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  1. Good points, but i think peoples perception of what the boats r doing is off. I fish off surf prolly 60% of the time and am out on a boat the other 40%..i can tell u that its been either lukewarm or ice cold this year for bass. Mostly ice cold. sure some charters are doing well on troll, maybe theres a snag and drop bite one day. but truth is, its spotty at best.
  2. Seriously! i heard "rain for the coast (monmouth and ocean) with a period of sleet," yet there i was leaving the Lowes in Holmdel on highway 35 in about 3 inches.
  3. They have backed off a bit on the west wind blow for sat. Lookin like gusts only to 20 now in the a.m.
  4. I think the bluefish theory is as good as any. I cant help to look back at few springs ago where there were dozens of deads being kept by the bucket brigade. Truly seems like 1 of many collective things that has made our fall and past couple falls so sparse. Storms, dredging, overfishing. And frankly I think the weather of 2018 flat out sucked. Spring was freezing, summer rainy, fall has been stormy, cold, and windy. I believe fish follow patterns and when those patterns go greatly disturbed by a nor easter every other weekend the fish react accordingly.
  5. Thanks for saying the truth. the kill counts im seeing on social media is sickening. Big girls too. The question is when does it all come to a head? Its almost like the housing market from 2000-2006. The buck got passed by every banker, analyst, and politician all said there's nothing to see here even as more people began to default. Than by 07, 08. it all fell. No im not comparing people losing there homes to fishing, just the mindset. ignore, divert, deny, coverup...than watch the **** hit the fan.
  6. I figured out front was prolly better because where i was this morn was decent in close. raritan has been whippen especizlly around ambrose channel.
  7. he was comin out of belford. said drive out thru raritan was pretty sketchy as was tip of hook.
  8. i dont kno what to say..just got in. Freezing. Nothin goin. front amd back of moco. a friend of mine called me and said he turned his 28 footer around. In his words.."much rougher than forecasted. small boats out here are really struggling." Lookin at the horizon it looked nastier than i thought it would.
  9. ...heading out now. All i can say is wear layers n a wool hat.Def get those gloves too.
  10. Jersey listen, you caught a 54 pounder...take the rest of the day off..I spoke with the boss he said it's fine.
  11. Just got in..multiple spots out front...moco. No dice. Pretty stiff wind but flat. Heard of a dawn dink fest in one spot but was not there for it. slump continues.
  12. what a catch! thats a fish of a lifetime. Congrats.
  13. Impressed Pete. Yesterday was a tough day. props for having some action. Im lookin at a few marine forecasts...all i can say is, this wind is like a bad horror film character..You think its dead then it comes back over and over to wreak havoc...Than it stops, and the movies over..
  14. My 2 cents on instagram..Instagram tells the victories..If you see a fisherman with numerous pics of random sunsets that means he's honest. haha. But those dont garner "likes." I swear its destroying fishing. Its promoted "hero fishing" making it seem like its so easy and our waters have an over abundance of cows. We all know how much of a struggle it is to get a few fish in a session.
  15. Surf n boat report. Moco. Got out really early. Threw some plugs than jumped on boat. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Fished multiple ways, covered ground. If you think the guys we always see off shore a mile are hookin up fish left n right you are mistaken. Its depressing. Water color was a nasty rust. No birds at all. No bait flippen around. Ill be puttin in work the next 3 to 5 weeks but its getting late fast. Really hope this turns around.