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  1. The manatees gather at the warm discharge in the winter. We’re going on June, when the entire bay will be 85.
  2. I looked at the old map and Sun City looks like it's only about 10 minutes away. We'll have to check it out. Get the daughter over there for some girl time. Hopefully we don't need too much money. We have a dock, a pool, a fire pit, a putting green, a pool table and full game room.......we shouldn't ever have to leave the property, unless we're out on the boat. I love to cook, especially on vacation. So maybe once or twice we'll go out to lunch. Dinner will be made at the house. Island music playing, kids in the pool, rods in the rod-holders with clickers on, dad at the grill with a cold one in hand.
  3. The house is in Apollo Beach.
  4. Thanks for the tip. 15 year old girl and 16 year old boy who will be 17 in July. He can drive now, too, so that’s a plus.
  5. I’ve been there once. It did suck. And I did buy some fireworks. you can buy fireworks in PA now, so no need to stop there anymore. also, it seems like we always pass there when we are in that mode where we’re putting miles behind us and we ain’t stopping for nothing.
  6. That would be awesome. I will be traveling with my 16 year old son and 15 year old daughter, though. The offer is very much appreciated but I’ll have to pass this time. Thanks.
  7. Amelia Island looks like a decent option. Driving times appear to be 12:21 from PA to there and 4 hours or so from there to the house. Rounding up, of course for fuel, food, and bathroom breaks. Hotel on the beach block can be had for $200 or less.
  8. Yeah, that's the idea. Leave at 3:00am and pass by all the Baltimore, DC, Fredericksburg nonsense behind us. The backway, as we call it, 81 to 77, takes an hour and 20 minutes longer in perfect conditions. The conditions are usually pretty good on 81 and 77. The conditions are rarely perfect on I-95. So, that time difference can shrink when you hit 95 traffic.
  9. Police reported ahead.
  10. Who doesn’t like giant cypress trees??
  11. That's not a bad idea to add to our itinerary. Boiled peanuts is a must too. Love em. Cajun!!!
  12. We usually leave at 3:00am from PA, especially when taking I-95. Want to get past DC by 6:00am. If heading out to 81, we can leave a little later, but this route can add 1:20 to the trip, so still leave early. When heading to the Keys, we tried to make it to Fort Pierce on Friday, so we only had about 3 or 4 hours on Saturday. When headed to SW Florida, we'd stop somewhere between Gainesville and anywhere in central FLA. This time, we'll be pretty close so we could stop in SC or Georgia and still get there in reasonable amount of time. The actual rental house is in Apollo Beach.
  13. Thanks. I would be past MD in the first 2-3 hours of the trip. Looking for a stop more between SC and northern FLA.
  14. We are heading to Florida again this year but not nearly as far as The Keys. We are staying on the east coast of Tampa Bay. So, we drive will be considerably shorter than our usual trips. Looking to stop about 3/4 if the way down and spend a few hours and the night somewhere before finishing up the drive the day we check into the house. Any cool places? Leaving from Montgomery County, PA. We either head down I-95 or head west and take 81 to 77.
  15. Puppy-monkey-baby