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  1. love that stuff. used to get it at Zern's up in ..... shyt i forget what town
  2. had a old guy at work who would say what do you want egg in your beer
  3. prayers sent for your wife and family
  4. i just saw some nitwit jogging down a secluded road with a mask.
  5. ^^^^^^^ Mortadella
  6. saw Zappa & Little Feat there, great shows
  7. oh yea i remember that one
  8. i remember the MLB ump that died on the field....John McSherry or something like that, he started to walk off the field and collapsed next to the tunnel. DEAD
  9. did play the guitar for the Ramones?
  10. just had a royal farms open up near me. been there twice and wont be going back, soggy,greasy slop. just terrible. always heard good things about them, i dont get it
  11. my niece who is a nurse had it and gave it to my brother(55), my mother (88), me (58). we did really well thank god. my mother, who has dementia bad had it the worse,but came thru after about a week. me and my brother just some cold like symptoms. it's been about a month and the only thing that bugs me is i still cant smell or taste fully.
  12. best of wishes to you and your family
  13. like Joe the Pedo pinching little girls boobies