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  1. Was this Matt Hoey’s?
  2. That was definitely the case last night, numerous spots with 30 plus guys. Anywhere from NY, Philly, and south Jersey. Without the info from online, 2/3 of those guys would never show up to those spots.
  3. Went out last night, wind had finally settled. It was a slow night for the guys on the water back bay. Most guys left within two hours. Did see a nice bass 25lb-30lb landed. Wasn’t a fan of the moon being as exposed as it was. Hopefully there’s cloud coverage tonight.
  4. I’m the worst with over stuffing my bags, it’s a pain in the ass untangling hooks in the dark trying not to use a light. You just never know which plug is the ticket some nights.
  5. Color doesn’t matter until matters. I generally throw lighter colors myself most of the time. With that said, it wasn’t working the other night. The reason for mentioning color was a factor, was for people to bring a few different colors of a plug rather than settling on a light color vs dark color for a plug.
  6. You’re on point. The report was vague, but for sharpies it was enough. For beginners, it means they didn’t spend the winter doing the work needed for a successful spring.
  7. Additional info isn’t necessary. It’s early spring, that alone should tell you which tide to aim for. Lure color- look at the moon and that’ll tell you which color to throw.
  8. Fish were really active last night. Decent size, anything from 24”-20lbs. 24”-30” were the majority. No bait was used. Just your typical early spring arsenal. Color was a factor.
  9. Always gonna be that one person complaining. I don’t get it, you hold one of, if not the most fair opportunity to purchase a plug on fb. Definitely bitter.
  10. Can be done but all depends on how booked the flight is. I know for United you can check the seat map and see the amount of open seats through their app. If the flight is full chances of you being able to do so is slim.
  11. Custom or mass production?
  12. Idk why I’ve never thought of that. I’m pretty good with adjusting to the light or finding light but I gotta give that a go
  13. Grabbed the one hand carve he had on him there. Test swam it that same day and loved it.
  14. What style plugs or builders are you looking for?
  15. I don’t have a dp4 but I do have a dp3 in yellow.