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  1. Made your day, didn’t it
  2. Check out the cans on that bimbo
  3. I’d eat the corn outta her ****
  4. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere
  5. No second guessing. I asked $15k more then I thought I’d get! My realtor thought I was high. I factored in any negotiations, knowing I’d come down $15k. It worked. That house would prob get $50k more today. We bought a townhouse on the other side of town. Supposedly, we can get $50-60k more for this! We’re not going anywhere but this market is ridiculous. These places are selling in days!
  6. Prime A1 ass. All 4^
  7. Both of you suck! Nice haul JZ
  8. , crazy! oh well. I hope this market hangs on for another year. We sold our home 3 years ago. Told our son as soon as you graduate HS were outta here. Big house. Didn’t need the room when we bought it, she wanted it, blah, blah! Sold it in 3 hours at asking. Settled when he was at Sr week. 6 days after he graduated
  9. And you received a stimulus check! And can’t find a van Stall.
  10. Man of the people
  11. Octo, thinks differently. I guess, Biden didn’t hire a new cyber security lead?
  12. Apparently, it’s not
  13. ****, I may move