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  1. Hello everyone, So I was able to reach out to Ryan White in regards to this build and his response back was; " This was a special set up for light braided lines ie 8-12# test. When using a light body line as mentioned you can do massive choaks with great performance. Ie Microwave by American Tackle, and Low Rider by Fuji. This was just a different style that I had come up with. However if you wish to use heavier line I would use a different layout. Please let me know if I can help. Ps those are titanium guides. " I'm just glad to hear that this was a legit build from Ryan. Now my next question is how to re-configure the current layout to accommodate 30lb braid since my intentions were to use this as a beach setup. This seems to be the most logical approach as I would like to keep the current layout as original as possible. I have entertained the thought of having my builder strip down the rod and just having K-guides added as a replacement, but he advised against it since there could be blemishes to the blank in the event the guides were not placed in the same area. I'm wondering if simply adding a microwave guide stripper would allevilate any potential issues... Anyhow, I have not test casted the rod yet but will this weekend and keep you all posted. All very imformative information and I do appreciate the response everyone. Thank you!
  2. That was my guess as well; an attempt at the KR concept but obviously looked a little funky. I'm no rod expert myself so I wasn't sure if it was some new "space-age" layout and had to ask. I checked around the blank and it doesn't appear to be any signs of missing guides that may have once existed... No idea honestly, was told that this was a custom build from Ryan. Going to contact a century rep and ask. I'm glad i'm not the only one that notices, just needed confirmation. It was a spontaneous purchase and I was so infatuated on how light and parabolic the blank was that I didn't pay attention of the guide layout. Anyhow, it's no big deal IMO... Going to speak to my rod builder guy and Century and see what would be the best way to correct the guide layout. Thanks for the response & info everyone.
  3. Just bought New-to-me custom Century with a guide layout I'm not familiar with; The 1st guide (stripper?) Is a size 30 I believe and following that is a size 10 guide. I've never seen such a layout with a with a large guide size decrease unlike the NGC layout where each guide gradually decrease in size.... If that makes any sense... All guides are titanium btw Anyhow, what is the name of this particular layout and will this be an efficient configuration for casting braid?
  4. Is that lami hat a snapback?
  5. I bait fish a lot when I have the wifey with me at the beaches (she says I don't pay enough attention to her when i'm plugging). To hold the bottom, I use a high-low rig with a 4oz PYRAMID sinker and about a 5ft homemade sand spike rod holder that's stationed a few feet into the breaking shore line. This allows me to keep my rod up high enough to clear the breaking waves and keep my offerings stationary. Cast out, tighten up the slack, sit back and enjoy.
  6. One and only bump before I close & post elsewhere.
  7. Wait, $6 total shipped for the pliers holder?
  8. If you'd entertain a 28" black barrel with mod & imp cylinder chokes, I'd trade. I have the barrel posted here.
  9. 28" smooth bore 12g barrel for a 500/ Maverick 88. Good shape, comes with improved cylinder & modified choke. Good shape, don't use it much. Interested in trades for other fishing stuff, GoPro, watches of equal value. Pretty much opened minded, what do you have?
  10. Nothing makes me cringe more than hearing that swivel tear through your guides on a new moon night. I also tie long mono leaders (about 4ft) and using a knot as opposed to a swivel allows me to reel in more leader slack for casting in tight areas. Knot is more safe & versatile IMO.
  11. Will do. Sending you a PM to arrange meet and pick-up. Thanks.
  12. Does the 1325 have the torzite guides? Hard to tell which rod is which in the pics. Any chance you'll be at the Narragansett Surfcasters Fishing Show in RI this weekend?
  13. Hello, is the 1325 still available?
  14. A child's snow slead makes a good beach cart haha