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  1. She's not in the mix because Hillary thinks she's a Russian operative.
  2. Telling about how you feel about women. How was black unemployment under Trump? Do you think they should all vote democrat so the govt can take care of them? Max thinks so. He feels sorry for them.
  3. So, he's not racist then?
  4. It's 7:00pm.....last inning of the last games of the day. You haven't had a sale in 30 minutes. You don't have any mozzarella sticks or chicken fingers cooked. Do you start cleaning up so you can get out of there? Or do you throw another batch in the deep-fry in case there's a rush after the games finish? Hard questions.
  5. Stupid? Or just losing his filter?
  6. You know, you know......the thing.
  7. The one hand is too high to be Joe.
  8. When you posted this, what was your thinking? Can you steer this conversation?
  9. If you don't vote for us, you ain't no injun.
  10. Pro-black threads? Should there be a minimum? What would make the white guilt go away? All you see is color. Us and them.
  11. I'm sure people are very proud that you have sympathy for them. It's not your fault that you were born superior.
  12. Does Max do his little protests to suck up to minority groups? It does appear that he looks down on them, but has a heart just big enough to feel sorry for them. A lot of white guilt.
  13. Looks like he's afraid of the topic. Max thought he was smart enough to address it. It blew up in his racist, lying face.
  14. Bullsh--. You look at them as a group that needs the government because you don't believe in them. You don't respect them. At the minimum, you feel sorry for them. Don't worry, MaxKatt will help you.
  15. Patronizing a group of people and pandering to them for votes does not show any concern. You're whole platform is convincing people that they can't do anything for themselves and they need to be taken care of. That's racist. You're not smart enough to figure that out? No?