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  1. They just closed the Fed Park
  2. Residents of Ocean City only.
  3. No, not that I saw.
  4. Just FYI, I was out there today and the ranger was sitting right at the counter checking everyone out. He was very friendly, but was checking us all out.
  5. I'm glad I got mine in Jan. Common sense would say they won't fine anyone with an expired tag... I hope they won't anyway for those that haven't had a chance to get one. See you out there!
  6. Yeah I saw that earlier today. Thanks for staying on top of this for us. In about a week or so I plan on spending more time out there
  7. Just like the title says, Will AI be open over the next few weeks/months? Has anyone heard? I’m confident I can effectively practice social distancing on AI...
  8. So did they adjust the commercial regs to support that quota or just recreational regs?
  9. I know this can be a “hot topic” but did they change the commercial regs at all? I have only heard of Rec reg changes so far. It’s nice to see some progress in my opinion.
  10. Sounds good, and you’re not alone with throwing the top half of a rod! Thanks!
  11. Hey BOH, care to help us out and tell some more detail about the stinger treble hook addition to the mullet rig? I’m thinking about it in my head, how does that attach/ work? Thanks for the info!
  12. By the way, where are the reds at?
  13. Thanks for the update. I was stuck at home all weekend, now I don’t feel so bad!
  14. I think the issue is more in the Chesapeake than Atlantic. Small keeper size and hot water that leads to a high mortality rate. Also, I think the regs need to be the same in every state, 1 @36" everywhere? My two cents...
  15. When will MD do something? I hope they’re taking notes.