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  1. I've never had an overheating problem but always ran hotter than normal in sand which caused heat-soak in my fuel rail and cylinder 3 misfire.  Wrapping thermal tape on the fuel rail, hood vents and the ZJ fan clutch solved that issue for me as well.


  2. 7 hours ago, GraniteStRockfish said:

    Ok thanks for info 

    I can probably slide my bars to match the box brackets 


    I can check it out on weekend or some afternoons after work depending on your location 


    I guess I'll take it pending inspection and confirming it'll fit

    Im at work but if we can take this to PM to arrange meet up that'd be great




  3. 9 hours ago, GraniteStRockfish said:

    I'm in Warwick - work in Newport 


    Can you give rough dimensions - LxWxH 


    And are the crossbar clamps adjustable fire and aft or fixed spot on box?


    Interested in checking it out, maybe taking it off your hands for asking price


    Hey Granite,


    The dimensions are aprox 90"x24"x16".  The mounting brackets are fixed position, I can get you measurements later today if still interested.



  4. 23 hours ago, PSegnatelli said:

    But why keep something you don't really like???


    Give it a better home.  It's not an Ex-spouse that will take half your stuff on departure. 

    My first "big purchase" reel was the 704z when I was a kid.  Worked and saved my allowance to buy it.


    Though I don't use it anymore, there's something nostalgic I find about the 704; I couldn't ever sell my last one...