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  1. i'm a big fan of draggin a tube. my favorite one was chameleon craw (brown) strike king
  2. I worked with a Jamaican guy who married a black west Philly chick. they had 4 kids. every day he would complain about how lazy she was and that her bum brother moved in and refused to work. he caught his brother inlaw stealing his stuff, tools tires off his car etc. one night i'm watching the 11:00 news and the broadcaster says 5 people murdered in Philly, the suspect is.... its the guy i work with. shot his wife,3 of his kids, and the bro in-law. then himself. i could"nt believe it he was actually a nice guy and a great worker
  3. rule #1 in snow ball chuckin... don't hit cars with a loud exhaust
  4. i identify as a millionaire yet i'm broke
  5. i knocked myself out putting on a pair of pants, no shat. as i was standing, put one leg in and than the other but i started to stumble so i jump up and pull my pants up. only problem was at the time 18yo i was in the basement bedroom and there was a low hanging I-beam and when i jumped, kaboom, down for the count. as for whippets we were drinking one Saturday night and whet to the local 7-11 for a snack. i'm at the check out paying for my stuff and hear a crash at the back of the store. Girl at the counter looks at me like what the hell. we go back and my buddy laying in the potato chip display with a can or reddi-whip tring to get up
  6. beautiful pooch ^^^^^^^
  7. so i follow the KA starter directions, alls good for a couple days but when i get to the twice daily feedings it stops rising. i have done it twice and both times same result. dafuq am i doing. should i continue feeding even if nothing is happening
  8. i had two friends that had a pacu in their apartment in a 35 gal tank. one guy moved out and took the fish with him. he put it in a 150 gal tank. this thing got so big it could barley turn around in there. He used to feed it all kinds of crap but the fishs' favorite thing was cherry tomato's. it used to get all excited when he was feed that it would splash out gallons of water all over the place. it was so big and he couldn't take care of it anymore. he was going to kill it and get it mounted but the girlfriend said NO. his girlfriend finally got rid of it to the New Jersey Aquarium, they came to get it and were amazed at the size of it. as soon as you walked into the aquarium it was the first thing you saw.
  9. that may be it. sounds like it. thanx
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