles win. I wish their offense wouldn't stall out in the 2nd half, though.
  14. They looked pretty good last night. 2-0.
  15. "Pregnant people". You guys can't even say the word "woman".
  16. Biden is also a moron on his best days.
  17. Is that allowed?
  18. How do biden and harris compare? Same policies?
  19. Like he/his, she/hers, they/theirs? Do you have your pronouns after your name on LinkedIn? What labels are we obsessed with?
  20. Biden was at a car show. He noticed that people weren’t wearing masks and they appeared to be fine.
  21. Who has an ARM? Who are we talking about. The poster assumed those at Walmart who are buying Pepsi and cigarettes are the ones with ARMs. Is that who you are referring to?
  22. Who is going after an ARM? These are made up people that the poster assigned this to. The Walmart shoppers who are buying Pepsi and cigarettes. Is that who you are criticizing? and really, do either of you think the Pepsi and cigarette shoppers at Walmart have a mortgage at all? I suspect they rent or have subsidized housing. Odd to to assume they are all homeowners and then assume to know the terms of their mortgage.
  23. One of our former posters said Trump told 30,000 lies. Someone was keeping track.
  24. You know, for a fact, that the people in Walmart all took out ARM mortgages? Only the ones buying Pepsi and smokes? Who else do you look down on? We should probably eliminate all govt safety nets. It enables the stupid.
  25. Wow!!! You have a lot of disdain for those you perceive to be beneath you.