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  1. Fred, I can attest to the trolling motor breakdown problem. When they work, however, they are fantastic for wind against tide situations. Just point the bow into the wind and set it on cruise control to move with the tide. When the wind is with the tide, I still prefer power drifting with the outboard as I can keep the stern into the wind/tide. Any tips on power drifting in wind vs tide situation?
  2. Ha. Out for an hour today near the inlet. No one out there. One bite, One fish. 18.01 in. Dinner. White gulp swimming mullet. Happy opening day.
  3. Fred, I was in your shop on Thursday with my kids. It was a pleasure to meet you. We had minnows (along w/ small crabs and grass shrimp) in the trap at the dock this weekend. Apparently, frozen chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs are good minnow bait. My son caught two small striped bass casting off the dock with a spoon. Things are definitely starting to happen in our waters.