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    Buying fishing stuff.
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    Annoying my wife by buying fishing stuff.
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    Annoying my wife some more by going fishing with the fishing stuff I bought.

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  1. Thank you for the reply but I hve to pass. Although theres a want, I think my budget and the going price for these rods is a little out of reach for me at the moment. With that being said, going to close for now.
  2. I'm assuming this would be way over my budget. Thank you for the post though.
  3. I have absolutely no need for this rod but the dark side is telling me to buy one. If the price is right at least… Located RI/Mass
  4. Hey Cabo, Thanks for the reply. Assuring to hear there will be something to catch. Though I was surprised to not catch any needles during our stay in April. Not so assuring to hear to hopefully catch the infamous Rooster this fall though…
  5. My wife and I loved Cabo so much that we just booked another trip on the week of Día de los Muertos this year. We will be at the same area and resort. Anyone know how the November surf fishing is?
  6. And I thought I was the only one with this opinion. I never got much satisfaction out of freshwater fishing... Unless I was able to fish a restricted/un-touched body of water but that's a discussion I shouldn't get into
  7. I think theyre riveted in. Tried to unscrew them.
  8. I believe they’re medium sized. My wife used them with her boots. Oldschool string style. $50 shipped.
  9. Almost new condition. $50 shipped.
  10. 4-Bike rack that fits a 2” receiver. One grommet is missing but doesnt affect function. Great budget rack for your Canal cruisers. Land shark Kayak rack that fits on both round and square bars. Asking $40 for the whole set. P/U in RI.
  11. Sea Robins taste better than Stripers anyway... .... Maybe I shouldn't say that too loud...
  12. How/where do I get the underground tunnel permit?
  13. I would of released that onto my grill.
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