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  1. What a ****ing freak!
  2. Coming out mid next mo, I think. It’s great and this season will be awesome. You’ll see why when you finish season 1
  3. See that, purple reels catch huge fluke
  4. By my estimation, she was aiming center mass and didn’t miss.
  5. Then proceeds to empty her clip on his ass
  6. This
  7. Have black, gold, silver, green and red reels, whats another color?
  8. Not even to drink?
  9. Luckily for us, ESPN will air his Bracket selections in 3weeks. It was such a huge deal during his Presidency.
  10. Come on Matt Damon, LOL
  11. Brand spankin new term:
  12. Lol, I peed a little when the dumbo reporter asked if they are sure Smollett paid the brothers. ” Yes, he wrote a check”
  13. Loving this CPD superintendent. He’s wrecking the media! It’s awesome
  14. This is a new one. Can you please provide proof?