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  1. Depends on the quality of tip. For the one that comes on that rod about 5 bucks. Fuji aluminum oxide. Alconite about $11 and silicon carbide about 20
  2. Just bring it to shop. I few minutes and it will be done. About 5 bucks for a aluminum oxide tip
  3. That needle is Tutti Fruity. Tony C came up with that color. Have it in BM jointed pikies and a few others. Nice one
  4. 7" Redfin 100%
  5. Sporting Wood(northbar)
  6. I think it is a Gags jointed Mambo
  7. 100% Larry's Lures
  8. Will trade for a 17a bomber in Rainbow or Block island green
  9. Last bump for a LG long sleeve t-shirt
  10. Np pm me your address
  11. Sure been using Tattoo Darters for years