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  1. Took my yak out just before daybreak on Sat, OC out back. Wind was a pain. Marked a few, but couldn't produce. Lots of grass. As per the other story, drysuit and a pfd are must haves. Just as important as knowing your location for traffic and knowing your limits on your yak. Hate to hear stuff like that. Current was very strong Sunday morning with the river flowing the same direction as the wind. Someone launched a paddled yak. Spent the whole time paddling and lost ground from where he put it. Offer to help declined. I got out as I reeked of skunk.
  2. Cannot agree more with the trailer part. My yak is super heavy and life would be terrible without a trailer.
  3. Lure 13.5. Love it. Pedal or paddle. Have done both
  4. Please explain. I am a long time fly fisherman, short time salt fly fisherman.
  5. Was looking forward to see a march report with tons of reports of schoolies abound.
  6. Hey there. Great convo. Been yak fishing out back moco and out back oc for 2 years. I am a big guy (6'4 and 220). I cannot say enough good things about my FeelFree Lure 13.5 with pedaldrive. Amazing. Stable like a table yet moves. I stand up while fly fishing amd never thought I was going to tip. It is heavy, but no more than the hobbies. Pedal drive stands up to salt no problem and very easy to rig up electric. They just came out with a V2 that comes standard with the beaver tail rudder. I had already upgraded mine. Runs about 1700-1800 with pedals. Seriously thinking about just picking up a newer version in a year or 2 because I have nothing I feel like it could improve upon.
  7. Thanks suds.
  8. Any help appreciated.
  9. Hey folks. When do flounder turn on in back bays? Kayak fished lots last year for striper, blues and fluke. After many winter upgardes I am itching to get out. Should I look for a water temp?
  10. This kayak still available?
  11. Hit some schoolies last night from 7-9pm last night out front in OC. Green ava with a sand eel fly teaser was the ticket.
  12. Fished OC in the river on sunday from 4 am to 8am on my yak. No fluke, as I could not keep the sea bass off the fly. Landed more than 15. Marked nice fish in the same spot they always are, but not biting what I was throwing. Good day, just very small fish.
  13. Tons of bait in my favorite river to kayak fish in OC out back. Managed a few fluke and cocktails once sunlight. Was marking big fish near a canal and had one nice run, but off with nothing to show but a ruined eel fly.
  14. Stopped just inside a favorite inlet and found some cocktails on the fly. All sand eel imitation. I wear a size 14, so fun times in the fly. Last night.
  15. Hit out back (Ocean County). Great looking water. Tons of bait. Managed a few schoolies on the fly, sand eel imitation. Great day. Edit - Please read the first post in the thread ~ Sudsy