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  1. Thanks for the replies! I used 4lb for years. The only reason I started using 6lb, I was starting to have trouble seeing the 4lb test line running it through the hook eye. Eye sight is not what it used to be. Maybe I'll give the 4lb test another try this year.
  2. Looking for recommendation on a decent life vest that will not break the bank and not feel bulky. Something I can wear in Spring and Summer. I mainly paddle/fish in the back bays or lakes and ponds. Thanks in advance.
  3. Just purchased a new UL reel for trout fishing (Shimano Sedona FE 1000) that I'll be using on a 5'6" micro guide rod. I'm looking for recommendations on different types of line. I typically use 6lb test and either Berkley XL or XT but wanted to see if there was anything better on the market. I tried using fluro before and it didn't seem to lay on the UL reel very well and ended up with wind knots. Braid would probably be out due to the crowds and usual tangles.
  4. Most of the guys I know that boat fish for stripers are not complaining about the demise of the stock. For a surf fisherman, that's a different story. It mostly comes down to structure on the beach ruined because of beach replenishment. Beach replenishment = no structure = no bait = no fish. Pretty simple. Like others have said, I'd still fish for fluke, weakfish and blues and practice C&R on the stripers.
  5. I use 8/0 - 10/0 snelled Gami circles for slinging bait. Skip the 3' of mono - 10" to 12" is plenty when using a fishfinder for bass. Plus, you will greatly increase casting distance using a shorter leader. Forgot to add,this is when surf fishing. Boat chunking I'd probably go with a 3'-4' leader.
  6. Just purchased this same reel last Saturday to replace my old ultralight set-up. I paired it with a Field and Stream tec lite rod. Balances perfectly. Looking forward to fishing with this set-up come the PA trout opener next month. I was originally looking for an ultralight BG as I already have the BG4500 and love it. The shop I was at didn't carry that size reel so I went with the Sedona 1000. It was also marked down to $50 plus 20% off of that so i figured what the hell.
  7. I'd recommend the Queen Mary as well.
  8. Sounds like a great trip. I was reading about these slow pitch rods. Aren't they typically just used for jig fishing?
  9. Wow, thanks for this tip! I can't tell you how many times I fought with the pinched loop trying to pass through the hook eye. Felt like I was trying to put a square peg in a round hole.
  10. Nice job FB! Those that put their time in are rewarded. Are you still using the Hydro? I picked a few up last week but did not get a chance to use them just yet.
  11. I use the same exact rod and love it. It's a heaver, but not built like a telephone pole. Plus, it's a great rod for the money. I have it paired with a Penn 704 greenie with 50lb braid. I've thrown 8nbait with it many of times with no worries. The rod loads very nicely. I've tackled many big bass and black drum with it from the surf while having fun enjoying the fight even with smaller bluefish.
  12. Sorry to hijack this tread, but is there a place to just purchase the line roller in these photos for the 710z? I made my 710z manual last year by adding a lock washer to the bail trip screw in the open position and just cutting the bail wire. I don't like the small line roller though and want to replace it with something larger.
  13. I used to buy, but the last 6 years, I have leased. I get to drive a brand new vehicle every 3 years without the hassle of worrying about major repairs. There is an advantage to purchasing your vehicle for obvious reasons - when it's paid off, it's yours and hopefully you can get some life out of it without having to put money back into it. It was beneficial to purchase your vehicle years ago when you could at least do minor work on it. Now a days, you need a PhD in mechanics just to change the brakes.
  14. Just got back from Florida. I checked all my lures, hooks and jig heads with my luggage - one medium sized Plano box goes in the suitcase. Reels came with me on the plane.
  15. JerseySwells is absolutely correct. Unguarded beaches is definitely the #1 reason along with folks who venture out too far that don't know how to swim. I had to save a couple last year. I saw a them in distress and had to run to the nearest lifeguard headquarters. Luckily, it was on my block and a couple of the guards were still there. Took 4 guards to pull them out because they were exhausted and basically dead weight. I just happened to be looking at the couple in the water and knew something wasn't right. Afterwards, the lifeguards told me another 30 seconds and they would have been dead. My kids are very proficient swimmers; once the lifeguards leave, they are out of the water.