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  1. deal. my 3 capesams for 650 shipped. sending a pm. thanks Marcano
  2. Again I maybe wrong by I interpreted that as “it is up to you” whether you post an asking price or not.
  3. thanks mike
  4. I maybe in the wrong here, however I do think I have seem threads where the owner posts a plug and asks for a offer. I know this is not allowed when creating a thread in the WTS section, but i do think this is allowed when offering a plug to sell in the WTB section. I may be wrong, if so I will list a clear asking price.
  5. shoot me an offer.
  6. Three Capesams. Top is a Pichney Jinx Flag Norris Needle Flag Glass Eye Atom. I would entertain an offer. Thanks in advance.
  7. Any interest?
  8. I know where one lies. LOL. But it is deep in a collection and not moving. And no I am not the owner.
  9. I have a few double pichneys and few imperfect mussos I would consider selling. But nothing of that caliber. Let me know. Also have a capesams flag pichney jinx that I could sell. Thanks
  10. Flatlander would likely be your best option if you can find one for sale. The wait for a new one I think will be until the fall. Personally I use a rockhopper and cannot complain. I typically have a 3 tube, a buck tail pouch and plier sheath on my belt.
  11. pp ready... thanks
  12. Any Mack. They are all gems.
  13. i would say a jointed bottle would have to be "the plug". But as far as patterns go i would say the "scalloped" and the mackerel.
  14. Yes fixter is from California
  15. I would say starting on SOL, is the way to go. Get familiar with prices and with what you like. Lots of fairly priced plugs on here.