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  1. I will also throw in this MH4 sinking glider, since they are both slightly used. Its 5" approx 3 oz. For the bunka bullet
  2. I have this slightly used 5" scabelly sinking glider if you are interested for the bunker bullet
  3. Ok, I'll mix those 3 colors up for you, and they'll ship out tomorrow. PM coming for address info
  4. Here is some of my dark color options. Let me know what quantity of each one you want. They will ship tomorrow
  5. Copy that! they will ship out as soon as post office opens
  6. Deal. I will take which ever one eelbasher doesnt want, since he made first offer. And like I said, I will have options of all dark colors for you. But I won't be home to send pics until later tonight. Thanks
  7. I understand, I was under the impression there is still one glider available and that is what I am offering for one
  8. I offer 25 dark megashads for each RG glider. I will have pics later, but I have a few options you will like
  9. Ok sorry about that guys, wont happen again
  10. I had it listed on marketplace and that's where I found my buyer. Thank you
  11. Kayak is sold
  12. I dont have a trailer sorry, I just use a bed extender on my pick up truck. This Kayak is priced fairly and in great shape with a lot of extras, especially the $500 fishfinder, big beach cart for easy transportation to the launch spot,etc. I've already turned down a $3500 offer, but I guess I would take a little bit off if you were ready to pick it up. I reccomend searching for a trailer first if you are serious. If I have to deliver it, I would have to know your location and keep the price firm. Thanks
  13. I have the PA 14 for sale, you can come take a look at it anytime if your not too far from central Jersey
  14. It's the HD 180° turbo fins and like I said they are practically brand new, only used a few times. Fisherman's Supply in point pleasant exchanged them for me under warranty last year
  15. For Sale 2019 Hobie papaya Pro Angler 14. $3,900. Rigged up with Garmin fish finder, Hobie storage bins and cup holder, multiple rod holders, decking, paddles, large wheel beach cart, comes with new seat cover replacement AND the drive is practically brand new, it has only been used a few times due to a recent warranty claim replacement. No cracks or damage in hull, always garage kept and washed off after each use. It also comes with yak power system and 10 led button lights that are installed. I will deliver if within reason. I'm located in Central Jersey