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  1. Quick 45 minute session with wife and dog tonight. Outback moco. 615 till about 7. We had 5 blue fish on the line. Dropped 2. All fish were over 7lbs with the biggest being 12 lbs on the boga.. Fun night. Desolate beach which was a surprise. Left them biting. All on ava. Great weekend. To have 2 sunny days on a sat and Sunday seemed almost odd with how terrible it's been.
  2. Took the niece and nephew out on the boat. Heading back to the dock we saw giants jumping out of the water. caught 6. Missed 2. They loved it . Even helped us reel in a few. Low tide. Moco.
  3. Fishing in a nutshell. thurs couldn't keep fish off my line. every other cast at least had a hit. taps. No bait. Nada. cool breezy morning. Lot of weed in water. Maybe later.
  4. Great call with boga. Forgot mine yesterday. Was close to being Chubbs from Happy Gilmore.
  5. ooo yeh. the calamari got soggy too. haha. o well. worth every second.
  6. Got into some really big blues this eve. Funny story, went out on the boat..trolled. plugged. skunk. went back. cleaned up..than I ordered a pizza. pizza was gunna take a half hour. so I went to one of my local spots while I waited and the 1st cast I hook up. lol. would of been better off saven the gas. 3 landed. up to 15 pounds. missed 3 more. metal and sp.
  7. Yes. Seems to be a southern bite right now. Lol..bro, I've seen some lineups tho the last few weeks...I mean....50-55 people. Funniest thing was, i pulled up to a spot one day...I opened up my car door, rose up a little on my seat to see down the beach. Body to body lineup...sat back in the car, put back on my seatbelt, and went home to mow the lawn. haha. I ain't dealing with that nonsense. It's like when people ask me to go sit on Belmar beach on a saturday in July. Nope, sorry. Have fun. Don't feel like listening to the guy next to me's techno music with huge biceps and chicken leg calves and his girl who set the tanning bed level to extra crispy.
  8. That last part literally made me have a depressed reaction. That is ridiculous. Imagine that crop of fish being taken out of our fishery. No respect.
  9. I give a lot of credit to the guys killen the blues cuz truth be told I am in a bay slump! I was away on business last week and I heard there was a decent bite. Which of course I missed..returned and took some days off cuz of the weather but have been back at it yesterday and today and absolutely nothing! Talking to other guys sounded like more of the same for them. Skunks and scattered cocktails. Threw metal, bone sp, top water. nada. Guessing I'm in the right place at the wrong time. Back at it tomorrow.
  10. got some serious cabin fever so went out this afternoon/evening to multiple spots in back of moco. No luck. water was like a copper color. could have been much worse. Have a feeling it's going to be dirtier tmrw.
  11. Yeh, feeling the same today...enoughs enough now. It is just so dreary. Maybe I'll try on Wed when this weather is finally pushed out, but that may even be premature with the currents that will be ripping and the dirty water.
  12. Late report..yesterday. No luck on land or boat. Dirty water, incredible amounts of bait. I am amazed by the crowds for this bluefish run. I love a good gator but am not willing to combat fish among 50 other anglers in a 100 foot area for them. In about 2 weeks the crowds will dissipate and theyll still be some chompers in and likely in throughout June. Dont get the hysteria.
  13. Went out for the high this morning. Went to my usual spots. So many people. Couldnt believe for a mid work week day. skunk. water dirty. Saw only one blue caught.
  14. Absolutely awesome. Congratulations. Great video too!
  15. Peeked at the bay on the way to work this morning. It's dirty and moving. After 15 hours of rain yesterday I think will need a 48 hour clean up of incoming and outgoing tides.