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  1. Some guys find it funny but also forget that they're stealing someone's property.
  2. Until we drive over to the other side and get the plug back
  3. Pho

    Vohns in Bellingham, Mass. A little closer to home im assuming.
  4. I'm looking to get a car shipped from Maine to Rhode Island; about 340 miles one way. Anyone on here offer this type of service or know of any company?
  5. I've never had an overheating problem but always ran hotter than normal in sand which caused heat-soak in my fuel rail and cylinder 3 misfire. Wrapping thermal tape on the fuel rail, hood vents and the ZJ fan clutch solved that issue for me as well.
  6. This guy was a hair short of 30", it died by the time I was able to land it. Didnt find out it broke the state record until after my dad ate it.
  7. Just take grandma for a nice lighthouse visit.... With a fishing pole...
  8. Sorry everyone but wife decided she wanted to keep the roof box last minute.... Closing for the time being.
  9. Good condition Yakima Rocket box for rooftop storage. Has one key. Fits flat, square and round roof racks. Small crack along lip but does not affect function or leaks inside. $100 p/u in RI
  10. Hey Granite, The dimensions are aprox 90"x24"x16". The mounting brackets are fixed position, I can get you measurements later today if still interested. Max
  11. May be worth the few hr drive for you!
  12. Perfect. Ill be in South County as well tomm. Going to send you a PM.
  13. No idea. Bought it to use for Albies but never catch them. So sits on the shelf most of the time. I have the box, bag etc
  14. Any interest in a Stella C3000XG? It is faster and lighter than a VS...
  15. Do you have original black handle?
  16. Daiwa Saltiga 5000H. Loaded with 40lb J-Braid. Purchased off a fellow member awhile back but hardly used. Some bumps but in good shape. Will sell for $500 shipped. Or will trade towards a Zeebaas 27 spool + cash on your end.
  17. Still interested in trades?
  18. DEM are out in full force on their buggies and/or parked at CRMC entrances when the beachfront opens up. Don't risk it.
  19. Good morning, This is the 2010 model Saltiga, not sure of exact age. A lot of reel for its age.
  20. My first "big purchase" reel was the 704z when I was a kid. Worked and saved my allowance to buy it. Though I don't use it anymore, there's something nostalgic I find about the 704; I couldn't ever sell my last one...
  21. Hazard is a fishy looking but yet scary place. I personally don't fish it. Makes me nervous seeing everyone in their Nike sneakers fishing there.
  22. Just the color combo i'm looking for. Cash depends on condition, but between $200-250 seems fair?
  23. Covid killed the walk-in pass purchases
  24. The Penn 7 series has a retrieve rate comparable to a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. Keep the 7 AND buy a modern reel.