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  1. Really depends. If I am fishing a spot that I know well on a specific tide that has produced for me in the past, then I will likely only give it 30-40min before determining there are “no” fish to be caught. On the other hand if I am fishing a relatively new area, or if I do not know what tide, wind, is favorable in a area, then I am likely to give it at least 2 hours. This also depends of course on the accessibility of the spot, if I have to walk 30 minutes to reach my spot than I am more likely to fish it vs say a spot where I park and am fishing in 5 minutes.
  2. I would agree and say that 24” is fair.
  3. Today you fished with a strong east wind. That is another thing to definitely take note of. East win typically at sandy hook results in a lot of white water and bigger waves vs say a west wind. With a east wind you are also casting into the wind in almost every spot. Personally when fishing an east win at sandy hook my go to lure is a bucktail. Typically i throw 3/4-1oz however with todays east wind and bigger surf I could have see myself throwing something a bit heavier. As other have mentioned, for me sandy hook is primarily a spot i like to fish around high tide, personally i have found that finding structure especially structure that results in deeper water is crucial. I did not fish today but i assume that if you tossed a bucktail into some deeper water you could have definitely found bluefish or bass. Anyways good luck and i hope that made a little bit of sense.
  4. Respectfully offer 30 for popper.
  5. i actually like this idea more as well. LOL
  6. Hmm, thats not bad. Dont mind paying an extra buck if i dont have to add 1.50$ to everyone i buy to replace hardware.
  7. That’s awesome, I will be placing an order soon.
  8. Any blanks for the 2-8 11’ available yet? Does this rod throw the top end well, can I throw 6-7oz no problem? Also do you happen to know the weight of the blank. Thank you.
  9. I have used both, never a problem with either.
  10. Amazing!
  11. Would be looking for something that would be able to throw more and 2-3oz. What does blackhole offer than can confidently throw 5-8.
  12. Would you suggest the Surf 2 11' 3-10oz?
  13. The highest rating in 11' I can find is the 4-8. Do you think this will do well for the purposes I intend to use it for?
  14. thank you, that is helpful, i am looking for something that I can confidently toss 6 and bait with, yet also something that is not too heavy/bulky. I will take a look at black hole.
  15. Hey Drew, I know this is a older thread, but I am consider purchasing this blank myself. Curious on how you like it? On how it handles larger plugs and if you remember how much the final build weighed. Thanks in advance.