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  1. Some good fishin late afternoon. Blues from 5lb to 15lbs. Wanted anything that was swimming. Felt so bad, i killed one. thought i revived him but i didnt. he was floating about 5 yrds in front of me. snagged him and found a taker who was happy to bring him home. Probably the best week of fishing in a few years.
  2. Thank you for the well wishes.. and wow. that is helluva story. Im happy that it reaped your children but sorry to hear about your marriage. Understand to a degree the hardships you guys went thru.That is a great piece of advice you gave.
  3. Dont even get me started on the Jersey springs. They su*k. In January when it's nasty I always say, I cant wait for may. Why? For 57 degrees, mist, and 25mph winds. Haha. Hate to be that guy but man. As far as more winds...what I noticed, when the high pressure moves in we have been having excessively windy sunny days. I remember in years past, winds would come post storms, or during weather systems. Now it's when theres blue bird skies. And it's not just 10, 15 mph days. It's 40, 45. That seems more common than years pasty. Maybe I'm wrong. A meteorolgist could probably tell us.
  4. Really appreciate it man. My wife gave me the offical deadline. Memorial day weekend, the last of the boat. I get it. Nothing worse than being 2 miles out and getting a call..."you better get home..we gotta go!." lol.
  5. o man Adam. Thank God shes ok. 32 weeks now. Yes, its surreal. hard to believe it can happen pretty much anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks from now.
  6. Yest to avoid crowds, jumped on boat. Gators in bay, than chased schoolie/slot bass for hours. A blast. Almost fall like. That class of fish has suddenly poured into the bay. I hope it's a sign of things to come. Best case scenario, when the gator bite eventually dissipates, they get replaced by those bass and they stick around near shore. They are plentiful. Finicky, but plentiful.
  7. Hit the gym this morning about 1130. Brought my rod and my waders for a post gym pass by as i often do. Saw it was pretty flat. Suited up and went in. Glad i did. One of the most epic bites ive experienced in years. Every 1 to 2 casts. Gators. Lost count. Prolly 15 to 20 fish total. All ranged between 10 to 17lbs. Just awesome. White yozuri popper. Made a ruckus when i reeled it in. Big twitches moving water with some slight pauses. It made them nuts. beautiful strikes..Bonus of it all, no crowds. Just a few of us. Everybody gettin along haven a blast. Purposely avoided the "hot zones" and it paid off.
  8. Went out at the high this afternoon. Back of Moco. Cold, and stiff northwest. Fishable but barely. Water churned but quality not awful. Was hoping for a late afternoon diminishing straight west, but i dont think that will happen until after 5.If you are heading out dress warm. When you go from one side of 36 to the other its literally a 5 degree difference and about 15mph of added wind. ...o n skunk
  9. . I happen to watch this kids videos from time to time. Seems like a decent dude who is big on catch and release. Give the girl a break. It's very overwhelming to release a fish that size especially when it's a 1st for you. While I agree the world of youtube/instagram has gotten wayyy to big, for a lot of people, maken these films is a hobby/enjoyment of theres. In a weird way, what they do is no different from Bill Dance or Andy Mill. I'm not comparing some youtuber to them, but the basic eyes on screen principles are simillar. Show the fish best way possible, edit the boring parts, add some music etc etc. Rather see fishing videos than videos of the knockout game or some riot taking place in Portland.
  10. One today. Not big, 26 or a 27 from bay shore. Beautiful..Some real warmth finally. Late report, boat sat. one on a green rapalla. Just over. Released. Been a slow go thus far on the few days ive been out. Hopefully things get a bit more consistent soon.
  11. Couldn't agree with that more.
  12. Yest eve out back. Bunker everywhere. Big ones. One follow. No fish.
  13. Gender neutral stripers. hahaha. No more calling the cows, "big girls." We dont know if they want to be identified as such and its fat shaming.
  14. yeh that was us likely in the dark blue grady. lotta seals out there today. looked promising. glad the morning saw some more action.