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  1. There's still some fish around. Don't be afraid to fish late. Picked up a couple the other night. Like 2na said, the point ain't the only place to fish.
  2. Yup, Wednesday through Friday was pretty good last week.
  3. From an extremely knowledgeable fellow who shall remain nameless.............2na! And yes, the swivels weren't the cheapest I found but I ordered a bunch of stuff and figured I'd make the most out of the flat rate shipping. (didn't know you were over here too)
  4. I recently did some bulk terminal tackle purchasing and after a lot of comparing and guidance ended up going this way for sinker slides on my fishfinder rigs. If you don't mind the wait you can get a hundred duolock snaps on a slow boat from china for about five bucks, 110# stainless steel. I paired them up with a hundred #1, 150# Rosco barrel swivels for ten bucks. That's a hundred sinker slides for about sixteen bucks.
  5. Yes....yes they did. We managed to get there with only about 45 minutes of bite left but caught a few. Largest I heard pushed 54".
  6. Still a bit early I think. We had a couple days of south wind that brought in some warm water. I know of two 40 plus inch fish caught over the last couple of days....not from the same spot. There may have been more caught but if there were they're keeping it to themselves. We fished last night and found some big sharks. I was getting totally freight trained by one until my drag locked up and I broke off. Dang near got dragged into the brakers. We fished again tonight with the guy that caught one of the paper fish, 46 inches. Found nothing but skates and all the doggies you cared to catch. I think we're going to give it a go again tomorrow evening. It looks like it's going to be the last chance to get out for a while with this big blow moving in.
  7. Yes, all PVC. It's a pretty simple project, a hand saw and drill is about all you would need as far as tools. Just sketch everything out first using your trucks dimensions. Make sure to dry fit everything first before gluing. You can mark all the fittings with "alignment marks", it makes it easier to assemble. I used a basic flat black paint so scrapes and scratches just get hit with the spray can if it bothers you. Also, be sure to dip your tubes before you glue them in!
  8. I made this one a while back. PVC, a couple cans of primer and flat black paint, Plastidip on the ends, a couple of HEAVY DUTY zip ties to attach it to the front hooks in the bed. I might have 45 bucks or so in it. I use my front hitch mount rod carrier mostly now so it's just been sitting around in the garage but it worked well.....even with 12' heavers. I googled up a few designs and this one is very stable with the long legs. When your done just snip the ties and out it goes. I didn't really want to drill holes in my bed like you have to do with some other designs and don't forget to drill some drain holes in the bottom.
  9. I found an old Universal 26-P pyramid sinker mold and picked it up for a song. I liked the fact that it casts 2,3,4,5 and 6 oz. sinkers. I just need a 1 and 8 oz and I should be pretty well covered for my needs. I haven't used it yet though and have a question for anyone familiar with this type of mold. As you can see in the pic, three of the sinkers have you pouring the lead around/through the area where the wire eye sits. Will I have to clean the eyes on those three sinkers each time or am I missing something? Can I do something to the eye to keep the lead from sticking to the eye or make easier to get off? I also thought about using some high temp JB Weld and closing up those holes and drilling new pour holes on the other side. Thoughts?
  10. Yah, I dug around the old interweb and found a post on another site that was describing a similar vintage mold. The mold is in transit so I don't have it in my hands but I think it does indeed leave a lead ring for attachment, like a bank sinker. This would probably be ok for the smaller sizes as they will mostly be used for single/double drop rigs and such but the 5 and 6 oz may end up on a duolock snap. (Fishfinder Rig) I don't think it's going to be a big deal though. With a little high temp JB Weld and the old dremel I should be able to modify it to use wire eyes and move the pour holes over and out of the eye area easy enough.
  11. The pup bite is still on when you can find breaks in the weather. I think I'm starting to get them figured out as far as when to fish and on what tide. Saturday morning was a bit of a waist as our bait was three days old. It was on ice, looked good and was firm but it just wasn't up to snuff. The guy right beside us was killing them with much fresher bait. After a quick trip for lunch and better bait our luck turned. We ended up with twelve between my wife and I. All 22-29". Nice and fat upper slot fish. Hopefully next weekend has decent weather.....we'll be after them again.
  12. They seemed to be holding pretty tight to the beach. You definitely didn't have to cast far to find them. The time before they were out a good cast. One thing I've noticed though is when they decide they're done that's it. You go from steady action to nothing. Once we weren't bit after about 45 minutes I packed it up...they were gone. Saturday looks like it should be decent temperature wise with an easy south/southeast wind. We'll be after them again for sure.
  13. This time it was shrimp on the menu although I'm sure fresh cob chunks would have worked too, there's just no finding any at the moment. Honestly, when there feeding I think they'll eat just about anything you put on the bottom. The trick is to be there the same time they are.
  14. We fished bait for the most part. I threw a grub for a bit but the rods kept going off so I kind of gave up on that. Yes, guys were catching them on artificials though. It took quite a few casts for them to get bit bit it was pretty steady. Cold.....yes.....but I figure if I can hunt in the cold there's no reason I can't fish in it!
