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  1. Oh yes, it's a MUST watch.
  2. zb22 & vs200 are almost similiar in weight. In regards to balance, probably couldn't go wrong with either.
  3. I used to fish jonesport when I was young and caught a lot of big mackerel and small pollock from shore.
  4. I can't say for certain but what do indigenous preggo woman eat?
  5. I've heard people like to buy replacement top halves & strip the torzite guides off :X
  6. I fish around RI and I never had any issues with other species robbing my bait except small togs.. at least to my knowledge. Guy I work with says he freezes asian crabs as well and says that the legs fall off easily after thawed. I'm wondering if salting them will prevent that... well see...
  7. Searching for a FLUX welder.. Lincoln / Century... Miller etc OR MIG if it comes with tanks... Standard plug outlet I have a Century Stealth 1325, Lami XS101MS, Shimano Ultegra I can offer for trades... RI / MASS area
  8. I picked up some kosher salt yesterday, going to give this a try when I get my next round of fresh asian crabs. I'm curious as well and will post back results. i'm wondering if I should try this while they're alive or dead...
  9. I still have a few I haven't froze yet. Never salted bait before; do I just dump some salt on them and right into the freezer?
  10. Interested in trades?
  11. Hey thanks for the info guys. Good toggie bite all weeked, going to freeze my leftover crabs and see how they hold up for the next outings.
  12. Anyone have success freezing crabs & thawing out later on to use for bait? Are the tautog picky enough to know the difference from frozen & fresh crabs? It's not often I have the time to catch the low tide for asian crabs, so i'm hoping I can get enough and keep in the freezer to use at my leisure.
  13. X4 on tide runner belts. Great price on great quality belt.
  14. Craigslist scammers are fun to mess with; Scammer: "send me google verification number to prove you're real" Me: "okay." *Gives wrong verification #* Scammer: "That's the wrong number." Me: "Oh Sorry!" *gives another wrong verification #* They get so mad hahaha