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  1. Do you have the exact code for the solenoid? Luckily, solenoids are pretty straight forward to change; drain oil, drop tranny pan, then drop the valve body. Your solenoids are on top of the valve body. Might as well replace them all while you have the VB out. I doubt you would need a rebuild... I've worked on quite a few Jeeps and the '08 -'12s are filled with electrical gremlins. You can't beat the reliability of a Toyota, but that depends what your budget is (cheaper to fix your current vehicle versus new Toyota)
  2. How about a 5000 saltiga?
  3. @Alferd Packer @connman Have you guys replaced the exhaust manifolds on your 4.7 yet?
  4. The stella is almost mint shape. Have box, case etc and original handle. Saltiga has a little rash here and there but %100, also has box and case. Purchased off a fellow SOL member here with the intensions to use at the canal, but never went. Mainly sat in the safe. I would entertain a trade for either or for the 22 or both reels for....???
  5. We sure have... I have a Stella FI C3000XG and a '10 Saltiga 5000H... Not sure how they would be comparable in value to your Z, but maybe you have other reels that may accommodate in a trade?
  6. You looking for any boat oriented spinners for trade?
  7. Can't beat a Sequoia for a beach beater; pretty much a Land Cruiser in a cheaper package. More cargo room as well.
  8. Packing up my grandfather's belongings, we found what to believe may have been his service pistol from the Navy. Colt 1911. He doesn't remember. Cancer sucks...
  9. It was free beach and no fishing license day Saturday...
  10. Missed the one piece rod detail in your description! If it happens to not sell by then, let me know and we can work out a pick up time/day.
  11. Would you ship the lami to RI?
  12. Offer 30 for the white gear up sheath?
  13. I've seen quite a few in my area on jack stands with the rear differential removed. What ever the problem is, seems like a common issue...
  14. You got it!
  15. The 704z has some rash (adds character) but functions 100% Loaded with 40lb powerpro. $60 shipped. Also found a 4400ss, functions 100% as well. I believe loaded with 20lb powerpro. If interested in both, can do $100 shipped.
  16. If you don't mind a reel with some personality, I have a 704Z with bailess kit & the imfamous pancake handle. $60 shipped. Can post pics if interested.
  17. I seen the same blitz on the soft side yesterday morning; Stripers, Blues & Shad. Did not last long.
  18. Interesting how a subtle difference in appearance like that can make them two different species... Good observation.
  19. Here's somewhat a better pic to add fuel to the debate Chub mack (which is delicious smoked)
  20. Can't really see in the pics but a lot of these guys has the little black spots on the side like albies.
  21. You guys referring to this thingy? What ever it is, taste horrible. (Pic was last year)
  22. I have a Stella C3000 i'd sell. Pretty much mint. Have box, bag & original handle. 15lb J-Braid. Edit: forgot to add, Carbontex drag washers as well. $510 PP shipped TYD.
  23. Early morning schoolie action along with a few slot sized fish has been good around the east bay area. Check out one of the above mention state parks before sunrise and sunset.
  24. Beautiful looking truck. Be sure to plan for a timing belt/water pump replacement soon and she'll have no problem seeing 300K. While you have it in the garage, ask if they perform inner frame rail rust treatment. Definitely worth the investment since our Toyota frames like to rot from inside-out.
  25. 4 cylinder has better axles versus the straight 6 4.10 ratio vs 3.07