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  1. Just bought a new lowrance unit that came with a north America and Canada navionics chip. Have all my spots and locations saved on my card, so don't need new one. As pictured, never opened or activated. $150 shipped. 3rd pic is to show its still sealed below ziplock. Have to go to UPS tomorrow, so you may have by the weekend if you jump on it.
  2. 400 and will pick up friday morning or if you can drop off in point beach tomorrow night?
  3. Yeah. Was thinking of sticking close to shore where the strong west won't have time to build up the water.
  4. Ashamed you are keeping it. Sweet setup.
  5. Wilderness cart, hands down. Had a scuper, but read some horror stories. Bought the Wilderness, amazing and so easy. And unless really soft sand, I don't even tie it down.
  6. Watching the wind, but I have off on Friday amd wanted to bring the yak out again. Undecided if outback moco or outback oco, yet. Around lunch time or a little after for a few hours. Anyone headed out want a buddy?
  7. Hey gents. Watching winds for Friday afternoon but want to kayak fish out back moco or out back Oco Friday around lunch time. If anyone is interested in tag teaming, send me a PM.
  8. Just got the born salty breakwater 12. Great kayak. Super fast and very stable. Massive 550lb capacity yet only weighs around 85 pounds. Great hobie style drive.
  9. Fished outback OC today at the alleged "hot spot." New yak, New rods, reels, line, everything. Found a nice pecie of water that had some fish, just couldn't get em in the yak. Swung and missed on several and had 3 that shook off when I was going for the lip. New rod curse. In all honesty, I just wanted to try out the new yak and make sure everything was set up right. Water was 42.9. Seemed colder than wet has been reported.
  10. Are you still selling bucktails?
  11. 2019 loadrite trailer. Garage kept. Only used to transport a kayak for one season on a 2mile round trip ride. All works perfect. Have paperwork and owners manual. $500 Ocean County NJ.
  12. Yes. It's definitely wide enough if you change Bunk set up. It's made for a 14' boat. I will split out the trailer. Let me know.
  13. 2k
  14. Bump. 2800
  15. I have one that is near brand new. It's a Bunk Trailer that I used for 2 seasons for my incredibly heavy kayak. No rust, kept in a garage. Full paperwork and electric. If it has traveled 50 miles that would be alot, as I live close to the waters I fish. Pictured here. Make me an offer. I am on ocean county NJ.