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  1. Id imagine the curfew would only be really enforced to people aimlessly walking around the cities?
  2. Hey thank you, but she wants nothing to do with my fishing escapades haha. Coincidentally she says I dont pay enough attention to her while fishing.. Hmmm
  3. I tried snagging it for hrs but kept loosing snagging hooks and the wife was hungry. Ill be back tomorrow at low tide to try again. The reel is beat but its more of a sentimental value to me; my 1st vs, my 1st legal seabass, my pb bass, blue, etc.
  4. Thanks man. Not normally my chunking setup but its all I had on me at the moment. That one time I use it, I loose it...
  5. Fell asleep on the beach and a big tautog pulled it in lol
  6. Lost my setup and looking to replace. Factory or custom, anyone willing to sell one before i buy new?
  7. Never thought i'd have to make a thread like this but here it is; Very long shot but lost my rod and reel while chunking on East Beach. Took the wife out to the beach today and figured i'd soak some bait. I accidentally dozed off and woke back up to find it gone. Using my other setup, I ended up snagging the end of my sinker to find that a HUGE tautog pulled my setup in. Tried to pull it in but the line snapped. Anyway, my setup I lost is a Century Slingshot and Van Staal. I know its a long shot but I will pay a reward if anyone finds it.
  8. touche' my friend lol
  9. ..... that's like watching porn on mute
  10. Just some vandalism to the capital building... for the time being...
  11. I stuffed mine with marine grease that kept it from "spinning freely".
  12. Everyone talking about bluefish being in heavy... I have yet to catch one... Out front at least...
  13. what size are these???
  14. Ill take #2 gibbs 3oz pencil shipped
  15. Not sure what age, but it is a 1-3oz rating. The rod is an original 2G but lamiglas replaced the top half with the 2G pro (replaced under warranty due to my fault) and only casted it once since. Kept mainly as a backup rod. The rod is in mint shape, had the reel seat replaced to fit a vs200 sized reel.