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  1. Considering the notion "don't use it, you loose it" I started to use 4low just to cycle through everything. 4low is actually nice in sand; you creep through without touching the gas pedal. I believe your engine runs cooler as well (mechanical fan in my truck).
  2. Was old man Eddie fishing today?
  3. Wifey said it doesn't work that way.... I'll try to fry it with higher heat before returning it back to the builder..
  4. About that time of year again...
  5. Thank you for the info. Luckly the builder is somewhat local to me so ill stop by and see what they can do to fix it. I noticed the bottom half shrink wrap spins as well but that doesn't bother me as the upper.
  6. I should clarify that it's not the reel seat twisting, but the above shrink wrap grip itself. Not a big deal but does get annoying while plugging. There is also a slight crack in the epoxy finish; I'm wondering if there is water getting into it. I'll post pics today.
  7. Thanks for the feedback; i'll probably contact the builder.
  8. If you live in a 3rd floor apartment, navigating an 11' one piece down a hallway will require some.... imagination Otherwise, everything is better with a one piece rod.
  9. How does this size compare to shimanos?
  10. The wife is getting into fishing and i'd like to get her more of a "duty" oriented reel. Almost mint Shimano Stella C3000XG. Has a psicifun knob as well as the stock knob. Comes with a Gomexus reel stand. Box, bag & papers included. Condition on your VR50 will determine how much cash you add on your end. May consider the reel + 2-tube plug bag combo. I'd like to keep it local around RI/Mass but might consider shipping.
  11. Decided on just a local meet atm. I would sell if youre interested.
  12. Sell just the bag?
  13. What brand is it? Pics? At this period of time, all AKs and their variants are pretty much priced $1k+. I have an Intrac Maadi I picked up years back for $5-600 IIRC. Latest price tag for one at my LGS is $3-4K now. Funny back in the day these maadis were considered somewhat garbage firearms and now they're collectables.
  14. If HK passes, i'll take it for $25 as well.
  15. I have a 2010 Saltiga 5000H for sale. Pics posted in this thread.
  16. Lost my setup and looking to replace. Factory or custom, anyone willing to sell one before i buy new?
  17. Would you do $25 shipped?
  18. I'm assuming you're in GA? NIB is nice, going to wait to see if I can find a local meet 1st... Where are you located?
  19. Depends on the condition of your reel... Pics?
  20. I have about 250ish yards of 15lb J-Braid on the reel which runs a little thicker than PP iirc. Send pics when you have a moment.
  21. That's a clever setup. I may have to look into this.... Vendor I purchase gas from told me a story of how one of his customers had a co2 tank in his pickup that tipped over. Apparently the valve sheared and shot through the cab and engine bay like a missle. Granted, it was a much bigger tank. Good point with the propane tanks.
  22. I think the model # you're looking for is the 420SSG. Best of luck with your search.
  23. You're not worried about that mini bomb going off in your rig?
  24. Been using the harbor freight 12v air compressor for about 5 years now. Connects straight to your battery instead of the cig lighter. Fills my 265s about a minute-half per tire (18-35psi)