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  1. I've had luck around water discharge plants in the capital area of RI this time of year. The water temps are warmer in these areas. Your assumptions are solid in regards to slow presentations; low and slow with small bucktails, white/blue superflukes on jig heads, super shads etc. Wouldn't hurt to tie on a teaser as well.
  2. Payment sent. Thank you PD.
  3. $30 shipped for the ZB side cover?
  4. How would you compare the size in terms of shimano? 6-8k class?
  5. Very far unfortunately.. Best of luck with your search...
  6. Where are you located? Might have a few thing for trades if you're local.
  7. I'll take this for $22 shipped.
  8. No problem, good luck with your search.
  9. Would you be interested in an 11ft Mojo 3-8?
  10. Update; Lamiglas replaced the rod with the new 2G PRO, free of charge. Just had to pay shipping there & back.
  11. Last friday evening presented pods of blitzes, big face wind and some big albies mixed in on the beachfront. Pictures don't do justice but this sucker was 28". Never seen them that big. To put in perspective, i'm a size 10.5 boot.
  12. The VM is a very stout reel. Much more solid feeling than the VS model reels imo. Guts and machining are pretty impressive. Held up well to years of canal jigging. Only complaint I have is the reel is very heavy for its size. Despite that, wish I never sold mine. In regards to the handle spinning and line catching the roller while casting, just pack the reel with some grease and it won't spin as easily on you mid cast.
  13. Went to cast my offerings into the blitzing sunset when the 70 half of my Super Surf 2G flew along with the plug. Luckily was able to get the top part back but noticed a vertical split along the ferrule. Does anyone know the warranty terms are in regards to ferrule breakage? Will I be able to get this rod back in commission free of charge or will it cost me a good amount of $$$? Unfortunately I do not have the receipt, but I still do have the tags.
  14. Thank you GED and SOL.
  15. Deal. PM coming.