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  1. Fundamentally Change America
  2. Don’t forget supply and demand!
  3. Shhhhh
  4. I’m not understanding why we can’t have both ICEs and EVs. Shouldn’t the market dictate what’s best for each individual consumer? Perhaps our liberal brethren can explain?
  5. This thread is directed at Brian, right? Being that he’s unaware of Russia profiting from it’s war!
  6. Lol. Only lions do that!
  7. I’m doing just fine! But it doesn’t mean I don’t feel the pain. Everything is more expensive than it was 11/7/20. Everything!
  8. Like Warnock
  9. Sorry to hear.
  10. Damn she says dumb ****
  11. The price of gas is always $2+ more in London. Always
  12. Any chance the thread can be reopened? I missed all the fun
  13. Someone who’s having a bad day
  14. Easy big fella, the President has nothing to do with rising energy costs! Heard it here many times by 3 or 4 highly qualified individuals who’ve stated market demand is higher than market supply. Period. It’s merely coincidental that energy prices have, sharply, risen since the day he was elected.