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  1. Nope. Two different locations, two separate municipalities and at both locations police patrolled the area with no issue.
  2. Thank you guys for all the replies, input and reviews. It’s greatly appreciated!!
  3. Do you have pics?
  4. Nothing in particular, whatever your willing to trade with.
  5. 1 piece?
  6. I’m interested in trades for Mikes Customs or other similar metal lip swimmers
  7. Fished Raritan Bay earlier in the night. Tons of bunker around. Guys are catching on worms but mostly during day. Refusing to soak worms and plugging away.
  8. Heard of people catching in there, but all on worms which seems to be consistent with most of the bites at this time. Also mostly during the day. I fished it Sunday night and seen bait in there as well.
  9. Luna still available?
  10. Is the Jigster still available??
  11. CCW, Darby, TB, Dmag, GRS I could add to a trade if needed.
  12. I appreciate it. Gonna hold off on and order one direct. Thank you though.
  13. Any metal lips?