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  1. I have a Airflo Cold Saltwater WF8 Int. sinking line but would like something that sinks a little faster (not a full sink line) what are my options?
  2. How about a Boost Salt from Echo?
  3. I'll be in MA the week of June 20th. The fishing with the guide I mentioned is June 18th. on the Kennebec.
  4. I am fishing with a guide in June and I wanted to bring my own flies and he told me to bring me juvenile herring and alewife flies. I've never tied these flies could someone give me some examples of these imitations?
  5. XBXM I have a TFO TiCrx but would like to try a BVK I know of Hatch reels but have never used one but will give them a try.
  6. I am going to purchase two new fly reels, a Tibor Everglades and a Nautilus or Islander. Looking at the various number of rods available the choices seem overwhelming, balance, weight, action, cost and so on. Yes there are other choices that are less expensive and are good reels but I have had my eye on these reels for some time now. I am getting along in age and can afford it so now is the time. I also will purchase new lines and backing. The plan is to deal with a shop that will load the reels with the backing and line and ship the new reels and rods to me. So any recommendations for a floating line and a sinking line and backing is also greatly appreciated. I live in the northeast and fish mostly for stripers out of a boat if this helps. Thanks
  7. This is the first year that DW and I have been kayaking. I am looking for recommendations for cold weather gear (gloves, socks, pants etc.) or other suggestions for staying warm this fall. Please include brand names if applicable. Thanks
  8. Thank you for all the good advice. We got a good deal on two Aqua-Bound Sting Ray Hybrid paddles. Weight is around 30oz. and 250 cm for me and 230cm for DW. Thanks again.
  9. Cheech: "You never got back to us when you were looking for a kayak, which tandem did you get?" I apologize for not posting my choice. We bought a Hurricane Skimmer 140 tandem. I like the weight 65lbs. and also was told it was very stable another plus.
  10. I think we'll be ok but you never know!
  11. My wife and I are new to kayaking and just bought a tandem kayak. It is 33 inches maximum width. I have looked about what to buy online but would like some personal suggestions. Since we are in our late sixties it will be recreational with some fly fishing. I am six feet 175 pounds DW is five foot six 130 pounds. Budget is around $140 each. Thank you.
  12. I am thinking about buying a kayak and would like a recommendation. My wife and I are an active 70 years old. We would like a kayak for mostly recreation use but some fly fishing. It would be used both in fresh and salt water (stripers). I am six feet two inches tall she an average height five feet six. We would like it to be open and as stable possible and light enough too put on the roof of our VW van. Price limit if possible under $1,000. Suggestions? Thanks BF
  13. In the small bay that I fish for stripers in Maine the fishing dropped off considerably once August arrived. Mentioning this to a friend he said once the poggies show up in numbers (which they did) they will deplete the surrounding water of oxygen and in a small bay like the one I fish this will drive the stripers away. Make sense? If so where do they go, farther out or do the move on?
  14. Since I had lights up front I was sure it could not be the ground but I had checked most everything else so as suggested above by Captain Ahab I took off the ground wired cleaned with sand paper and I had lights, it was the ground!! Thanks Captain!
  15. Every year I have to replace the lights on my trailer due to corrosion from the salt. After installing the lights this year the small lights at the front of the trailer work but the main lights on the rear do not, no side lights, no directional, no main lights. I find electrical issues challenging. Suggestions?