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  1. To what end? You're just some dude in a cubicle, playing on a fishing message board at work. None of it is significant or impactful in the big picture. Or even the smallest thumbnail picture. You act like you're some champion of the people, doing noble deeds.
  2. Sure. Don't you guys claim to also be against illegal immigration and are for enforcing the existing laws that are on the books? Are you saying democrats are FOR illegal immigration, AGAINST enforcing existing laws and are FOR protesting law enforcement agents that are doing their job?
  3. You seem to know the most about this. How do you know so much about it?
  4. What would help? Serious question. What new laws would actually help?
  5. Because it is your life’s work to pontificate on the internet. And now you have lockjaw?
  6. Maybe try to prove that I’m wrong?
  7. Pretty much what I got.
  8. Meaningless babble. You never even addressed the democrats belief that minorities are inferior and patronize and exploit that notion. All you did was say, "yeah, but white people collect welfare, too". That was weak. I guess it counts as a post, but not meaningful to the discussion.
  9. No. But it is to assume that minorities need it. Which is what Democrats do. You guys went from lynching to patronizing. But still the same racist core.
  10. What’s really racist is convincing minorities that they are helpless and cannot make it on their own. They need the government to step in and take care of them. That’s dispicible. But, if you guys really feel like those people are inferior and hopeless, kudos for throwing them a scrap now and then.
  11. No clue? You claim a significant voting block.
  12. How significant? How many Republicans are racist? Give a number or percentage. Your choice.
  13. What about people who get a car or truck that looks badass? Or someone who gets tattoos or piercing because they look badass? Or someone who gets a pitbull to look badass? What makes it different? Why does that make someone a psycho killer?
  14. Is this a homophobic statement? Sounds like you are using male on male felatio as a derogatory thing. Sounds homophobic to me. You probably didn't even realize it as it came so easy to you.