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  1. I am looking to buy a MAK single tube Plug bag tall, for carrying the base essentials that I go out with every night.
  2. Something I have been doing is tying flies in batches of 2 or 3 this way you don't spend million hours tying flies that don't work, foul, or turn into a ball of snot in the water. But if the fly is good one, and is catching fish there is nothing worse then realizing that was the only one you had, and you have broke it off to a big fish. It happened to me with a 40+ inch bass this year!! tight lines in the new year
  3. If that is your zip code if that is your zip code it should be around $35
  4. If you can give me the town and the state I can tell you exactly.
  5. I have a St. Croix Mojo Surf (MSS90MMF2). The rod is 9 feet, and rated 1-4 oz, with mod-fast action. I want to sell the rod, and I am asking $160. This rod is Brand New!! it includes original packaging, with all tags on. It has full Fuji Alconite guides, with a fuji real seat all in mint condition. I would prefer local pickup, I am located in North Shore Mass. I am willing to drive the rod to locations within a reasonable distance. I can also ship the rod, but I will need your location to determine shipping cost before closing the deal.
  6. The Spinfisher has a gear ratio of 6.2:1, producing a line pick up rate of 34 inches per crank. weight is 15.4 oz
  7. I have a Penn spin fisher V 4500. This reel has been used hard in the surf for 4 seasons. Comes filled with 40 lbs suffix 832 braid. This reel has been serviced at the end of the last 3 seasons. The reel currently needs to be serviced but upon doing so will work well! I am asking $95.00 + shipping for the reel. Paypall or Venmo as forms of payment
  8. Price dropped to $45 shipped
  9. Selling my Shimano Blue Wave Plug bag. Other than the front pocket being torn out the bag is in perfect shape, and includes all original dividers. This is the larger of the two Blue Wave bags Shimano makes. Asking price $55 shipped Paypall or Venmo as payment
  10. Was there anything stopping you from going ahead of me? I don't think so
  11. Let's just try and remember were all friends here!!!! Red Green, can't wait to see ya next weekend its gonna be fun. Gavin
  12. Mike, Ya I remember our Spring trip last year, the fishing was fantastic!!! Dan and I will try too bring only what we need on the each trip, but we always seem to end up with way more than we actually need . From my past failures, I have learned that 2 head lamps is mandatory, and I will not make the same mistake again. I got NEW Skagit set up for my Two-Hander which has greatly helped my OH casting. Although it will never perform like your rods, it is floating my boat for the time being. Can't wait to see you in the Spring, Gavin
  13. Your Handle looks amazing!!! you seem have gotten your work Synthetic Cork dialed in
  14. Mike, I can't wait to see you again in May/June, Dan and I are beyond excited to fish with you again. I have all the dates that you are on the Cape saved and Highlighted in my Calendar. Dan and I will try and make it down as many times as we can while you are here. Looking forward to seeing Red again too, and all the 14 two-handers that go along with him! I know Dan has been talking to you guys frequently, but I have been rather quiet. My winter has been well, or as good as can be without fishing, but I am ready now for spring. tight lines, Gavin