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  1. Hey MC. Just recognized you from the pic. Met you the other day when I was packing up. Was going to hit the river early, but figured too muddy. Good to hear you got into em. Lots of boats just outside river now.
  2. Just beat skunk during a quick 45 minute OC out front break. Right on the block of my beach house!!!! Nice cuts with all dredging.
  3. Thanks 40. Bite's been good and will be down there tomorrow as well. Guess I will give it a shot.
  4. Anyone out back in OC? Assuming mud.
  5. Had to get to work. Terrible how backwords this life is.
  6. Finally shook the skunk. Got into some blues * last night. Then the crowd got thick. Left shortly after. Went out again @ 4am this morning. No crowd, but blues around again. All on bone sp. Changed to a white swim shad and landed a nice Fluke. Skunk over for new rod. Edit - please read the first post in the thread ~ Sudsy
  7. Unfortunately I dont get to go whenever conditions are right, so I am free tonight and fishing in the washing machine. Lol.
  8. Hoping later tonight out front is fishable. Anyone see moco out front today yet?
  9. Looking forward to next week when I can get back out again. Hopefully out front heats up a little more.
  10. Going out front tomorrow AM around sun up. Got to throw my new stick tonight, but nothing doing in the river tonight.
  11. So who is going out tonight? Inside or out front?
  12. belmarsh?! Thought you meant central mon co. Thanks. Got a new stick. Want to plan tonight accordingly. Not sure if out back or out front. But in Monmouth co.
  13. So, dont want a spot burn. But can someone let me know nmc and cmc? Is cmc belmarish?
  14. Can do. Probably throw something out back then.
  15. So, I don't get to fish nearly enough. Tomorrow night and Tuesday morning I will be chucking. I will be in MoCo. Question: out front or out back? Thoughts? Not looking for a spot, juts prefer out front but haven't heard of tons of action.