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  1. No Hardcastle and McCormick? Punky Brewster? Blossom? Gotta have Saved by the Bell up there.
  2. Learned a fun game on the show Grand Tour. Put the word "anal" in front of the name of any camper or RV you see. Can come up with some hilarious combinations.
  3. TV rots your brain. But, a Sanford and Son here and there isn't too bad.
  4. I was going to say grass pickerel. We have a native trout creek running through our property. There’s a bigger section where a beaver dam was and there are grass pickerel in that area.
  5. Just put the deposit down for our rental boat. 21 foot Century bay boat with trolling motor. Redfish and snook are on notice.
  6. Bloody Mary - have to be in the mood and they have to be made to my exact liking. Have to have Worcestershire and Tobasco in copious amounts. Needs celery and celery salt. I’m in the mood maybe once every couple of years or so. But when the mood is right and they are made to my liking, they are the best. Other times, yuck.
  7. Take the hangover out of it and talk different “drunks”. Angry, happy, etc....: is there anyrhing you can drink that alters your mood that doesn’t have alcohol? Not drugs. I mean, the sugar, nitrites, etc....inert ingredients in booze.
  8. If you subscribe to the congener theory, gin should be no problems. Clear spirits have far fewer. So a nice glass of a fine whiskey should make you fighting mad and gin should make you feel on top of the world. Most congener info is relating to impurities and their effects on hangovers. Still looking for why gin makes people angry and other stuff makes them feel other ways. im still going with alcohol plus placebo effect.
  9. That is peculiar. 80 proof, 40%. That's plenty of active ingredient.
  10. I think that, if you drink until you puke, or until you black out, that it's 100% the alcohol that hurt you. How many O'Doul's until you're ready to fight?
  11. Killing the bottle might be on the short list of causes.
  12. Saki is rice wine. Does rice make you happy? Budweiser makes me happy.
  13. So, what ingredient do you think is in whiskey/scotch that makes you angry? Is it not in tequila? If it's not the alcohol, we would break down the other ingredients and see what it is. Could make for a ground breaking clinical study. Whiskey that won't make you angry. It would sell bigly.
  14. Hangovers aside, what is in a cerain spirit that would change your behavior? Like, gin makes me mean? do juniper berries have an effect on behavior? Or is that the alcohol again?
  15. I believe the sugar speeds up the rate in which your digestive system absorbs the alcohol. Thus, you are getting more alcohol in your system faster.