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  1. Because, in your mind, we are partisan. Most of us, just disagree with the flat out slant, bias, hatred etc.. regurgitated by the MSM.
  2. Agree with this. However, one should be able to separate ones bias, use reason , eliminate the falsehoods, and form an educated opinion.
  3. They all pander. Just not socialism
  4. Just the eye and ear test. It’s the best one out there.
  5. He was on Fox News a while back. Bret Baer asked him about this idea. He hemmed and hawed about how effective it would be. An economy driver, more disposable income blah, blah. Never explained how the Govt would fund it, but we all can figure that out,
  6. The chart is bull****. You know it and still won’t admit it. You defending it, makes it that much better.
  7. Yes, this idiot can win the nomination. Unlikely he’d win the Presidency
  8. My error. Fair interpretations of the News is an incorrect interpretation of CNNs reporting. Chart be damned
  9. CNN = green zone on the chart, correct?
  10. Somalia
  11. Exactly. Like Obamacare, except reversed. They called it a fee, but the SC said it was a tax
  12. And don’t cover your face like a *****!!
  13. Tell me it wouldn’t be great watching the Dems argue why he can’t!