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  1. Oh yeah, I am much better at shooting game with my compound than a crossbow. I can hold steadier without a rest and I follow through with my shot. With the crossbow, I have a habit of looking over the scope to see the impact, which causes a miss. Happens to me with the rifle too. I have a lot of trouble with that and it's really hard to break. I can shoot 1/2 inch groups from the bench at 100 yards and have missed entire deer at 50. I know it's a problem. Even at the range, I'm more consistent with a paper target and 1 inch bullseye than a watermelon or pumpkin. Again, that reflext to look over the scope to see the impact. With a compound, no need to do that.
  2. Don't the shorter, fatter crossbow bolts shed velocity quicker? So that extra fps equals out down range?
  3. That's awesome. You are a good man. I think suicide is easy for the person committing suicide and devastatingly difficult for those they leave behind. For those with mental health issues of that severity, we can't really understand what is going on in their mind so it makes it pretty difficult to reason on our terms.
  4. Not sure what I'm doing for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. I guess whatever I want.
  5. What if the kid doesn't recognize Halloween as a holiday due to his belief system? You cannot punish him for his differences. You must be inclusive and give him candy, especially if other kids (groups) are getting candy.
  6. A kayak is as at home on the roof of a Volvo station wagon as it is in an LL Bean catalog.
  7. We got my dad a Center Point Tormenter. That thing is pretty wicked.
  8. They are
  9. His far leg would have to be exactly inline with his foreleg, or parallel to his body to be completely out of sight. It's weird.
  10. Does this coyote only have three legs? Or is the 4th leg just hidden?
  11. Not sure. Work for a living and pay my taxes. Federal, state and local.
  12. A lot of fun to fish for marlin, sailfish, tarpon, bonefish, roosterfish, certain sharks, largemouth bass, big pickerel, musky. Lots of fish are tons of fun to catch and are mostly released.
  13. I don't get any checks but I send one every year.
  14. Kids that stay in their rooms and play on their electronics do not socialize and can't handle interaction with other people. At best, they are socially awkward and not worth a crap in the real world.
  15. Heard from a friend near Topsail (Sneads Ferry). Storm is pounding them but they are all safe. Their main concern now is that it is so slow to move through.