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  1. Thanks a ton everyone.
  2. Hello All, Can smelt be caught during the day around Boston? Certainly sounds like most fish for them at night but curious about day time. Anyone finding them locally? Thanks for the help.
  3. Seems like a blue runner. Did you catch this near Bourne recently? Or within 10 miles of there?
  4. Find a small harbor on the South Shore closer to Boston than Plymouth. Anything from a crippled herring or 5/8 oz epoxy to sebiki rig will do. It got cold this week, so they could have moved on. My data is from Sunday but extending back to first week in September. You'll see them blitzing but when no surface action they'll still be cruising below the surface feeding. They move fast but are all over. Also, small albies (14" vs 12" bones) there too. They run in different schools but large schools nonetheless.
  5. Are you finding these larger ones on the South Shore?
  6. I aggree, show them some respect. I have a hard spot for the behavior of “catch them all”. I caught 5 yesterday and it was fun. I could have fished for another hour and landed a hundred but I was content with 5 and the thrill of catching these warm water fish so far north lasted me all day.
  7. What were you using when you caught them?
  8. Anyone know if the whales are still there? Might take kids out to see if so.
  9. Yeah, don't eat the furry fiddle heads. They contain a carcinogen. Won't kill you (I mistakenly ate years ago) but not the true fiddlehead you want to eat. The book Northeast Foraging by Leda Meredith and Stalking the Wild Asparagus and Stalking the Blue-Eyed Scallop by Euell Gibbons are three books I use for reference. Right now one of the most abundant forage greens is Garlic Mustard, you'll see it along the sides of roads everywhere. The plants are about 12-14" tall today and should be perfect for harvesting. Lots of recipes online. Also in season is Japanese Knot Weed. Its that green fast growing bamboo looking stuff. Never tried it but you can read online about its uses ans suitability for forage. Along the ocean one of my favorites is sea rocket. Its a succulent, dark green and leaves resemble the shape of rocket or arugula. Seabeans are good, they grow in the tidal zone and look like mini asparagus. Salty but tasty. The early leaves of the Linden trees can be eaten but I've never tried. In a few weeks the black locus will bloom and I'm told the white flowers are edible. Dandelion greens are widely foraged and easy to identify. Note of caution, take care with where you forage. For instance, rail beds / train tracks are notorious polluted, I would take anything close to them. Use common sense when foraging. Getting into foraging makes fishing all the more enjoyable as you can get more deeply connected with the surroundings and have a little snack while at it! Definitely get a good basic foraging book though, will save you time. Northeast Foraging is a great pictorial one to pack along. The other two read more like non fiction and are less easy to use as a field guide.
  10. Mystic Lakes: For two weeks cormorants have been acting like herring are there. Finally saw one today so they are there!
  11. Also, for anyone interested, they are removing the Dam at Hunter's Pond in Scituate. I remember this run as a kid but its pretty much dead now. Town of Scituate worked pretty hard to get support from those living around Hunter's Pond and was successful. The project is out for bid now with the goal of starting work in the summer. A healthy run here would certainly help strengthen the fishery on the South Shore. Sadly, at the last minute some lawyer who lives near the pond has decided to make waves. My hope is its just that, waves and nothring more. Fingers crossed he goes away and the project proceeds on schedule. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to update everyone periodically. I'm a new member but have thoroughly enjoyed reading everything all winter, kept me sane while waiting to get back on the water. Thanks!!
  12. Spotty still at the run in the Mystic Lakes but was treated to bald eagles there this morning. I would post the photo but it was long range taken with phone.
  13. Here is a photo of the run in Weymouth from yesterday.