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  1. If still available I’ll go 50$
  2. Grs

    Works for me. Scup sold pending payment.
  3. Grs

    These 2 are basically mint. River herring has a small blemish by the lip and the blackfish has some storage Markings on bottom. 112$ for blackfish 115$ river
  4. Grs

    Cool, here are some close-ups showing defects. If all is ok, send me a pm. Also have a super lightly used river herring and old school blackfish, if those may be of interest I can upload some pictures. Thanks
  5. Grs

    Forgot the picture
  6. Grs

    Here’s 3 I can let go of. Bluefish is a Surface Slim. Like new condition 2 small pointers on belly. Pearl White Surface Giant. Like new with 1 pointer on belly. Scup medium giant like new with one tiny pointer. all three of these could Pass as new. Can send pictures of small pointers if you would like. 112$ each PayPal shipped 320$ PayPal shipped on the lot
  7. Sorry found what I was looking for elsewhere. I appreciate the offer.
  8. Title says it all. Need a Mint GRS Bunker. PayPal ready.
  9. GRS, Don Musso, Arsenal, Cyclone, Black Talon. would also consider others, but those would be preferred.
  10. Bump
  11. Title says it all. My BNIB vr125 for your mint high end plugs.
  12. PayPal sent
  13. 210$?
  14. Can offer 280$ on the lot.
  15. All about perspective!