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  1. Yep^
  2. I said no such thing. I didn’t deflect either. YOU are blaming Trump for all our ills. Ills which he has little to no control over. The Wuhan, wasn’t his fault. He directed his administration to set parameters to be met. They where adopted by the States. This current issue with the Floyd man. Sucks! Again not his fault. The rioting that is occurring is a by product of Liberal leadership allowing that **** to happen. Trump commented, when the looting begins, the shooting begins. I agree with him!! You should too! Destruction of OTHERS property should never be acceptable. Ever! HE CAN CONTROL HIS THUMBS, but doesn’t. It’s a flaw. He does speak to the people. 1/2 likes what he has to say, the other half, hates what he has to say. That half has the media on its side to push their bull**** agenda. You name me 1 President who has been disrespected and treated as poorly as Trump! Open your freakin eyes.
  3. Then why aren’t you blaming the mayors of the cities that are on fire? Or the Governors of the States that sentenced our elderly to their death? Or the directors of the hospitals, that failed to supply PPE to their front line workers? Or........ You'd rather just blame Trump, because you hate him! That’s why.
  4. It’s coming
  5. That blows! Good luck
  6. Avo classic! Excellent cigar
  7. Slow roller is, actually, attempting to compare these riots to the events that led to the Revolutionary War!
  8. You mean, other then following the CDC guidelines of, wearing a mask, social distancing and frequent hand washing, right?
  9. A few need to be put down! Period. Consequences of THEIR actions. It’s the only way they’ll learn.
  10. I am so sorry for your loss.
  11. You’re sh*tting us with this post? You post such unbelievable crap, it’s shocking you’d question a source!