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  1. I will take the 3oz wooden bottle for asking. And thirds on the Needle.
  2. Very well said.
  3. rod.
  4. I received mine today. Well kind of, I received 4 when I ordered 5. And I haven’t received a refund for the missing one…
  5. My 5 shipped this am!
  6. thanks for sharing this. appreciate it
  7. well, guess now we wait to see if the orders get canceled. I purchased 5. would be sweet to get 5 for the price of 2.
  8. found them, thank you
  9. sorry no longer available, forgot to close the thread
  10. My buddy is interested in just the two northbars. He can offer 33$ shipped for the pair, please let me know.
  11. Berkeley Gulp Flatback shads and Lunker City shakers with Tinman shads for me. Used to fished factory rigged shads. But have found that the ability to shift weight, profiles and WELL bluefish, has made the shad and jighead combo better.
  12. Any hints? LOL
  13. Thank you. Thats helpful. So I will definitely be good with a 500 yd spool. Or I can opt to get a 300yd spool and use backing.
  14. I agree. Respectfully the point of the thread is to ask how many yards you have used when spoiling a vs250. It is advertised as 600 of 50lb. I assume this is way off.
  15. I like your first idea. However This reel will be used for larger critters aka sharks primarily. I was curious about whether a 300yd spool or a 500yd spool would be necessary. I know my vs200 the vs given capacity was 500 yds of 40lb braid, but I filled it to the brim with 300yds of 30lb braid.