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  1. Awesome! Sold pending
  2. Yes I have the shoulder strap. Located in Staten Island
  3. Guy from my job has a new and unused gold vs150 and hes looking to sell. No idea what an unused one would go for. Any ideas?
  4. Just got the new drag knob. Initial review after a couple trips is positive. Way easier to adjust with wet hands and the drag setting is way more gradual than the old knob on my 150. For 25$ its a solid upgrade.
  5. Ill take it for 63
  6. Bump, still looking for a headbanger
  7. How much for the nj killa headbanger @Itsnotsobad
  8. Looking for one of mikes 6” darters, preferably with the headbanger lip. Let me know what youve got.
  9. ill take this
  10. Gonna pass thanks
  11. Ill go 60$ shipped paypal
  12. all yours!
  13. 55$ shipped