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  1. Coast Guards circling the beaches all Sunday morning. Hopefully you're all okay.
  2. Would it be wrong to hunt from my three-season room? Loll
  3. BFT on a fly is pure insanity. You guys are animals.
  4. Massachusetts, the canal and surrounding beaches and marshes. I live in Rhode Island and I barely catch chit here...
  5. Ive heard of people puttinh 275 guts into a 300 for a faster retrieve
  6. Right on the reel seat. Never liked the idea of the lure bouncing off/scratching the blank.
  7. Retrieve speed. All the power and torque should be in the rod.
  8. What kind of work do you need to done to your XJ?
  9. Never seen a hummingbird until yesterday in my backyard. I wonder what they taste like...?
  10. Anyone plan on fishing?
  11. I remember when I ate my 1st albie. I was fishing for skipjacks with my trout rod to use for fluke bait when this little train that could hit. Took me for about a 20 minute ride. It died obviously when I landed it. I didnt know what it was, thought I caught a baby bluefin. 100 photos later while fermenting in the sun, finally walked off that bridge To head home. Shownig off my harvest in pride. My buddy and I decided to celebrate by firing up the grill and pop open a bottle of whiskey for dinner. We steaked that albie up and threw it on the grill. It was delicious . We feasted. The next morning, decided to have a piece for breakfast. It was disgusting. My pet rats wouldnt even touch it. Booze makes everything better I guess lol I'd try it again if properly bled and iced. But then i'm throwing up in my mouth thinking about it...
  12. Why not just sleep at your fishing rock? Seems to be common practice along the canal nowadays. And no body bothers them...
  13. Looks like a Dogtooth grouper?
  14. Where did you get a lb tub? Edit: nvm found it
  15. You'll definitely know the difference if you taste them.
  16. Had to double take for a 2nd. That would be cool to have a 1000 sized long cast reel...
  17. Going to pass. Glws
  18. If you decide to split, i'd be interested in buying just the handle...
  19. Is the short or long handle?
  20. My tyre smells like chit now
  21. Ehh, not like the Albie fishery is at risk for overfishing. We're natures correction for the annual albie cull. Maybe we'll have a newfound respect for people harvesting them for food, instead of frowning upon them lol.
  22. Nothing like watching a smallmouth bass slam your jitterbug on a cool, crisp glass-like surface morning.
  23. I have better luck with albies between 3-7PM than I do in the mornings.
  24. Unique thing i've noticed about Kastmasters & albies is the "flutter" action they produce. The action of spoons keeps them at the subsurface at moderate retrieves. And you can skip them at the surface without having to reel 100mph. Or you can burn them across the surface if they're keyed on that speed. Very versatile lure. Personally, i've had little to no luck with the "reel as fast as you can" method.