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  1. That was from google images. Not too sure what area you're in, but that tool should sell at any local hardware store.
  2. Back in the day, my dad would use spark plugs instead of lead sinkers. They would avg around 2oz. Plentiful and free at your local j/y
  3. Maybe one may prefer the flagship model reel w/ a skirted spool? thank you, and I like the look of the skirted spool reels as well. they're just more heavier unfortunately...
  4. Never tried myself, but you could probably use a rubber strap wrench...
  5. I agree as well as this would save time/trouble & cost of additional parts. IIRC, there wasn't a substantial difference in weight between the bailed model reel (the reel weighs 17.53oz spooled with the bailess setup). Maybe this could benefit someone that is looking for a heavier weight reel to balance their setup? Thank you. Hopefully this info will be useful to others that may want to consider bailesss in the future (or at least try it out) without having to break the bank with a new reel & possibly have buyers remorse. Initially, I did try a bailess line roller from a 704 on my VM150 reel. The line lay was horrible considering the diameter of the roller is only 6.09mm. Not too sure if the 706 line roller is any different. However, i'm sure you can make almost any line roller work as long as you add shims to compensate for the difference in diameter. Anyway, I'm sure someone with bailed VS reel has asked themselves this question whether it's possible or not to convert and hopefully this will answer their question (this info could also apply to other reel as well).
  6. Had the same issue with my 7500lc and VS reels; too much or too heavy viscosity grease. Cleaning the AR clutch & oiling with 75w90 gear oil always solved my anti-reverse issues.