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  1. Long time no post fellas. Been picken fluke here and there the past month but nothin that seemed worth a post. Today we tried our hand at going offshore. Learned a lot. Especially the fact that I know very little with the offshore world. It was a good experience. But a few observations. 1. we were not prepared in terms of tackle. Safety wise we were absolutely ready, gear wise def not .. I learned our radars a lot more today which was great. Definitely a baptism by fire sort of deal. Other observations...the NWS reports for Sandy hook to Ambrose are useless when you are out there. Easily 3 to 5 out front beyond 10 miles...Last this one can absolutely change if I ever hooked into a bluefin or a nice NJ mahi, but as of right now..not sure i was in love with it overall. It is a grind in every sense of the word. especially with a 2 man crew. The haul out, the early early wake up (330 which apparently isnt early enough) the prep, the concentration. Im shot. I certainly give credit to guys who do that 5, 6, 12 times a summer. Appreciated the input I got from a few SOL members about preparation.
  2. To echo what Ferret said..bunker yesterday was amazing. From peanuts to full grown. only 2 short fluke. Where are the predators for all this bait?. Seems like the macks and bonita are more active south of Belmar but all is relatively quiet in th the Northern, central moco area.
  3. Headed onto a moco beach out front early this morn. Perfect conditions. 2 small blues. Dying to get into the mack action. Nada thus far.
  4. had a great aunt that passed away 2 yrs ago. laid to rest in Belmar...blazer on, tie, stopped by a beach on 2nd ave and caught a small striper...went afterwards and paid my respects. The bible says.."take thy rod and reel and honor the dead by stopping to cast." i think thats in Matthew chapter 4.
  5. Well the reports seem to be trending up but from the surf and boat at least for me, its been a wasteland. Areas from the hook to long branch to the backs of the raritan have produced zero for me. Bait seems everywhere but theres been nothint but snapper, 10 inch fluke, and unaccosted bunker. Tonight more of the same. Hope this turns. Fishing has been downright dreadful past 3 weeks for me. Kudos to those picken them off.
  6. Well..i must admit this topic has struck a chord with me the last few weeks. To be frank, it just hasnt been much fun from the surf. One of my favorite ways to pass time post work in the spring and summer is to have some fun catching blues and bass with the occasional fluke mixed in. For 3 or 4 straight years i enjoyed consistency. Wouldnt call it great fishing, but steady action on light tackle. last 2 years, barren wasteland. Areas that produced are dead zones. Bait flips but more out of joy in that they arent being harrassed by predators. Surf fishing is like a drug for me. Been hooked for years and when I want to walk away even for a bit i always come back..but its getting easier to walk away. nature is amazing to experience regardless but still, when a fish pulling drag is in your blood, it sucks when you cant find any of those fish.
  7. Took a few casts out back bout 530. Bait everywhere. No fish on them though. Water pretty dirty after rains. Shutting it down for a few days. Haven a family party at my casa saturday. Powerwashing, mowing, shopping to be done...who am I kidden, Ill probably be at bay tomorrow afternoon..
  8. Yess, noticing same thing this season. On any given May/June warm day you can go and pick off at least 2 or 3 5 to 10lb blues to have some fun and kill some time. Now, that just doesn't happen. It's either all or not. Mostly not. I'm hoping this summer turns around.
  9. Moco..outback. Late afternoon. Bait everywhere. Birds worken. No fish to be had. Couple of us threw multiple things. nada. Have a feeling its going to get really good middle to end of week. Dont know why but it felt like somethin was brewing this afternoon
  10. Yes I kno we cant control the weather...but ENOUGH NOW!
  11. about 8ft ur right but it was whippen pretty good yest. windswept water.. couldnt hold with less than 1. prolly went a little more heavy than i needed but it wasnt draggen weed or anything.
  12. Report yest .Back..Moco..wind really picked up. One small fluke. That's it. 2oz spro and yellow mullet gulp. Water pretty stained. Big water coming this weekend especially in surf.
  13. Really not even worth posting but went out yest afternoon in between weather systems. Out back.. No bait observed, weed and dirty water were incoming. Skunk. Out there all of 10 casts before another weather system moved in and poured on me. Going to wait for it to clean up and head out tomorrow. As far as the new setup i bought due to the other setup going to the bottom of the sea...the 9.5 jigging world rod is utterly ridiculous. It almost loads like a whip on the 10 oclock portion of your cast. When you let the whip begin it's come back then you release...I swear it bombs with minimal effort. The technology is getting more and more amazing.
  14. Thanks sudsy. That's an awesome tip that i never knew about.
  15. i just love it.