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  1. Please let me know if youve got one to sell. Thanks!
  2. Just to make sure this is the 3.5 oz version?
  3. Yea ill take that, PM me your info
  4. Looking for one of these, lemme know what youve got! Thanks.
  5. Not available anymore sorry, forgot to update the thread
  6. I use a 150 on my 9’ and either a zb25 or a vs 250 on the 10’ and theyre the best rods ive personally used. No more elbow pain, super sensitive and strong. 5 thumbs up.
  7. Ok sounds good. Pm’ing for paypal info. Thanks.
  8. Ill do 50 shipped for the Z shore darter, not the mikes.
  9. No it isnt, standard lip. Zero damage on it.
  10. Grs was lightly used by gary so I was told when I recieved the plug, and has been unused since. Small chip on paint on lip. Surface giant squid 100$ Sold ** Mikes beast darter lightly used has some hook rash 100$ Sold** z shore darter new 55$ Sold pending funds** z shore slim pikie lightly used 50$
  11. Ive got a blue one. 80$ paypal shipped knob not included.
  12. Ok sounds good ill send my paypal info in a pm. Sold pending funds. @ged
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