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  1. I apologize I forgot to mention that I am looking for New or very good condition. Apologize for that
  2. PayPal ready, can also trade if necessary
  3. Personally, my biggest problem is that both Steve and Donny have said the plug and signatures are fake. I honestly think that if Donny signed it he would recall and furthermore he would definitely be able to tell if he made the plug.
  4. Agreed. Very well said. Personally the only time I’ll fish a higher end plug is when I buy it used.
  5. Feel free to show us some of your Musso’s in the Musso collecting thread. A lot of guys on here have some insane collections. Personally started collecting Musso’s last year and I really enjoy it. Awesome to see the quality and work put into these plugs 30-40 years ago. I think certain plugs should be collected others fished, A mint condition Musso at this point in time should not see water.
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  7. Purchased over the summer last year in hopes of using it at the canal. Figured my vs250 would do the job just fine and still have it today. It is Brand New never, spooled, put on a rod or anything like that. Absolute beast of a reel! Can post a picture of the actual reel upon request, the package is unopened. Asking 915$ paypal fees and shipping included. Would also consider trading for a lot of higher end plugs and/or plug bags.
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  9. would you do the needle and a swimmer?
  10. Little bit steep for me. I value the swimmers are around 75-80 each.
  11. which dmags are you interested in?
  12. pass but thank you
  13. TTT
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