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  1. @pressphotog the more years i fish, the more I realize conventional wisdom is sometimes based in b.s. One day they dont want a rubber shad, instead of all things, they want a small day pencils only. Even today, i thought, still so cold, fish gotta be lethargic, and they exploded on the topwater. Guess my point is, cycle through the bag when its not working. Even the crazy stuff.
  2. Finally broke through with 3 fish. All 27 to 32 inchers. Cycled thru the bag and decided to put on top water. First cast, bang. Than the other 2 came within the next 10 casts. Regretted not doing it sooner. Rains came soon after and I split. Cold, and breezy but fishable. Back.
  3. Signs spring has sprung...Baseball, birds chirping, Goldy's mad 3 minutes into the season, MC55 re-emerges.
  4. After hearing terrible crowd reports I just stuck with my locals spots...and for my loyalty, I received a brand new, custom ... skunk. Just a matter of time though.
  5. First trip out yesterday afternoon. Felt great but also felt cold with that strong nw wind. Bait everywhere. Big bait, 10 inch bunker. Birds were putting on a show but not much in the way of predators just yet. Need a few warm days which it looks like we are about to get and will be in business. Out back.
  6. Enjoyed the set...thought it was more though provoking than it was funny. That's not to say I didn't laugh a few times. Give it a 7 out of 10.
  7. usually mid march. Don't start my season until about the 15th when I know they are beginning to spread out a bit more. In my experience, slow has always been the key when it comes to them striking in early spring.
  8. I cant see anything of significance on the horizon. Could have a small system or 2 but no bitter cold or major storms. It has been an unbelievable winter in terms of temps. Took my son for a walk other day in a spot along raritan bay and I observed a lot of bunker doing their thing.
  9. Glad you're ok. Oddly enough when my wife and I redid our bathroom we opted for the old school curtain because I swear I hear more horror stories about the glass doors. Them falling outa nowhere, coming off track, etc.
  10. Anything from subway. Think I've gone 3 times in my entire life. I don't know how it's still in business. It's not real food. Wish meat, garbage bread.
  11. Notice there's nothing with regards to financial literacy? Understanding debt, the value of compound interest, credit, etc. Why is that? Because they want you dumb, downtrodden, and dependent. Once you don't need em, they'll be out of business.
  12. haha. Listen I'm a weather watcher, and frankly I think we have a good chance of getting out of January with little in the way of bitter cold and snow. If that happens, will be back on the fish grind before you know it.
  13. OOOO youuu feel the tension in the air? I can feel it, all the way down to my plummsss...gettin all swollen with a light blue hue to em..
  14. Good for the horse ranch, honestly. Putting the safety of the horse's ahead of someone's fragile feelings. The plus sized movement is rooted in lies. The notion that people are fat phobic and nasty to one another is bull. On social media? Sure, but it's social's the wild west of trolls and sh*t talking. My issue is the rounds of applause now given by media and publications. More times than not, if you are overweight you have issues with blood sugar, bp, cholesterol, and overall wellbeing. Yes there are exceptions to the rule of people who are "fat and fit." But it's rare and the problems will eventually come.
  15. This was terribly sad and I really hope the young man improves and has a good quality of life. I remember rowing in the Dad Vail in Philadelphia when I was in college. One of the Boston college kids passed away right after the race, heart just stopped. Sudden Cardiac Deaths/Arrest in young people is rare but not unprecedented. Perfect storms happen unfortunately. Prayers to Hamlin and his family.