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  1. It took a year and a half for him to have an adverse event?
  2. I'm looking to owe about $50,000. The ex liquidated her 401K in 2018. I got some money out of it to pay, hope it's enough.
  3. What about the Moors?
  4. That would have made me sick.
  5. Like printing money. It dilutes the value.
  6. It was in Kansas City where fans were throwing snowballs this year.
  7. Saints were busted for bounty gate. That's low class.
  8. Did the giants have a RB and a QB that stayed on the field this year?
  9. Are you married?
  10. My mistake. I just remembered Trump's quote. I fell into your trap and I am ashamed of myself for doing so. I'm better than that.
  11. You use "MAGA" crowd as a pejorative term. What does MAGA stand for? Make America Great Again. Who has a problem with that concept?
  12. That's an interesting bit of propaganda. Would work well with someone who was completely emotional and irrational, but not logical.
  13. Hordes of foreigners, invading our country, is different than criminals commiting crimes in big cities.
  14. Gun violence, eh? Can we pin down the front line of this threat? I propose stricter gun laws in the big cities, where the most gun crime occurs, as a pilot program. If that is successful, we can throw more resources at it.
  15. That’s not the same as the Iilg’s Landjager. That’s the stuff you can get at any supermarket. It’s like a snack stick. Iilg’s landjager is soft. It’s not cooked. It’s cured, smoked and hung to age. The stuff in that picture is cooked and hard.