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  1. I just submitted a letter to my local congressman regarding this situtation. Feel free to read. I hope you respect my opinions and don't think I am too lenient or too harsh. I honestly think we are at a tipping point and if the situation isn't addressed our fishery will feel a world of hurt. Mery Christmas fellas..and ladies! To the Office of Congressman Pallone, I am a life long recreational fisherman who grew up in coastal Monmouth. I fish from the surf as well as a family owned boat. One of the biggest thrills for a local NJ fisherman is hooking into a large striped bass. "Cows" is the term affectionaly used to describe a plus 40 lb striped bass. Landing one is becoming more and more difficult. Worse, finding bass over 10lbs is becoming an arduous task. Throughout the years I've watched my own numbers decline. Even as recent as the early 2000's, I recall classic fall runs with 20 lb bass schooling throughout our waters beginning in October and crescendoing in late November. That might has well have been 50 years ago because now in 2018, we are treated to sporadic "good days" with most fish being in the 16-24 inch range. Where have all the big bass gone?? Well here are some theories; -The Army corp of engineers has decimated our beaches. Any structure that was left on the Jersey coast has been flattened. No structure equals no areas for fish to hide, for bait to be held. - Too many breeders are being kept. Often times, the big girls are being harvested. This takes millions of eggs out of the ecoystem depriving the northeast/midatlantic of future striped bass. -Storms. Noreasters, hurricanes, and days of 40+ mph winds are changing the structures of our beaches. They might also be disrupting our fall runs (see fall 2018). What's the solution? I think it begins with a cap on the keepers. Right now the current rules state that an angler without a bonus tag can keep one fish at 28 inches plus. I think it's time this get's updated. 1 fish at 28-36 inches. This will allow for the breeders to be released an ensure more eggs in our oceans and more opportunity to "land the big one." Plus, and this is subjective, I think the table fare of 28-36 inch fish is much better than 40 inch plus fish. The 2nd, more complicated solution is this...the army corp of engineers has to back off. They are destroying the beaches. Ask any surf fisherman there opinion on dredging and you'll likely be met with a few dozen swear words. Every year, rigs are out there, dirtying up our water, turning structure into flat sand parking lots. It is undoubtly distrubing the ecosystem. We need to introduce some structure back into our oceans. Create new wrecks close in to give fish areas to hunt. Artificial reefs create a new trophic structure that can re-engergize the food chain. I hope my suggestions don't fall on deaf ears. For many of us, this was the worst fall run in decades. A change needs to be made or else our thriving recreational fishing industry will be completely decimated. Thank you. (Name omitted)
  2. Good Luck Spigola. Happy healthy holiday and new year.
  3. Tried this afternoon. Northern Moco..Not many guys, other than a few working the fly rods..some bird activity a few hundred yds out. Skunk. Very cold out there.
  4. For those saying they are gross to eat...yes...asbolutely true. In june I caught a 38 lber that was gut hooked from a mojo. Bloody the moment we brought on boat. So we harvested. Meat is very thick and rather fishy. Even prepared with garlic, oil, breadcrumb, white wine, lemon, you can still taste that fishy taste. 29-32 have the sweet meat. Not saying you shouldnt release those either, but just an observation. Now I'm hungry.
  5. This morning. Out front Northern Moco. 8 to 10am. Nada. guys i spoke to said it was a 530 am to 7am bite. Lot of shorties at lip. O well. Felt like sleepin a little later. Yesterday was apparently a day a dawn bite. Maybe later it will turn on.
  6. thank u. man this comment is so spot on. Just so happens we are redoing the kitchen. Contractor came over last week and goes.."these would be great where your rods and tackle are." so when we do the demo, def goin to save a few.
  7. Thanks boys. gotta make time and space for the gear.
  8. Little somethin to share with you fellas on this rainy day..My wife and I worked very hard for several years saving and working and just 2 weeks ago we closed on our 1st home. Lots of painting to be done, carpets to be ripped up..but there is one room that is really coming together...THE room. A few stickers slapped up, and the rest of my gear to be layed out to be cleaned up and I got myself a little winter hideaway.
  9. Haha. I was in the midst of a 5 outing skunk myself, so it was nice to get the stink off.
  10. def was manageable Yaks. tmrw goin to be rippen NW. dimishing in afternoon. If its more west than NW you should be fine. But expect a decent blow in the a.m.
  11. overslept this morn but still managed to get out the door by 830. debated between heading south or staying local. due to the tide already having come and gone..decided to just go local and catch the outgoing. Glad i did. Fun morning out front, Northern Moco. 11 bass. all shorts but the fish ranged from 22-26 inch. Plump little guys feeding on sandeels. Unfortunately i did not pack a teaser. Teaser guys were easily in the 20 fish range. My ava and white rubber shad still picked them off pretty consistently. Put in a good 2 hrs then headed home. Wind switched heavy out of east and it got downright cold and damp. Also, think its worth mentioning..because we often think boat guys are killen em just off shore, my uncle was on one of the party boats this a.m..same story. 20 to 26 inch fish.
  12. ^ you as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy the day.
  13. was out this morn gassen up the boat for winterizing. Took a run out front in Northern Moco..absolute wasteland. would of ran south but had some things at home to tend too. May be able to squeeze in 1 more but it looks like thats it. Will be in the surf a few more sessions before closing up shop.
  14. Good points, but i think peoples perception of what the boats r doing is off. I fish off surf prolly 60% of the time and am out on a boat the other 40%..i can tell u that its been either lukewarm or ice cold this year for bass. Mostly ice cold. sure some charters are doing well on troll, maybe theres a snag and drop bite one day. but truth is, its spotty at best.
  15. Seriously! i heard "rain for the coast (monmouth and ocean) with a period of sleet," yet there i was leaving the Lowes in Holmdel on highway 35 in about 3 inches.