  15. Found some pups last evening......Happy New Years everyone!
  16. I was playing around with the settings on my Galaxy S8 and caught the super moon rising over the ocean the other night. It's a little blurry as I was trying to steady it by holding against a railing but it's still kind of cool.
  17. Well, it’s finally happening. We're making the move. As of Monday, December 4th we will be official residents of the great state of North Carolina's outer banks. My wife, then girlfriend, first brought me down to the OBX ten years ago. She had made her first trip down the previous year. Since then we've made the eight and a half hour drive from south central Pennsylvania close to thirty times. It started with one trip a year, then it was two, then three and the last few years it's been four or five. We've truly fallen in love with the place. More than once I've looked over at my wife while driving north on 12 going home to find her literally in tears because she had to leave. It's just in her blood. We’re at a good time in our lives to do it and we figured if we didn’t make it happen now we probably never would. At forty-three I’d like to think I’m still young enough to enjoy quite a few years here. So, after ten years of talking about it, five years of planning, six months of downsizing and three weeks of packing we're soon to be on our way. The final piece of the puzzle was finding full time, year round employment in our respective fields. This finally happened after attending some interviews we had set up during our last August trip. We've always stayed in the Buxton/Frisco/Hatteras area but unfortunately the jobs just aren't there so we've ended up in Nags Head, Whalebone specifically. It's only an hour to Buxton with plenty of good fishing to be had in the more immediate area as well. Our plan is to post up our camper south and be able to crash there on weekends and after fishing late into the night. I have to admit, it's a bit intimidating leaving everyone and everything you know behind. We have no friends or family anywhere close to be honest. That being said, If any of you local guys and gals would like to get together sometime for a chat, coffee, breakfast, lunch, whatever, just shoot me a PM. We'd love to find out a bit more about the area from someone who actually lives there. Just be prepared, my wife can be a bit chatty. Any of you coming this way can shoot me one too if you’re looking for some company to fish with. I plan on spending most of my off time with rod in hand and am really looking forward to being able to fish those stretches of good conditions I always seem to miss out on being too far away to make the drive. So, here goes everything…..wish me luck!
  18. Merry Christmas guys.
  19. I thought they raised the speed limits in all the villages during the winter months.....
  20. Skinning knives are made for just that, skinning. The blade shape doesn't lend well to many other chores. Many knives of different styles and sizes will work well for different jobs with some working better than others for certain chores. I use the three blade approach. A small fixed blade general purpose knife (Mora companion), a larger chopper (kukri) and a small folding saw. The Mora is the "BIC lighter" of camp knives, cheap yet well made. It will take some buttoning and they make a heavy duty which has a thicker blade but in my opinion detracts from the better qualities of the former. This knife can skin a deer, clean fish, make feather sticks, fire boards, etc. All of your general camp chores and if you brake it...what the hell, it was only 16 bucks. The kukri does double duty. A chopper, obviously, but it's also a great tool for clearing underbrush and trail blazing. Its even possible to make feather sticks with it if you know the technique. Something an axe or hatchet would have trouble with. The saw can't be beat when you need larger amounts of firewood or to build a heavier shelter. Even the small saw on a SAK is great for cutting notches in fire boards. Much easier than whittling them in with your fixed blade.
  21. He guys, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new front mount rod rack for the truck. I'm going with the CPI RRII. It's seems to be the best deal I can find by far. It's the larger 12 rod holder and I can have it to my door for $297.00. I've seen a lot of nice racks over the years with various accessories and add-ons. Some factory built and some homemade. So, I'm looking for some ideas. I already have a cutting board mounted to 1-1/2" PVC which should fit into one of the rod holders. I know they make bucket holders as well. What I'm really interested in is a way do add my aluminum angle sand spikes to the thing. I have the Fish-N-Mate 50" spikes. If I can figure out a way to mount them on there too I would really only have my tackle in the truck. Heck, it would be nice to have a small tackle box out front as well. So....lets see your rod rack bling! I'm looking for any and all ideas! Thanks, P
  22. I just picked up another old Daiwa BG20 off of an obscure online auction for 20 bucks. It was buried in a "grab bag" type lot of misc. fishing stuff and barely noticeable which is why nobody else bid on it. Anyway, it's in great shape with just a little surface ware and turns nice and smooth. I'm still going to tear it down and give it a deep clean anyway. My question, I was wondering if anybody knows roughly what year they changed from the ball type handle base to the flat style seen today? I have a few but non have this style handle. Just curious on the age of it. BG's, gold series, silver series......I'm a sucker for all of them and pick them up anytime I find a "deal".
  23. Good luck and keep us posted. Not many reports around lately.
  24. Catching fish is great but catching fish on your own hand made rigs makes it even sweeter. Jump in!
  25. Just caught a dozen with the net in a secret back creek in Frisco this afternoon, RDT just had 380 pounds delivered earlier this afternoon too. They've been selling the hell out of them with this tournament but there's still plenty around.