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  1. Great stuff UncleS, LocalG, & LineSS. Hope u don’t mind the abreviations. UncleS, Big Surf has always interest me... I’m in San Jose but looking to move out towards Monterey... Great point on adapting to the surf rather than changing seasonally. LocalG, like u I’m hoping to chime in more as well. I noticed u also mention the surf a couple times. That idea of swimming the bait in the strike zone is key... gotta get better at that. LineSS, your 2 cents is priceless! Love the tip about not being afraid to try big baits late in the seasons. Definitely looking forward to chasing those big boys. Being new to targeting surf striper (a couple years in), I’m looking forward to learning new methods. Most of the few stripers I caught were on BTs, primarily because I decided to learn that first. SP & flash minnow have gotten me a handful. Looking forward to another year of learning. T-Lines, Sbent
  2. In the surf, what do Stripers feed on during the beginning, middle and end of their season? Secondly, what approaches work best for you and your approaches change throughout the season? Thank you in advance ——— Tight lines! SB
  3. Good topic... Knock on wood. I was on a beach on a high tide. Got excited on a hit, took a couple steps back, tripped on a rock and hit the back of my head, was out for a quick second... definitely concussed the next few days. Fortunately, did not hit a sharp part. like my father always says, "check ur six o'clock" Steven
  4. Thanks for sharing Alferd! Ironically, I recently started a fishing Log. Curious how it will look by next year. I like it so far. Sbent
  5. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the responses. Hopefully others are getting something out if it too. After 2 years of surf fishing I feel like can identify fishlike structures but I know there is still a lot to learn. Will also try to move more frequently. Happy to share I caught a nice 28 incher early last week. Best fish I've caught in the surf. Since then I went twice and got skunked both times, but the water/tides were challenging. Cheers, Sbent
  6. Hi Sea Breeze, Thank you for the feedback, priceless and much appreciated!
  7. The only couple strategies from a distance I know include finding working/diving birds and watching other fishermen. Any other ideas? Sbent
  8. Goal is to help each other locate bass in the pacific surf, primarily Norcal (SF - Watsonville). Other areas are welcome to contribute and learn here as well. Please share any strategies you find helpful in find bass in the surf. Personally, I would like to learn how to spot them from a distance (via look out points, possibly with binoculars). We can also share ways we locate fish while on the beach/rocks/piers or reasons why there might not be fish. Thank you to all the contributors! FYI - This is my first forum topic and I'm new to the community. I will be sure to contribute where I feel I can help. Tight Lines, Sbent