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  1. Crappie, that was the Salvo hole monster. ask around down there.
  2. Maybe try Mecum in Kissimmee 2022 Jan 6/15. Check out Mustang club of America as that membership has some discounts to be a bidder at Mecum.
  3. I hear you, But I bet you can find a used truck cheaper than the UTV's I was looking at. those ones with that I see out on the trails run over $20K
  4. the NPS law already says: "Vehicle must be licensed and registered for highway use. Motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's), and utility vehicles (UTV's) are prohibited." Motorcycles are registered for highway use, but are being excluded. At until they change this rule, UTV's (which are now registered for highway use) are also currently excluded.
  5. I agree, it will turn the beach into ATV recreation instead of fishing transportation. But last fall I did see the rangers unloading one below salvo. On the other hand, maybe this would allow the Mahindra Roxor on the beach. that would be a great fishing buggy.
  6. I recall seeing a guy fishing OBX with 2 rods. one was a bait caster and he could fling that bait way out. then he would move up the beach some and fish with a different rod. Well something grabbed onto that bait caster and drug it across the beach. By the time the guy was able to catch up to the rod the reel was so full of sand he could not even crank it. he had to cut the line along with what ever big fish was on the other end.
  7. At the outerbanks I have been out up to my above my knees and seen stuff swim by a couple feet away "in the trough" that was bigger than me. that is when I realized when surf fishing your part of the food chain.
  8. reminds me of my salt water fish tank days, I could take home an expensive fish and the cheep fish would eat it.
  9. Wow, what happened to the delete button? anyway, late October in salvo area you will still find watermans retreat restaurant open (a mile or 2 north on 12), great food. but our favorite Top Dog Cafe will probably already be closed. Lisa's pizza is also good.
  10. National park service sells the Beach ORV permits at the 2 light houses, BUT last year it was closed because of covid. they have them mail order, watch a video, fill out a form and pay in advance. and licenses can come from any tackle shop. But also available on line. I think this is the link.
  11. Meet a lady on Lake Harris this weekend that pulled her jet ski from St Petersburg almost 2 hours just so she could use it. She said its a mess over there.
  12. Many people in Florida follow a site on Facebook named Mikes Weather Page for storm info. He just posted a picture of the Red Tide problem this year. Having been diagnosed with asthma last fall, I feel lucky that I did not move to this area of florida. an internet search shows At high concentrations, K. brevis blooms can cause harm through the release of potent toxins, known as brevetoxins, to the atmosphere. Epidemiologic studies suggest that aerosolized brevetoxins are linked to respiratory illnesses in humans
  13. it sounds like you want to be out of NY by 12/1 and your plan it to move to Florida Full time?
  14. I was reading about this blue/green stuff. Consider this: Scientists have learned this blue-green algae on the lake, cyanobacteria, contains an amino acid called BMAA for short. It is a neurotoxin linked to diseases such as: Alzheimer's Parkinson's Lou Gehrig's Lewy body dementia Nonalcoholic liver disease Progressive supranuclear palsy Some warnings have been issued for recreational contact and swimming (the alligators will prevent that for most). However, few warnings have been posted with respect to eating fish out of the lake. But a lot of people down here "catch and release"
  15. actually Cabelas was profitable when the founder Dick Cabela died in 2014. next this guy Paul Singers who owns a fund named Elliott Management announced they owned 11% of cabelas. in 2015 Paul forced the remaining owners (family?) to sell, Bass Pro shop was announced in 2016, stock took off and 1 week later Paul Singer cashed out (made 90 million) . This cost Sidney Neb 2000 jobs (population 6300)