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  1. you’d think the $16 a bottle price would curtail that caliber of people.
  2. He called himself smug because he thought it would make him sound superior. He definitely was not. And who calls themselves smug? What a putz.
  3. There is a reason. A lawsuit. Gun writer, Rick Jamison, invented the case design. Winchester, and whoever else, made it a factory round, did it without involving him. Rick sued them. The settlement was that he would get royalties for the rifles and ammo that were sold. The gun companies decided it wasn’t worth it to pay and extra person for each rifle they made so they stopped making them.
  4. We can’t use hounds or bait. The guys who are successful put on drives with 20 or more people. They live in the thick stuff. Sitting in the woods ain’t gonna do it. In 10 seasons, we got 5. All were gotten by accident while hunting deer. That’s out of 10 hunters. Right place, right time.
  5. So, no big deal. We can tolerate a few 9/11 attacks. Not a threat to our existence as a nation.
  6. Was 9/11 an existential threat to the US?
  7. yet you voted for just as many Republicans as you have votes for democrats. What about all your family, friends and co-workers there? Did you harm them half the time?
  8. I remember when the 260 came out. Reading Jim Carmichael's article in one of the gun magazines. It looked like it was going to be the next great thing. It was a great target round but never took off for hunting. Not sure why. The 6.5x55 has been popular around the world for 100 years. I actually have a 6.5x52 Caarcano. Now that's a piece or crap.
  9. I see. Nope, gotta pick one. I think my favorite 308 offspring is the 243. I have a 7-08 and a 308 but like the 243 the most. Little recoil and it sizzles. For the 30-06 case, probably the 30-06 itself. Although the 338-06 and 35 Whalen are interesting. And a 280 Ackley Improved would be cool. Look at the offspring of the H&H Magnum case. Gotta be 50 or more.
  10. Your parents' friends lost their jobs in the 1970s. Wow!!! My grandparents' friends lost their jobs during the great depression. I'm still very distraught about it.
  11. Oh, you pity people you don't know? Right. Insult and instigate. That's all you do here.
  12. The Creedmoor is a necked down 30 TC. The difference between that case and the 308 family is that the shoulder is pushed back and the neck is longer. So, it can fit longer bullets in the same size magazine without pushing into powder capacity. It's the whole new thing of loading longer, heavier high BC bullets.
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