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  1. AIMD was beautiful yesterday. A lot of joy riders going up and down the beach.
  2. Yesterday the drum took the top hook...
  3. Often
  4. Was out on AIMD all afternoon yesterday. All I got was a sunburn... beautiful day with my kiddo!
  5. Fished the incoming tide today, 3 friends, 9 rods. One dogfish. People were in swimming suits, bikinis (and one topless women), weather was insane for this time of year! Such a great day!
  6. A few days would be ideal. Because when “it’s on” in the spring (with Blacks) I try to keep the truck packed but the one thing that holds me up when I get out there is digging for bait. Especially early in the spring when the bigger fleas are a bit harder to find.
  7. I’m curious, what methods work well for everyone to keep sand fleas alive? I usually just show up and start digging. I know some friends that have different theories/methods on what kills fleas and best methods to keep them alive. I’m interested to hear what people on here do. Hopefully there are a few stripers heading our way soon! Fingers crossed!
  8. Completely agree Lucky, well said... NIce fish Wheeler, thanks for the update.
  9. How did the F350 drive on the sand? I assume you aired down?
  10. They’ve always been great in my opinion. Last spring a ranger stopped as I brought in a nice blackie. He stayed and talked with the kids after I released it and showed them his truck, some of his gear and even let them wear his fire helmet. An absolutely awesome experience. I’ve had my fishing license checked maybe 3 times the last 15 years or so and an OSV pass every year, all great interactions... they’re just doing their job. IMO
  11. I use a double uni knot from my main line to leader. Sometimes I'll tie the double uni with a bimini twist, just depends on how strong I want the knot. But my PB red was caught with just the double uni. It is interesting seeing so many use the no name knot... Thanks for sharing all. Good topic.
  12. Here is a more serious question/ observation... With everything going on this year, why couldn’t the number of vehicles on the OSV be expanded. Even just temporarily. When there aren’t any beach closures, the OSV area is 12 miles or so long (right?). I would think 300 vehicles could space out pretty easily over that much beach. Just my two cents...
  13. Thanks for sharing spinr. It was the most crowded I’ve ever seen that place. I’m happy it’s more “back to normal”. CJ- I thought the same thing. A lot of out of state tags too, not just on jeeps. I also know a lot of people around here that have never purchased an OSV tag in their life, went a head and got one this year. The increased revenue is good for AI I guess, maybe they’ll kick those plovers and turtles out for us!!!
  14. Thanks for the beach update Allen