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  1. My guess is that this is the lastest version before they were discontinued (7 guides versus 6). The guides look like they're newer style as well.
  2. Sounds like salad city honestly.. Then again, I have seen people drift umbrella rigs in the rips before... and catch...
  3. Not sure of age, bought it second hand a few years ago. Besides a few scratches here and there, the blank and guides are in good shape. I'll post up pics when I get home tonight.
  4. Up for sale is a factory 1 piece Lami XS101MS (GSB 1201l blank). Looking to sell for $150 or trade for a Shimano Ultegra 5500 XSD. I may also be interested in other long cast reels in similiar size as well and can add some cash on top if I have to. This would have to be a local meet around RI / Mass since this lami is a 1 piece.
  5. Fuji DNPS 18 is a perfect fit, but won't be able to fit VS200 and up sizes if that matters.
  6. weakfish
  7. Any plug that's not $30+ dollars
  8. Two and a half bump! Would sell outright for $320 pick up.
  9. White White White. Bucktails, SP minnows, top water poppers, tsunami shads.
  10. Daiwa BG
  11. I've seen a fair amount of avids snap as well.
  12. I've noticed that paying off installment loans early drops your credit score. Better off paying the minimum amount monthly for the full term of the loan. It's kinda like if lenders can't make money off of you, your credit score will suffer.
  13. Breaking mojos seems to be a canal thing. Someone should make a collage of broken mojo pics.
  14. Broke my 9er. Trying to break my 11er so I can upgrade to the avid.
  15. Boy September 15th can't come soon enough