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  1. A lot of words to not make a point.
  2. You want communism here, goof ball.
  3. Yep. Should be able to prove this well-known stutter.
  4. Has anyone ever heard him stutter? I haven't. Any footage of this from his earlier years? I imagine he had to have stuttered when confronting cornpop.
  5. Wait.....what?
  6. 7 pages and you’re still on this?
  7. Ignore and avoidance?
  8. Avoiding the question?
  9. It’s Democrats that need to keep them dependent on the government and fostering the victim mentality.
  10. Nobody believes that. So, will biden do awesome for the next 4 years?
  11. True. Whichever minority it is would still be labeled as a traitor to their race, though. As you said, though, people are starting to see through the BS. Which is promising.
  12. Reality - he's way worse.
  13. I'm gonna get in trouble.....