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  1. Not surprised, NJ obviously hates fish.
  2. Thanks everyone! Grabbed a few of the suggestions you guys gave and im gonna mess with a couple saltwater plugs just to see what happens. Cant imagine a fish is gonna say no to a mag darter.
  3. Trying my hand at some pike fishing this june in upstate NY while camping and im completely green on this type of fishing. Any lure recommendations? Ill be using a 7 1/2’ 1/2-1 1/2oz rated rod and a vr 50 with 15 lb braid. Thanks!
  4. Yea i can do that. Pm incoming
  5. Shoot sorry, I was just trying to keep it organized. On it.
  6. Bottle darter sold
  7. Ill go 80 paypal shipped
  8. Dong only, flat glide sold
  9. Paypal only. Mikes Mag swimmer Bunker, casted, has a small hook mark near the eye (pictured) 80$ SOLD Mikes Rogue Bottle Darter unused 90$ SOLD Surf Asylum Flat glide new 45$ SOLD Surf Asylum “Dong” casted once 45$ NorKal Cat Juggerknot XL new 65$ SOLD NorKal Cat swimmer (forget what he calls em) 30$ SOLD Redingfin from Bunker Bill 30$ SOLD CCW blurple pikie used 45$ SOLD BM Wadds 30$ each SOLD
  10. Is the skaredy kat the repainted plastic one?
  11. Here ya go. Lemme know. Some slight storage marks nothing major.
  12. Ive got an unfished commander Eel color, and a bunker bullet id trade for the troller. Let me know if youd like pics.
  13. Ill take it if you can do paypal
  14. Used is fine as long as the condition is good. Let me know what you have.
  15. Ahh sorry, I can only do paypal. Good luck with the sale.