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  1. To my eyes it seems the Spinfisher VI 7500 and 8500 share the same body and only the rotor/spool is different. Same with the 9500 and 10500. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. size #1 - 2/0 i believe the bait is called goggle eye in english
  3. neither did i ever expect this kind of trouble as I always wanted to try the circle hook.
  4. I see they have some variations and 7385 is probably the one. will definitely check out, thank you. thanks, it looks real nice
  5. used the circle hook (mustad demon light wire) for the first time and it wasnt successful. the kink at the hook point destroys the livebait's flesh and leaves a larger hole than the wire diameter, making the bait fly off the hook when casting. i guess bridling will fix this but dont wanna mess with it when i'm on a rock fighting wind and waves. does anyone know a heavy gauge circle hook with more rounder bend at the very point? never seen one.
  6. Can't find these numbers on anywhere on the internet.
  7. Thx MJ. Will definitely look up your posts now. Thank you carangua, I have done some research too and what you have said just confirmed my own conclusion. This was gonna be a relatively light trip so I am not yet sure if I will be fully committing to the places you and MJ mentioned, but hell, this kind of information is why you visit SOL. Massive shoutout to you and MJ.
  8. IKR, I know a Singaporian guy and probably that's why he always goes offshore. But I would like to stay away from boats as much as I can for now. There is something special about setting your feet on the ground and casting to the open ocean.
  9. The look promising but I soon realized my reels never get dunked. If I waded I would definitely get one.
  10. Don't have any specific location or targeted species yet because I just came up with the whole idea, but from what I have read so far on Google implies land-based fishing is not as good as I had imagined(overfished)...
  11. Talking about Thai, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. here. I am interested in shore/surf based lure fishing in those area (absolutely hate charter boats). Has anyone done or heard of surf fishing there?
  12. Interested in the 4000 size but can't stand the stock knob. Are there round or T-shaped aftermarket knobs for CFT2?
  13. Awesome! Thx so much. Spinfishet VI spool diameter hasnt changed from SSV's, right?
  14. Yes spool lip. All the way up from 2500 to 5000 would be lovely.
  15. Anyone knows? Would love to compare them to the Spinfisher's. I have a chart for SSV spool diams and doubt it has changed for the VI.