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  1. Interested in the 4000 size but can't stand the stock knob. Are there round or T-shaped aftermarket knobs for CFT2?
  2. Awesome! Thx so much. Spinfishet VI spool diameter hasnt changed from SSV's, right?
  3. Yes spool lip. All the way up from 2500 to 5000 would be lovely.
  4. Anyone knows? Would love to compare them to the Spinfisher's. I have a chart for SSV spool diams and doubt it has changed for the VI.
  5. Does it make a NOTICEABLE difference? Many of the local rod-builders here do not seem to be equipped with the newer KL-L guides so I might have to stick to the "traditional" KR setup in case I custom order and I am concerned about the 3-stripper setup's ability to deal with knots.
  6. Did Penn fix the squashed pinion issue with SSV? I know it failed miserably in Alan Hawk's review. No metal rotor and frame in the world will guarantee you a strong reel if the parts that connect those metals are weak.
  7. A few years ago Fuji introduced a newer version of KR concept which uses a 4th stripper in place of the choke guide and AFAIK it is supposed to help with smoother line flow when you are using wind-on leader knots. But just how much of a help is it? Am I gonna be able to get away with a knot which would otherwise have been caught by the traditional 3-guide reduction train?
  8. Yes it is an Egi rod. Fishing for your calamari recipe is a big thing in Korea and Japan so I asked other guys who have been egiing for years and they said they did fine with LC16M strippers back in the days (latest egi rods indeed come equipped with KL25 or KL16H). And I am using 0.6 PE this time which translates to about 6lb braid in US measurement.
  9. I bought a 8'5" superlight spinning rod with the Fuji LC16M as a butt guide. Not the most efficient rod I have for sure, but I was sold on its looks. What size reel should I match with this freak of a rod? I have a 2500 size Daiwa of which spool diameter is 48mm and I am wondering if the spool is too big. Will I see a noticeable difference with a 45mm spool(Daiwa's new LT series reels)?
  10. I think this post needs to be moved to the main forum..
  11. I bought a superlight spinning stick that has the Fuji LC16M as a stripper. How large can I go, in terms of spool size? I have a 2500 sized Daiwa spinner of which spool diam is about 48mm and I wonder if the new Daiwa LT spinning reels with 45mm spool diam will suit this rod better.
  12. I will surely report back to you guys after the trip... in September!
  13. I do appreciate properly built micro guide rods and their benefits. But like I had mentioned some rods are just not properly made. Micro layout usually requires additional guides to compensate for the decreased inner diameter, and some manufacturers(ehem!) do not practice that.
  14. I would also give this method a go.
  15. It is a wee bit more than what I am used to, but I wanna give Shimano's patent-holding spool lip a go. What ya guys say?