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  1. Schoolies breaking this eve..back of Moco. Hitten the tsunami 6 inch green popper. 3 in all than it quieted. Fish in the 20-24in range.
  2. No sir.
  3. got the albis today on a Moco beach. Ended up with 3. Really nice size to em. Fat little diamonds. Clean water. Have had my fix of the speedsters now Ill focus on bass from now until seasons end. Have a feeling some bigger fish are going to come through this week.
  4. Congrats. Beautiful fish
  5. Back of Moco. Put in 3 different sessions today about 45 mins each. Had some stuff to do around the house so couldnt make it an all day thing. Last session at dusk managed a 22 incher on a tsunami green talking popper. Wind was a bit more stiff than i had anticipated. no visisble bait. Dusk session finally cleaned up. Back at it tomorrow.
  6. Thought it was an interesting study. No need to be cynical.
  7. Today was downright dangerous in front and back. Sat and Sun look nice. Looks like i'ts going to die by tomorrow maybe even this eve..
  8. I read this through the NY post today than dove further into the topic and found it interesting. Wanted to hear anglers thoughts on it. Basically the journal of experimental biology did a study on the affects of catch and release and the fishes feeding habits thereafter. "Maximum gape, time to peak gape, maximum jaw protrusion and predator–prey distance were comparable between the control and injured groups, leading us to conclude that the injury-induced hole in the buccal cavity wall reduced the pressure gradient during mouth expansion, thereby reducing the velocity of water entering the fish's mouth. This was confirmed with our CFD modelling. Fishing injuries in nature are likely to depress feeding performance of fish after they have been released, although it is currently unclear whether this has a significant impact on survival." Now what the study lacked was a follow up to the long term survivavibility of the fish based upon their hook injury so in my opinion it seems inconclusive. I do wonder though, with fishing so popular, and googans stomping on fish heads, ripping off lips, and not pressing down barbs, if our numbers are being depleated due to an injured fish's inability to survive. Here is the article.
  9. Yest afternoon. Back of Moco. Frusturating. Had 2 blow ups and a follow. Bass would not finish. In that sort of hungry state. One of those days.
  10. Yesterday, later afternoon got out. Back of Moco. warm night, flat conditions. Landed 1 bass missed another. Little bigger than the usual schoolies..maybe around 25, 26 inches. using a 3 inch tsunami yellow/white popper. Overall quiet. Think i might take a break for the next 3 days as the heavy rains come in tomorrow.
  11. Got out from 5-630, back of Moco. Nasty wind and mist. managed 2 shorties with about 3 misses. On a rainbow bomber. Beats the skunk.
  12. For the most part drift but it's always good when you think you've located them 1st. Usually some birds are working or the surface is blowing up. If there's boat traffic, wait in the area, they'll come up. Running around with boat traffic is a "googanesque" move. If you are by yourself with none or very few boats you can do more of a run and gun. You might get 2 to 3 shots at the school before they go deep. I throw epoxy with 20lb fluro and a small swivel.
  13. You are absolutely right. yesterday, due to a pretty big swell out front we were forced to stay inside. But yes. hate running with the herd.
  14. Worked the surf yesterday and found some small blues. than got out on a buddies boat...absolute circus out there. I hooked an thing you know, a boat rolls up and hooks my line thats hooked to my albi, and he in turn catches my albi thats still attached to my lure. lol. We were good sports about it, no use getting ticked, they were good guys, but man or man, fishing is amazing now matter what but fishing on weekends is just a littttle less so. Northern Moco both sessions, surf and vessel.
  15. Got out yesterday afternoon, northern Moco in the back. Really put in some time and casts and couldnt raise one. Schools of small peanuts everywhere. a couple of cocktail blues harrasing them later on..that was is it.