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  1. Thank you for the reply. Do you think a fly rod would have any luck late at night?
  2. I did see some smaller splashes which could have been the pogies but there was definitely some unmistakable striper jumps although they didn’t seem to be all that big.
  3. I typically have fished for striper during the day but due to work and other commitments around midnight is now the best time for me. I was out last night and saw plenty of action on the neponset River with bass busting what looked like small little rain bait. I threw everything I had at them to no avail. My question to you folks is what lures/methods do you use at night when the striper are in shallow foraging and picking off smaller baits?
  4. That’d be sweet however I’ve seen the same thing where they push back the release another year since 2014
  5. Guess I’m a month late lol...I’ll keep looking
  6. I’d really appreciate it, Thanks
  7. I was wondering if anyone had this book laying around that they might want to sell or lend. Even a PDF of it would be super. I know the book is very hard to find these days and I’d be willing to pay$
  8. Harbor seems to have been invaded by swarms of 10"-15". Don't know if anyone else has experienced this but they sure are small.
  9. Got into a school of 10" yesterday caught around 10 in a matter of 20 Minutes on the jumpin minnow. Bodes well for future years I suppose.
  10. Fight for 15 is a goal that means right but is not feasible in today's capitalist system. Ever since employees have been complaining for higher wages, McDonald's, Target, now Walmart have started automating low skill jobs. I think people should take what they can get before all of those base jobs are done by machines.
  11. Deal, please pm me with your paypal info.
  12. The earth's temperature naturally fluctuates and we are coming out of an ice age which is why it is warming. The earth has been much cooler and much, much warmer than it is now. Yes we are releasing lots of greenhouse gas but the effects of this are minimal if any. Look at the history of the world temperature and you will see what I mean, there are lots of ups and downs. I'm no scientist but this makes the most sense to me.
  13. How much for 2 holo and a chrome
  14. Depends on where I'm fishing but pencil poppers usually do the trick
  15. What colors do you have