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  1. So yeah, I was right...unfortunately.
  2. wait, were we supposed to start drinking right after getting home from voting? cause i'm way behind.... 5 1/2 hrs worth of beers. Figure I should knock down 6 beers right now.
  3. Got my MAGA vote in already this morning. I was voter 36
  4. ...............
  5. Looks like we might be taking a trip to Hawks Cay in early December and they told me I could fish from land there. What do I throw out there? Just go buy shrimp and throw them out? Early morning/late night will probably be my only free time when the kids are asleep or just waking up. Thanks for any tips or advice. Guess I need a FL license too.
  6. thank you guys. very helpful and i'll do some google maps scouting. i see a bridge that's nice and close.
  7. Thanks guys. What should I throw out at the bridges? Just hit a local bait shop and pick up whatever they recommend? I also read to visit the marina and ask for some fresh scraps from the filet table. We'll have a little kitchen so it would be great to put some snapper on the table. What else might I be able to catch for the table?
  8. mitch needs to go so that someone can get a new crew in the SSCI to shed some light on what they did. plus he's keeping trump from making any recess appointments. Mitch is a scumbag. Lindsey is just a do nothing whiny a$$.
  9. and again, Barr is doing nothing. Durham is a nothing burger. You've seen all the prosecutions you're going to see unless Trump is reelected and he replaces Barr...also, Mitch has to go too.
  10. Thinking is great but the actions prove virtually nothing is happening. Riddle me this. Are half the senate, more than 40 fbi employees, a president, Cia head, multiple Obama cabinet members all going to be charged w crimes? Come on now. Theyre not. Its over.
  11. Lol. What folks might they be? Barr is in charge. He's doing nothing. I do plenty of reading and research and am well in the weeds of all the corruption and crimes that happened. Name some names. Nothing will happen because 90% of DC was involved in it. Institutional preservation means nothing will happen.
  12. Why? What exactly is trump going to do about it?
  13. Nothing is coming. Clinesmith. Wolfe. Same treatment despite even more evidence of criminality and corruption. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2020/08/21/sketchy-business-clinesmith-agreement-structured-to-avoid-scrutiny-upon-special-counsel/#more-198139
  14. james wolfe - plead guilty to one count of lying to the fbi. he leaked the FISA warrant to his girlfriend who then shared it with every major enemedia outlet. he was caught red handed. Wolfe was allowed to do this because he basically threatened the ssci with subpoenas if he was ever charged with a real crime. clinesmith - knowingly modified a document to say the exact opposite of what it was supposed to say so they could spy on the trump campaign. Clinesmith plead guilty to one count of false statement. see a pattern here? i've said it multiple times, i REALLY REALLY hope i'm wrong....but nothing major is coming.
  15. thousands of them here in Delaware COunty, PA
  16. definitely diggin in. thanks for posting it. good for many reasons.
  17. congrats Fred! Enjoy yourself.
  18. this is funny. you're holding out hope that graham is going to do something about all this? they're going to hold a hearing...in June, to discuss holding a bigger hearing...when? August, September? At that next hearing, if there is one, they'll "maybe" plan to put out "requests", not Subpoenas, for people to come in to talk to them. Those will be scheduled for some time in 2021. love that you guys still think something is going to happen. i hope you're right, but i'm not holding out any hope that anyone will be held accountable. The saying, "There's trillions at stake," is what keeps anything from happening to the evildoers. Too many people and too much money involved...Trump is in the way of all those Trillions the grifters want to get their hands on again.
  19. this is fantastic that it upsets you so. you'd prefer Grenell keep doing the job? You realize the ssci must prefer ratcliffe...maybe you should too?
  20. read conservative treehouse. Grenell is making a lot of people in DC very nervous right now. their alternative is Ratcliffe. Trump really is good at this game. Just not sure he's good enough to get anyone in jail where they need to be. We'll see.
  21. the FBI hasn't produced anything. they continue to hide as much truth as possible. Ric Grenell is the one that's putting all this stuff out into the sunlight. Trump finally has someone on the inside on his side. Barr continues to do nothing (unless his hand is forced, which it was with Flynn). I still think nobody goes to jail over this. Unfortunately. hope i'm wrong.
  22. oh well that tells us everything. thanks. how many people will die?
  23. can you be more specific? our mindreading skills are a little off given all the isolation at home lately.
  24. the flu frequently kills 20k+ a year in this country...and we don't shut down the economy for it. hell, worldwide only 22,500 people have died from this.
  25. italians are heavy smokers, aren't they?