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  1. They do look delicious looking...
  2. I've seen something similar at the end point of a wall; reeling in a snapper blue and saw this big football shaped thing try to grab it. Very fast and big. Scared me off my rock.
  3. Aggressive bass yesterday evening; they tail-slapped my pencil so hard that it went airborne out of the water. Impressive show.
  4. Make an account, fill out paper work, scan and submit payment. They will ask you what day you want to come in for inspection. Monday to Friday only between 9-3PM. The Saturday after Labor day, we're allowed to drive to Taylor Swift's beach front.
  5. Sounds good, sending you a PM.
  6. Fillet & release. They're actually delicious eating.
  7. Offer $100 on the 25/27 rotor as well?
  8. Sold to David. Thank you all.
  9. Century Slingshot 1267 custom build from JPR. Purchased off a fellow member about a year ago and only used on flats. Tip broke off pulling some seaweed off the line Was never highsticked. Looks like about 2.5" of tip broke off. Could probably be cut down to 9'6"-10' and rewrapped to make a killer stout 2-5+ouncer. Century says $167 for a new tip. Not sure what I want to do yet so figured id offer it for sale here 1st. $150 shipped.
  10. Quote is off their website according to dimensions of the shipping tube. RI
  11. It would cost me $56.50 to ship to NJ. Going to stay at $150 at the moment.
  12. Similiar texture to salmon. IMO, one of the best tasting if you enjoy a rich flavored and healthy fish. Not overpowering flavor like blues.
  13. Beautiful Weakfish yesterday. Released to fight another day. Oh and a fat chub mackerel as well. Turned it into dinner.
  14. You could always do extended shackles or add-a-leafs if you don't want to mess with the bolts. Much less of a headache to alleviate sagging leafs. Google "xj budget junkyard builds".
  15. Them leaf spring bolts are a dog to break free. I use a jackstand to keep the socket/extension parallel with the bolt, otherwise, you'll snap the weld nut in the unibody. Plus, this method will give you more leverage on the bolt. Chances are the bolt will be seized in the metal sleeve of the leaf spring eye; you may have to cut the leaf spring & bushing to get it all free. Good luck.
  16. I had a few XJs for beach buggies. Lift is not needed IMO. 235/75/15s got me through the sugar sand no problem. The cooling system is the XJs weak point; I would do the ZJ fan clutch and hood spacer/vent mod to keep the engine cooler while running in sand. Also, you may want to stay away from the '00-'01 year XJs since those year 4.0s had issues with the heads cracking. Not too much of an issue if you're good with a wrench. Here's my old 2000 3.5" lift (full leafs) on 31s d-windows 2.75" backspace, 231j with SYE 4.10 gears from a 4 cylinder xj, Adjustable control arms & trackbar Zj fan clutch with vented hood to keep her cool in the sand Rode just like a stock xj
  17. Not a bad deal but going to pass only because I really don't need the size enough to justify cash on top. Best of luck with your search.
  18. PO said it was serviced the winter of 2019. I purchased it summer of 2020. Ill be in the Charlestown/westerly area tomorrow, not sure how far west I can make it but may pass since I really don't need a 250 size that much....
  19. It does have a little personality, but functions 100%. Handles are interchangable and same size. I don't mind swapping. 40lb powerpro which was spooled summer of last year. You can keep the line if you'd like.
  20. I have silver vsx200 i would consider trading (can post pics later) Any plans of traveling closer to RI in the future?
  21. Where are you located?
  22. Not sure on the rules & regs in your jurisdiction, but RI does not allow AWD vehicles on beaches. Might want to check that.
  23. Find yourself a cheap beater; the sand, salt will eat away at your rig. Late 90s Jeep Cherokees are a great budget buggy. Could probably find one for <$1k