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  1. Numbskiull Thanks for the comments and link. The main reason i need to get my casting in order is I'm making my first fishing trip to the Cape. I'll be there the last week of May and will be staying at Nickerson Park. Hopefully the weather and fish will cooperate.
  2. After more than 45 years of fly fishing I'm embarrassed to say I don't cast very well. I have poor mechanics which results in too much effort and poorly formed loops. I'm sure I have developed many bad habits but I "get by" because I only cast as much line as I can lay out straight. This worked ok until I started fishing the salt a few years ago which exposed my lack of skill even more. On a much anticipated trip to the Florida Keys and a costly day with a guide this became painfully evident. Red fish at 2 o'clock at 30 yards was impossible for me, a puff of mud and they were gone, not one hook up, it was a long day for both of us. So my resolve this year is to get better (double haul I hope). I will schedule some time with an instructor once the weather improves here in Maine in the meantime: any recommendations for an instructor, books, videos, or any other suggestions? Thanks
  3. You're going to have to tie those on behind a tree! Nice.
  4. Thanks for the info, I'm booked into Nickerson the last week of May.
  5. Thank you for the contact information I will give Steve a call this week. I'll be down to the Cape in mid April I'll stop in and introduce myself to Bob at Black Eel Outfitters.
  6. I am planning a trip to Cape Cod in mid May and will be staying at either Scusset Beach State Park or Nickerson State Forest Park. I would like to do some fly fishing for stripers and possibly spend a day with a guide and some DIY fishing (I will not have a boat). Is location of one park better than the other, or is one a better park? Will there be any stripers around at that time of year (I can change my schedule a bit if needed)? Any guide recommendations? Other suggestions? Thanks BF
  7. I hear ya! This is what I use $12 on Amazon really like it. It has 3 different levels of magnification. Looks a little cheezy but I've been using it for over a year and its held up well. BF
  8. Like a lot of fly fishermen this is the time of year I sit down at the vise and tie flies for the coming season. Although I have tied trout and Atlantic Salmon flies for a number of years I have spent very little time tying flies for saltwater fishing. Living on the Maine coast my target is stripers. I am hoping some of you will share your favorite patterns including size and color so that I may be well armed this summer. Thank You BF
  9. Where did you find the box?
  10. I'm looking at purchasing Cliff's Beast Fly Box to store my salt water flies, does anyone own one of these or use one similar or better? Thanks BF
  11. The first fish I caught that would take me into my backing was Atlantic Salmon a guide told me me to set the drag enough to avoid a backlash, that's all I've done ever since. Full disclosure I've never hooked a tarpon (but would very much like too.)
  12. Pulled the trigger on the Orvis Recon setup (8wt) couldn't pass up the 20% off plus the positive comments from others, now looking for a good 9wt rod. Thanks everyone. BF
  13. Thanks Mike Called them the other day they have some interesting tying classes and other stuff which I plan on taking advantage of also signed up for their newsletter.
  14. Thanks Mike, I do get down to Portland on occasion next time I'm there I'll stop by the shop. BF
  15. Since I retired, I have been fishing a small estuary located in the town where I live on the Maine coast. Word was there were stripers here a few years back but the fishing had fallen off so no one really fished much for stripers anymore. Like all of us I just like being on the water and fishing for stripers so I went. Hooking up the boat the night before and going out early I can be fishing fifteen minutes after leaving the house, which made it easy. In the beginning I targeted the areas where there was structure and current, a sandbar, a pile of rocks etc. these areas generally were the deeper parts of the bay. I did find fish but the fishing was pretty slow, one or two schoolies some days but most days there were no fish. I never saw birds working or any fish “busting”, an occasional fish would “show” but never more than one or two at a time but rarely. And then I started fishing the shore line. Bingo, I found them in the rocks where there was seaweed and sometimes in grassy shallow areas on shore. I fished mostly clousers, occasionally surf candy underwater and gurglers on top, not a lot of fish but some 8-12 fish days but never more than 2-3 fish in one spot. I had to work at it a bit but unlike before I always caught a fish or two. Although I am certain a striper would never turn down a bait fish if present but never really saw any, I am wondering what are they feeding on in those rocky areas on shore and should I be using other patterns? Worms, crabs, maybe eels? So, the questions to my long post are, what are they eating in those rocky areas? Since it is fly tying season what should I be tying? Any suggestions regarding other tactics would be appreciated? Since the head of the bay drains where should I look at low tide? It seemed like the fishing was better in August so do new fish show up throughout the summer? Thanks BF