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  1. Anything else you would consider?
  2. Out front MC. Slower than I have hoped for. Fished 3-8 am. Got a few small bass under 22” on a 1 1/2 oz Hopkins. No Albies. Not as much bait as earlier this week.
  3. What’s your best price on the reel? Also any trades?
  4. My bad. Connecticut is the answer to my question.
  5. Damn I wish I could catch this many fish!
  6. Thank you. Pm sent.
  7. Take both ccw 38$ shipped? I assume both are new?
  8. Bump
  9. 53$ for the pair of needles. Sent.
  10. Meet me at 53$ and we have a deal. Fees on me.
  11. I would offer 50$ for the pair of needles. Fees on me.
  12. I’m in
  13. Typically you would post pictures and your asking price. Thank you that would be great.
  14. Still available?
  15. Respectful reminder to add a price