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  1. IMO.....Isn't it the same thing when using a bucktail with a teaser above? Also wouldn't a top and bottom rig be the same thing as a drop shot rig??
  2. Have been using Gami offset circle hooks the last 6-7 years now and never once gut hooked a fish dead sticking my rods. Hook point is always right in the side of the mouth as expected. This includes all species caught from the surf such as stripers, black drum, smooth dogs and skates.
  3. Exactly!! I fished on a head boat a couple weeks ago that only had 13 fares. I elected to fish up drift while everyone fished the downside of the drift. We were drifting over 2 knots at some points. I had to go up to a 6oz bucktail while on the down side drift people needed needed to use 12-14oz of lead and were still scoping out. considerably. I did have to lean over and point my rod tip down to maintain contact with the bottom though. That wasn't very comfortable, however, I did end up with 5 keeper fluke for the day. I will caution you though, if you have to use anything heavier then a 3 or 4oz bucktail, use a conventional set-up or your wrists and forearms will be screaming at the end of the day especially with a fast drift. Every fish I pulled up from the upside drift seemed like I was reeling in a 10 pounder and I was using a conventional at that point.
  4. I'm sure glow rigs work well, and I have used them with good success, but the depths you are fishing probably determines a lot to how effective the glow on the rig actually works. I've seen pictures on the bottom of depths between 50'-60' feet and it doesn't seem dark enough for the glow rig to be that much more effective then a conventional color. 100'+ I'm guessing the glow would stand out more due to the darkness which could attract more fish. With that said, I have done my best on pink/red bucktails and teasers. Maybe it's a confidence thing or as stated before, reds are the first color to disappear in the water column so to the fish, the rig has a black or gray scale similar to the profile of most bait fish they are feeding on. I'd like to experiment this year with wine or black colored bucktails for fluke.
  5. Braid to swivel to leader or just braid to leader without the swivel using a uni-uni knot. I've seen people tie jigs and bucktails directly to the braid, but keep in mind, braid is not abrasion resistant so it will fray easily and eventually break off. Also, the leader can help land the fish without cutting up your hand which the braid will do. Try getting your bucktail back from a cow nose ray without some sort of leader. I typically use about 24" - 36" of leader material with a double surgeons loop on the bottom for the bucktail and tie a dropper loop 12-18" above for a teaser hook.
  6. Didn't see it mentioned much, but tile fish is my favorite. I'm sure a lot of people probably never had it because of the depths you need to fish to catch them along with the needed gear. I myself have never fished for them, but my friend gave me a couple fillets. It's now on the list to do. I'd have to say fresh bluefin tog and sea bass would be my second choices. If I lived in Florida, grouper would be up there as well. I have to give honorable mention to fresh bluefish if bled and trimmed properly.
  7. I have the BG4500 on my 10' surf rod. The BG series reel run on the big side. If you are using it primarily throw lures, I'd go with the BG4000. Overall, I'm very happy with it and very affordable for a well built reel.
  8. Drove to it and parked when I was there with the family on vacation a few years ago. I thought the same thing. No one really had an answer whether you can drive there. Few people I asked said the cops can enforce it, but most times don't.
  9. White, Black or yellow is all you need. Like others have said, don't get caught up on color. Pay more attention to tide, location and bait presented in the water. I'd recommend a couple Yozuri Hydro Minnows or SP Minnows along with a few metals and bucktails in different weights. Can't go wrong with some rubber as well (shads, worms, etc...) If you purchase the SP's remove the crappy hooks they come with and replace with stronger trebles.
  10. Thanks for the replies! I used 4lb for years. The only reason I started using 6lb, I was starting to have trouble seeing the 4lb test line running it through the hook eye. Eye sight is not what it used to be. Maybe I'll give the 4lb test another try this year.
  11. Looking for recommendation on a decent life vest that will not break the bank and not feel bulky. Something I can wear in Spring and Summer. I mainly paddle/fish in the back bays or lakes and ponds. Thanks in advance.
  12. Just purchased a new UL reel for trout fishing (Shimano Sedona FE 1000) that I'll be using on a 5'6" micro guide rod. I'm looking for recommendations on different types of line. I typically use 6lb test and either Berkley XL or XT but wanted to see if there was anything better on the market. I tried using fluro before and it didn't seem to lay on the UL reel very well and ended up with wind knots. Braid would probably be out due to the crowds and usual tangles.
  13. Most of the guys I know that boat fish for stripers are not complaining about the demise of the stock. For a surf fisherman, that's a different story. It mostly comes down to structure on the beach ruined because of beach replenishment. Beach replenishment = no structure = no bait = no fish. Pretty simple. Like others have said, I'd still fish for fluke, weakfish and blues and practice C&R on the stripers.
  14. I use 8/0 - 10/0 snelled Gami circles for slinging bait. Skip the 3' of mono - 10" to 12" is plenty when using a fishfinder for bass. Plus, you will greatly increase casting distance using a shorter leader. Forgot to add,this is when surf fishing. Boat chunking I'd probably go with a 3'-4' leader.
  15. Just purchased this same reel last Saturday to replace my old ultralight set-up. I paired it with a Field and Stream tec lite rod. Balances perfectly. Looking forward to fishing with this set-up come the PA trout opener next month. I was originally looking for an ultralight BG as I already have the BG4500 and love it. The shop I was at didn't carry that size reel so I went with the Sedona 1000. It was also marked down to $50 plus 20% off of that so i figured what the hell.