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  1. This should start a good healthy debate: What do you think?
  2. As I was doing my front brakes this past weekend, it got me thinking about the cheap floor jack I carry, and how it probably might not help much should I get a flat on the beach. So please tell me more about these high lift jacks. does it require that additional accessory kit? where would I hook it up on my F150? What brand do you recommend? I saw them on EBay and Amazon anywhere from $48 to $300. I upgraded my compressor, probably not a bad idea to upgrade my jack. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. I can only imagine how the conversation went among those Yeti employees out drinking in the bar: Employee #1: "Well, I got guys to pay $450 for a cooler!" Employee #2: "Well, I got guys to pay $40 for a metal coffee cup!" Employee #3: "Well, I got guys to pay $30 for a metal cozy!" Employee #4: "Oh yeah, Well hold my beer and watch this!" And that, ladies and gentleman, in a simple stroke of brilliance, is how the Yeti bucket was born.
  4. I bought my Sea Ox 200C about 10 years ago for $1000 for the engine when the motor on my 19' Grady Tournament died. I ended up really liking the boat, the Grady is still up on blocks in the yard, and I'm still fishing and SeaDuckin' off the Sea Ox for 9 months out of the year. It's rock solid, I don't think anything about throwing it up on the beach, or taking it out in rough water. It definitely is heavier than the Grady, and with a 150 Evinrude, I think it's a little underpowered, buy it rides really nice in a heavy sea. Probably the best $1000 I've ever spent, and I won't be getting rid of her anytime soon.
  5. My line wasn't in the water 5 minutes before the rod bent over, then the fight was on for about 30. The drag was screaming, the kids were going nuts, and it seemed the beast just anchored itself to the bottom. I sent my daughter back to the truck to get me some gloves, I handed the rod to the two boys, who were holding onto it for dear life, and then I got into the surf and got a hold of the 50 Lb leader and slowly tried to drag it out. It was then that the leader snapped and I reached in and grabbed the monster by the tail and dragged it out onto the sand. The kids were in awe, we snapped a couple quick picks, and off it swam......... A cool Summertime memory, for kids of all ages.
  6. I have a whole collection of old Mitchell Garcia reels and I still fish with them regularly. I try not to beat on them, and they still catch plenty of fish. There's nothing like hearing a Mitchell drag sing! The guys are right though, you didn't just win Lotto, retail price at fishing flea markets in new condition is $50 or less. Enjoy the reel and think of Grandpa every time you catch a fish, that's priceless!
  7. Anyone else down there yesterday smell the dead turtle?
  8. I fished there yesterday, my son took a little walk around the dunes and he said that there were a lot of beer bottles dumped back there. also, after I had parked my truck I realized it was over someone's campfire spot, as I kept stepping on what was left of it with my bare feet, so I concur with your observations. I got there at around 9AM and the beach was pretty empty. By the time I left at 1PM, the beach was packed. A truck pulled in 15 feet away from me,a woman gets out and asks if she's too close to me, then unloads her 3 year old boy. Obviously there was no intent to fish there. From what I could see, I was one of the only one's with an actual line in the water. Also got to see a guy in a Jeep Patriot buried down to his frame. I offered help, but there were already several experienced looking guys offering advice, so I ended up leaving. Sorry, no pictures. It's only going to get worse from here on in, the kids aren't even out of school yet. Very few actual fisherman using the "Fishing Permit."
  9. How's the Cherry Grove SC area just north of Myrtle Beach? I have a friend with a house there that is always inviting me down there. I know that they have a fishing pier right by the house. Is it worth the 700 mile drive? Also, how's the duck hunting down there? Thanks, Joe
  10. Gentlemen, what are you using for the rubber at the top of your rod holders on your rack? I assume it fits on 1 1/2" PVC pipe. Thanks in advance, Joe
  11. Gentlemen, Thank you for the expert replies, that's interesting about having to keep it in 2nd, and kind of explains why I couldn't find a straight answer about the AWD / 4WD issue. I'll keep you posted how things go on the beach.
  12. Gentlemen, As you can see, I don't post much, but I do enjoy reading SOL and appreciate everyone's opinion. Quick question, I have a friend at work who, after hearing my fishing stories and seeing my photos, has gotten himself a State beach permit for his 2007 Honda Ridgeline and wants to tag along with me. Before I give him any bad advice, I'd like to hear someone's first hand experience. is the Ridgeline beach worthy? I looked online and couldn't find a straight answer if it's actually 4WD or AWD. Personally I drive a Ford F150 and, knock on wood, haven't had any problems. I know I can tow him out if I had to, but who wants to. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks in advance..........Joe