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  1. Good eye and now that you mention it, the font is different as well.
  2. Had these posted in the General forum until I realized there is a dedicated Kayak/boating forum. $40 P/U in RI
  3. One thing that looks unique is the gold outline on the cover. I've owned a few of the torques and none of them had that.
  4. I believe the 1083s snapped easier because of their old guide layout; 4 guides if I recall? The updated NGC with 6 guides + tip should be less prone to breaking. Mine is still going strong so far.
  5. I've never tried grass shrimp for other species but i'm sure they would work great. I'll have to catch some and try it out. When I was a kid, we would net up grass shrimp by the thousands. On a high-low rig, 3-4 grass shrimp per hook. They would get even the pickiest White Perch into a feeding frenzy.
  6. I have the same rod as well (NGC guides), which i'm still using today. The Century Stealth S-1 has a similar feel in regards to action, but much lighter in weight/balance. Another close contender is the Fenwick Saltstick, but those aren't available anymore.
  7. That shouldn't happen as long as you're paying attention
  8. Whatever they are, they make an awesome bait for White Perch.
  9. I bought a few power knobs from ali express. Took a while to arrive. The corroded out and finish flaked off faster than they shipped.
  10. Them chubbies are delicious... Especially smoked... They make for a nice pre-reccession meal
  11. Shipping might not be cheap.... I'm estimating around an extra $20?
  12. Had plans on buying a kayak but never did. Fits both round and square bars. $40 p/u in RI
  13. I see a lot of people recommend all terrain tires for sand driving. Although not bad choice, it's not the greatest choice as well. All terrain tires have a harder more agressive tread and sharp edges which is designed to dig in dirt when traction is lost. Not what you want to be doing on the beach sand. IMO, the best type of tire you can buy for the sand is a highway HT tread tire. Non-aggressive tread pattern and softer side walls which will allow you to increase the surface area of your tire when airing down. You want to be floating on top of sand, not digging into it.
  14. So in other words, no rod on the carry-on with me huh? Guess i'll need a bigger suitcase. Regarding hooks, braid etc, theoretically should be good-to-go if all is checked in luggage? Thanks for the info.
  15. Thanks for this info. I'll be traveling to Mexico in a few months with my gear. Everything will be checked in luggage while my rod will be with my carry on... Hopefully no issues.