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  1. Weird stuff makes you take notice. Like blue hair. We all see it.....
  2. You are a different case. You average 1000 posts a year. If you posted 15,000 times a year, it would be different. Consider this, you spend all day posting, 1 after another. Then, at 4:30, you don't even log on at all. For the casual poster, it makes sense. For a heavy hitter, it doesn't.
  3. It's not "important". It's just one of those weird these that make you scratch your head. That and the post count. And the fact that you could get to that number while only posting from work. It's really quite weird. My theory is an addiction to SOL, or message boards in general. that would explain the 241,000 posts. And the no posting at home was like an alcoholic not drinking at home. Hiding it.
  4. That's why you only have 10,000 posts.
  5. It pretty much was. What, maybe 1 post a month that was not during work hours? This will be a hard one for you to deny.
  6. Do you think a guy with 241,000 posts doesn't have a way to log on from home?
  7. It literally was just very bizarre to me that someone posted non-stop during work hours but not at all when not at work.
  8. Nah. That's not gonna cut it. There were literally no posts at all during work hours. And hundreds a day during work hours. You go from completely addicted from 9-5 to not even checking your phone once while not on the clock? Something bizarre was going on. Nice try, though.
  9. Same with 90% of other posters. Yours seemed a lot more rigid. A post every minute during work hours. Not a single one after hours or on weekends. Are you Amish?
  10. What about the whole only posting at work thing? Was that ever explained?
  11. 7% are violent. At 7000 protests, that's 490 violent protests. That's not very peaceful.
  12. If you've ever watch gun fail videos, there's a ton of ways for things to go sideways. Makes me knock on wood what I've never had a dangerous failure. Maybe I've come close. 3 times come to mind. I've had a hot round stick in the chamber before. Happened with a 45/70. 300 grain bullet at 2400fps with IMR4227. Recommended for a Ruger 1, fired in a Marlin 1895SS. Another time, I accidentally fired a 25-06 through a 30-06. That was pretty uneventful. Sounded like a 22 and no recoil. Lastly, accidentally shot a 300 Win Mag from a 300 Weatherby. I didn't notice anything at the shot, but the case fire formed into a really goofy looking wildcat. Looked like a 300 Weatherby with barely any neck at all. Haven't had any kinds of incidences in over 20 years.....knock on wood.
  13. You should have added it to your original list. It's not a bad counter. Hillary was held to a much different standard.
  14. People don't react the way you expect them to. Get them back on track.
  15. If you don't respond by bringing up the BLM riots, Hunter's laptop or Trannies, you are derailing the thread.