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  1. Has anyone had luck targeting tautog recently? I'd like to take my son out tomorrow and see if we can scare a few up. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Boats been in the shop since late June. MIL has been in ICU since late June. Getting the boat back tomorrow and was thinking of splashing in Sandwich. Haven't fished at all due to MIL and wife going to ICU every weekend. Can a peaceful man find a spot to sit in CCB tomorrow or is it truly as bad as it sounds with the run and gun crew?
  3. Thanks a ton. I'll report back if I get lucky.
  4. Hello All, I'm flying in to the area next week and was wondering if there are any wade options up near Annapolis. Are the rockfish around this time of year? Is there any state parks that allow fishing? Is anyone running any guided trips this time of year? I've never fished down there and am interested to wet a line. Thanks a ton, Andy
  5. Not to broaden this beyond the scope of the canal but I had an encounter early this summer that just left me depressed. Was in my home river on the South Shore taking my boat out to the harbor and I see dead stripers. Rounding the bend I see a fleet of kayaks. As if the dead gut hooked stripers weren't enough (most people would be ashamed and perhaps slink away to be less noticeable) I get an aggressive wave to move on. It was the "get out of our way, we're fishing" wave. I was so caught off guard I just kept going although I cut back the throttle to dead slow. Still pissed I didn't stop and ask if these googans have any clue what they're doing. The lack of respect for the fish and the lack of respect for the river killed me. I have pictures of me in this river when I was less than 1. I caught my first striper in this river at maybe 8 rowing around in an old life boat my Dad gave me. As cheesy as it sounds, the river is a part of me and I've been on it, in it, around it for over 40 years. Last summer I saw some idiot posting to instagram videos of him throwing cocktail blues sky high. He was apparently pissed that the blues "ruined his day fishing". And had such lack of self-awareness that he made this public. WTAF!!!? Perhaps the issues at the canal are symptomatic of a larger problem. Too many a-holes fishing. Imagine this level of abuse amount hunters during deer season.
  6. Thanks a ton everyone.
  7. Hello All, Can smelt be caught during the day around Boston? Certainly sounds like most fish for them at night but curious about day time. Anyone finding them locally? Thanks for the help.
  8. Seems like a blue runner. Did you catch this near Bourne recently? Or within 10 miles of there?
  9. Find a small harbor on the South Shore closer to Boston than Plymouth. Anything from a crippled herring or 5/8 oz epoxy to sebiki rig will do. It got cold this week, so they could have moved on. My data is from Sunday but extending back to first week in September. You'll see them blitzing but when no surface action they'll still be cruising below the surface feeding. They move fast but are all over. Also, small albies (14" vs 12" bones) there too. They run in different schools but large schools nonetheless.
  10. Are you finding these larger ones on the South Shore?
  11. I aggree, show them some respect. I have a hard spot for the behavior of “catch them all”. I caught 5 yesterday and it was fun. I could have fished for another hour and landed a hundred but I was content with 5 and the thrill of catching these warm water fish so far north lasted me all day.
  12. What were you using when you caught them?
  13. Anyone know if the whales are still there? Might take kids out to see if so.
  14. Yeah, don't eat the furry fiddle heads. They contain a carcinogen. Won't kill you (I mistakenly ate years ago) but not the true fiddlehead you want to eat. The book Northeast Foraging by Leda Meredith and Stalking the Wild Asparagus and Stalking the Blue-Eyed Scallop by Euell Gibbons are three books I use for reference. Right now one of the most abundant forage greens is Garlic Mustard, you'll see it along the sides of roads everywhere. The plants are about 12-14" tall today and should be perfect for harvesting. Lots of recipes online. Also in season is Japanese Knot Weed. Its that green fast growing bamboo looking stuff. Never tried it but you can read online about its uses ans suitability for forage. Along the ocean one of my favorites is sea rocket. Its a succulent, dark green and leaves resemble the shape of rocket or arugula. Seabeans are good, they grow in the tidal zone and look like mini asparagus. Salty but tasty. The early leaves of the Linden trees can be eaten but I've never tried. In a few weeks the black locus will bloom and I'm told the white flowers are edible. Dandelion greens are widely foraged and easy to identify. Note of caution, take care with where you forage. For instance, rail beds / train tracks are notorious polluted, I would take anything close to them. Use common sense when foraging. Getting into foraging makes fishing all the more enjoyable as you can get more deeply connected with the surroundings and have a little snack while at it! Definitely get a good basic foraging book though, will save you time. Northeast Foraging is a great pictorial one to pack along. The other two read more like non fiction and are less easy to use as a field guide.
  15. Mystic Lakes: For two weeks cormorants have been acting like herring are there. Finally saw one today so they are there!