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  1. High-low drop loop rig
  2. any chance the spool will fit a vsx?
  3. My GSB 1201l has seen years of unforgiving things on the jetty and still continues to haul in fish.
  4. X2 on the Rapala Rippin Rap, them things are deadly. Especially the bunker pattern ones. Pretty much anything that swims has fell prey to it.
  5. I wouldn't use any kind of cleaner or solvent on carbon washers. I'd give it a good rinse with warm water, wipe dry and re-apply Cal's drag grease.
  6. I think it's more action and weight rating of blank that matters rather than length; I use a vs100 on a 1083 (9ft) and a vs200 on a super surf 2g (also 9ft) and both setups balance well.
  7. I had a supersurf 2g that split at the ferrule. They honored the warranty free of charge (with the exception of shipping).
  8. If you do decide to split for Matt, I would be interested in the same package as well. $45 shipped.
  9. No problem, let me know if you decide otherwise.
  10. My bridge spot got outlawed a few years ago, so haven't seen use since. Forgot what kind of braid is on it but pretty sure it's 30lbs. Hard to see but it's a level wind. I had a local shop replace with carbon drag washers and a bearing upgrade. Forgot which one exactly. It's the swedish made one. I just noticed that it's missing cover screw .
  11. it's in mint shape. I'll get some pics when i'm home today.
  12. Abu 6500 C3 with power handle, carbon drag washers & upgraded bearings?
  13. Consider trades?
  14. Would you separate the frogskins (wayfarer)?
  15. 2nd on Pete's bait shop; Ray has a large selection on freshwater stuff. Open 24hrs before/on opening day.