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  1. Thanks staalkingq, enjoy it
  2. Sounds good
  3. About 150 yards of 40# mono I believe,,,,I had a 250 a few years back, it had 600 yards of 50# braid on it,,,I know it will hold it
  4. It has 300yards of 40# powerpro regular green,,,good for stripers up here
  5. I have a new style black bag I can give you also, I fished it once for a hour, I don't think it was used before, couple very minor scuffs, probably shelf wear
  6. Sure give me a half hour or so
  7. I have a gold 250 USA made, low 2000's serial number, excellent condition, no box or bag, 300 yards of brand new power pro,can post pics later $725 shipped
  8. Going to close this
  9. No thank you
  10. ,,,,,no box,bag, ECT,,,,,,,
  11. Excellent condition, fished it for a hour just to use it, couple minor scuffs, in my honest opinion I think they are shelf wear, everything is tight and doesn't appear to have been used much, new 40# powerpro 300+ yards, no box,bag,ECT. I didn't register it, and haven't serviced it, 100%ready to go. $700 cash pick up in East Bay area RI, may consider partial trade for a slammer 3 6500 in good shape + cash( slammer 3 6500 can be obtained for $190 on a particular web sales site brand new)may be interested in other trades, thanks
  12. Thanks, not what I'm after, not looking for collector plugs, want the particular colors to fish, they were great producers in the past, my silver ghost got retired completely destroyed and cracked, Amber had the best cast I ever did, never to be seen again
  13. Looking for silver ghost and trans Amber 2 3/8 and 1 1/2 sinking only that's all for the time being, thanks
  14. Glws, if plans change, let me know, offer stands, thanks
  15. I'll stand in line for local pickup at asking price of $75. I'm 15 minutes from fall river and available all weekend, thanks