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  1. Pie

    1) coconut creme 2) key lime 3) ricotta all made by me
  2. prayers sent
  3. buzz baits in the fall
  4. great news and good luck to you
  5. prayers sent.
  6. maybe you had to much line on the spool to start with?
  7. good luck to pops
  8. Marple-Newtown area. grew up fishing springton reservior
  9. curb your enthusiasm
  10. boxing used to be so good
  11. that used to be mine too. but now i'm on a kilbasa kick so kilbasa , swiss, kraut, spicy mustard on a good roll
  12. i love philly sports but i don't get the betting thing. if a philly team is not playing, i don't watch...maybe a superbowl if it's a good match-up. on the other hand everyone i know is a degenerate gambler. they all head to deleware to bet games and such. i remember my mom taking us to brandywine park (i think that was the name) so she could bet/watch the harness racing. when i do get involved in some sort of game of chance like last saturday nights collage basket ball game i lucked out, i hit one of the games for 400.00....the guy made 3 free throws with like a second left. the only reason i'm in the pool was that they needed to sell 2 blocks to complete it, so i bought 2 - $50 blocks
  13. i'm getting my knee done too