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  1. Fast little round that destroys meat. Shot a squirrel with one once; It didn't look like a squirrel anymore.
  2. Toyota is the top tier when it comes to customer satisfaction. They replaced the frame on my Sequoia years back (I was not even the original owner). You may want to talk to Toyota about an inner frame rail treatment since our frames like to rot from the inside-out.
  3. Your buddy interested in a Stella 3k?
  4. You should embrace the oil leak - Re-occurring undercoat
  5. Assuming you still have meat on the pad - Just drive it. It will smooth itself out.
  6. I did a rubberized undercoat on a few of my trucks - bad idea. Some of the areas on the undercoat begun to bubble which held in water & formed surface rust. Stripped off all of the coating and just sprayed some rustoleum black paint on the frame. Still holding up pretty good. I'll be treating inside of the frame rails in the upcoming weeks, probably an 80/20 mixture of ATF/Oil.
  7. I have a custom built 10' foot Lamiglas Supersurf 2G that has but-to-reel-center of 28" inches. I'd like to cut 6" inches from the butt; Will this cause any balance issues (i.e. tip heavy?) Most threads with similar questions are asking to cut butts down <17" which I could see causing significant balance issues. With mine being 28", I'd like to cut mine down to 22" inches but don't want any sort of balance issues. Thanks
  8. Thank you for all the replies everyone. I should of added that my primary use for this rod will be for jetty/inlet use so a 28" butt is rather long for my application. I'd imagine moving the reel seat further down would have an adverse affect on the guide layout (NGC)?? Selling is another option but its not often you find MH 1 piece SSU blank so i'd like to keep it. Decisions decisions... Thanks again everyone.
  9. I had a raw 1321l cut down to 10' then built. It was very top heavy and not the same feeling as a 1201.
  10. My truck is due for a re-spray this year. May try fluid film. Where are you guys purchasing your kits? And for those treating the inside of the frame rails, what are you using for hoses/nozzles etc?
  11. Thanks for the offer but just interested in cash at the moment...
  12. Shimano Stella FI C3000XG Verg good shape, no blemishes as I can notice. Piscifun knob & spooled with 15lb j-braid. Box, bag & original knob included. Asking $600 shipped Daiwa Saltiga 5000H Purchased off a fellow member here. Bought it with the intentions to use at the canal but never went. Used once. Has some chips on the reel foot but otherwise good shape. Spooled with 40lb J-braid. Asking $530 shipped.
  13. Stimulus check bump...
  14. Are them lockers still original? I've always wondered how the factory lockers held up with age. I'm looking to purchase & build up a 100 series in the future but always had a soft spot for the 80 series as well. Very nice rig btw.
  15. If you decide to sell, what's your asking price for the EBB?
  16. Still available. The upper receiver is Anderson mfg & the upper receiver parts is the CMMG kit (dust shield, forward assist, pins & springs etc).
  17. Was planning to build an upper but lost interest. IIRC, it's an Anderson upper with CMMG parts kit. Anderson handguard. Anderson gas block EXT height. NCstar flip-up & fixed sight (both gas block height). Truglo red dot. Works good. Asking $200 shipped for the lot. Not looking to split at the moment. I believe some of these parts are not available at the moment.
  18. Rhode Island
  19. Less moving parts = more reliability
  20. I have the upper pieces posted on the Hunting BST forums that would begin the next chapter of your build
  21. Basspro online. Tried to unload some gift cards on an AR upper & birdshot a couple years back and website said they would not ship to RI. Not sure if that was a temporary or not.
  22. I think I've read somewhere that it was sometimes necessary to euthanize full grown giraffes because not only do they stop reproducing at a certain age, but they kill off younger giraffes as well.
  23. I don't really have a use for the 300 but would be more interested in a 250/275.