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  1. is this a bot post? it will Affect, not effect. And yeah, it'll be like flint michigan all over the country I'm sure. The Donald HATES clean water. Also, WHY ARE YOU YELLING?
  2. james wolfe is the senate security staffer that leaked the initial FISA application to his girlfriend reporter Ali Watkins. I'm pretty deep in the weeds as they say with all this stuff, so it's not strange that you missed it. But this one story is a microcosm of why I think "the storm" ain't coming. Go to conservative treehouse and search for Wolfe. There's too many high power senators involved in this whole thing for any justice to see the light of day. I'm happy to be pleasantly surprised, but I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Trump was here when everything went down with Wolfe. and what happened to him?
  4. sounds great. Won't happen. She'll get the same treatment as James Wolfe.
  5. Cabela's has the Shimano® Stradic FK Spinning Reel on sale for $135 and free shipping right now. hope this post isn't breaking any rules. apologies if so.
  6. oh, well if they say so. nah, i just checked my bank account. it disagrees.
  7. take a peek at the taxes in finland
  8. I feel for ya...but, boo freakin hoo. I've got three of them. 5, 4 and 2 and they've all been $hitty sleepers. So quit yer bi&chin.
  9. I admire all your optimism, but I unfortunately don't see anyone being held responsible for everything illegal that happened. I hope to be pleasantly surprised. Too many senators on both sides of the aisle involved in all this and they don't want to lose the ability to keep doing this type of stuff in the future. In the CR that will be signed shortly, there is a reauthorization of FISA. They're going to very quietly reauthorize the same thing this FISA report is supposed to say was done all wrong. that's why the delay in the release.
  10. depends how hot she is
  11. 100 Grand bars...don't usually see them for halloween though.
  12. There's not even a smidgen of corruption here, not a smidgen.
  13. that is definitely one of the worst spellings of Schuylkill I've ever seen. That said, i've not fished the area, but I've often thought about it as I can see it from my office. Too lazy to get a freshwater license I guess. I've seen bass and stripers come out of the tidal section below the dam. as fred said, i'm sure you'll catch all the cats and carp you can handle.
  14. yep. fair enough. just wanted to make sure it was normal.
  15. Is there normally a charge to trial a kayak? I contacted a dealer in Wildwood and was told there's a $35 charge which is then waived if you purchase with them.