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  1. Yep, definitely this
  2. Was he Dracula on that fateful evening?
  3. Candidate for post of the year. Well done
  4. We’re gonna find out whose right because the materials will be released. The only thing I will agree with you on in this post, is we don’t know whose telling the truth. I’m leaning Trump because the left has done everything in its power to disrupt his presidency. As of today, no one knows why
  5. Well, in this instance, it seems he is being truthful
  6. Sure it can, Trumps narrative is to get to the truth
  7. I’m gonna say, probably both
  8. Wasting your time. All unproven rumor and conjecture! The TDS has destroyed his logic and reasoning.
  9. Fair enough. I thought I saw something that stated 20-25 pages.
  10. I’d assess relevance based on what the materials show. How would you? If the Steele dossier is a fabricated fraud and these materials prove this, then I’m missing your point. Because without it, NO FISA WARRENT would have been issued. Without the FISA warrent no witch hunt. No witch hunt, no issue. Is is that enough relevance for you?
  11. KnewB, you’re smarter then the this. Please stop with the passive aggressive BS. Ill ask what JZ has asked. If you or I knowingly destroyed evidence, would we go to jail? The answer is yes. She did destroy evidence and is not in jail. Why? If you cannot, at a minimum accept this known fact. You cannot be taken seriously
  12. you sure can.
  13. Thank you, yes! Sucked ass Best part of the movie, the bear attack. Worst part of the movie, the ****ing bear didn’t finish the job!
  14. Yes it will