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  1. Went to cast my offerings into the blitzing sunset when the 70 half of my Super Surf 2G flew along with the plug. Luckily was able to get the top part back but noticed a vertical split along the ferrule. Does anyone know the warranty terms are in regards to ferrule breakage? Will I be able to get this rod back in commission free of charge or will it cost me a good amount of $$$? Unfortunately I do not have the receipt, but I still do have the tags.
  2. Thank you GED and SOL.
  3. Deal. PM coming.
  4. GED, sent you a PM to work out meeting arrangement.
  5. Can you post a pic? And what city are you in? I'm in east providence at the moment and can leave work early to make this deal work.
  6. .
  7. Working until 11-12ish. Should be free the remainder of the afternoon until the evening. What do you have?
  8. Just looking for trades at the moment but ill let you know otherwise
  9. TeeTeeTee
  10. Howard is an excellent builder, he's done a few rods for me. Great piece, wish I had the cash.
  11. I call next if M falls thru
  12. Match the hatch.
  13. Here is a great condition Stella 5000SW XG. Reel is mint besides a hairline scratch on the handle arm & very slight rock rash on knob. Looking to do a straight trade for a bailess zeebaas 22 or 25 in similiar condition. Will entertain all colors but preferably two tone. Looking to do a local meet up and trade at the moment. Around RI, Mass, eastern CT.
  14. Only way to find out whats wrong is to open her up and check the guts
  15. With the high speed shimanos and slow retrieve VS reels I own, i just see myself picking up my VS setups more. Even for Albies. Personally never felt the need for a high speed retrieve reel and when I did use them, I've always felt like I didnt have enough "torque".