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  1. No disrespect taken AH Perry. Im on a boat half the time, surf fish the other time. I get what you are saying but one things for sure, the boat has its challenges. Different presentations required, fast currents, no currents, rough conditions, difficulty locating fish, difficulty getting fish to eat. Went out today actually marked a few...all of em had lockjaw. One thing i love about this site, people speak of their strikeouts as well as there hits. Lots of strikeouts on a boat despite these charters putting out this "lights out" noise. That being said, absolutely nothing beats a quality fish out of the surf. Nothing better. Plus, its just a better connection with nature wading in water, making casts.
  2. Interesting observations from everyone about the spring run. It's wierd how it's been like 3 seasons in 1. March 5 until around April 25th was a pretty steady pick of good quality fish from shore and boat. Good weather stretch too. The fish though weren't spread out and you had to go find the stacks of them. From April 25th till May 15th it was one of the most dead 3 weeks Ive had in fishing in a long time. Terrible weather stretch, colder than normal, heavy rains. Skunk after skunk. It's picked up a bit for me these last 2 weeks but nothing that special. Amazed at what belmars water temp was yesterday...53 degrees! Could be wrong but I cant remember it being that chilly post memorial day. 58, 59 maybe..but 53?! Crazyyy. Just shows you how terrible it's been in the month of may. What I'm really curious about is, will the cold water keep the bass in for much longer than usual, or does the migration march on, cold or not? On a normal year, these are typically the last 15 days of quality bass fishing before the summer fishery is in full swing. Wonder if that will be much different this year.
  3. ahh. Awesome stuff. great catch.
  4. beautiful fish. on top too it looks like? that will get the blood flowin.
  5. All the best to you and your family. You have been in my prayers.
  6. One decent bass tonight. Back. Prolly between 27 and 28in. Nice fight. Small popper did the job. Only one of the session. Copper water but fishable.
  7. the 40. digital scale and a boga. Its funny whenever i see in the alert on gmail that u posted a comment i know its going to be a cutdown douche comment. I have no reason to lie. If i did, i wouldnt post about, 4, 5 skunks in a row. Every outing would be legendary.
  8. Well i got a fishing story that i have a witness on because when i tell it, its going to sound like bs. All day ive been watchen the weather..hopen for a window.Did a bunch of stuff around the house, watched the radar..figured the best chance was gunna be post 330pm. Went out with my father. Flat calm, overcast skies to west, dark to north and east. Copper water. We start marking giants. Big big fish. Theres very few boats out. Put out a tandem charteuse mojo amd a single white mojo. We decide to spin back and find those marks. Get back over it than boom. Tandem one bends in half and its on. Ripping drag. I thought we were gunna get spooled. Fish comes to top and i said o my God this is massive. After 10 mins we land it. every bit 45 lbs. We unhook, pic, revive and release. All the while we are doing that, the other lead mojo on the tandem was still submerged. All of a sudden we noticed the rod starts tipping up against the gunnel. We lift it by the leader, theres another 40 pounder hooked. About 85 lbs of striper on one rod. lol. quickly released that. 10 mins later skies open...visibility goes to zero. we race in with the biggest s*it eating grins. Keep in mind we have been stinking of skunk so we earned that one. made it back to dock safely after a sketchy ride in. Was some moment. Never will forget it. Heres the one
  9. 2 blues tonight. little bigger than cocktails but not gators. Metal. Tried top water but no luck. After about 3pm the water cleaned up as the wind died down. My usual haunts were mad houses. i have never ever seen the beaches so crowded these last few weeks. Im gunna shut it down till next tuesday. Goin to be nuts all weekend.
  10. It's so old now it's ridiculous. Barely hitting 60 on the mercury...copper infield dirt colored back bays and rivers. Be nice if we could catch a break.
  11. Managed to break the skunk this afternoon with a small blue fish. Prolly 2 maybe 3 lbs. Better than nothin. Stiff east wind. went way out back and found calmer, somewhat cleaner water.
  12. Dropped a big one this morn. Back. raritan. When its going bad its going bad. lawn care time
  13. Got outt about 630 this morn. threw in a secluded back spot. no bunker observed. nothing. realized i had one freshwater rod in my truck so headed to a freshwater spot and managed 4 bass. decent ones too. nice to get a bend in the rod.
  14. Back of moco. between 4 and 6 on the outgoing. pretty strong sw wind. No bait observed. Lot of weed snagging up lures. Skunk.
  15. Shoutout to noaa and all its affiliates for the completely botched and dangerous forecast of today. Went out around 1 being told 10-15 this afternoon with seas 2 feet or less. How about 25-30 with gusts of 35 and seas 3-5 ft. crazy current. Some of the fastest ive ever been on the water for. No fish marked other than big schools of bunker. Nobody pulling a thing up.