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  1. The witch hunt is the actual Russian collusion investigation. It never should have occurred. your obstruction rant and deeming this investigation as warranted NEVER should have happened. Period. Your girl lost. Time to get over it.
  2. When everyone thinks like them. Then, that will be enough.
  3. It amazes me when people call the Press Secretary a liar. For Christ’s sake that IS the job!! Obama, Bush, Clinton......... all had liars, purposely lie for them and their administrations
  4. All those juicy details and not one vote altered. She lost, he won. Fair and square. Period.
  5. Have to agree with this
  6. Beautiful fish. Can’t wait to go back to Sitka.
  7. Pretty sure you and several others said it would never be released. I’m not going to look for it, but at a minimum you implied it wouldn’t be released. Then, after we were all told it would be released, you and several others wanted the entire unredacted report.
  8. FWIW you are free to come to that opinion. What crime was obstructed?
  9. Oh, thanks for clearing that up. It’s great to know the fact that although no crime was was committed and is irrelevant to what can’t even be concluded as speculation of obstruction of justice.
  10. THIS^^^^^ why don’t they see it?
  11. Still wondering how one can obstruct when a crime didn’t occur!
  12. Especially, self proclaimed, non partisan people
  13. Me too. Then he dismissed her
  14. Yep. Different rooms for us. We both sleep much better, plus the dog now occupies my former spot
  15. awesome