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  1. I agree most watch these shows so they might be able to learn something from it. There's only a few shows I can think of that actually try to do this. Those shows usually have a long life span on TV.
  2. Turn your dry top inside out then look at the neck gasket. You should see approx 8-12 rib lines. Place the neck gasket around a large can or bottle and take a very sharp razor blade and cut only 1 rib line off at a time. Try the top on after you cut 1 rib if it's still to tight then do the procedure over again. Don't forget the latex neck seal should feel tight but not to the point of strangulation. After a few trips out you will get used to the neck gasket. I've got digital pictures of the procedure if you want me to send them to you just send me an e-mail.
  3. I used the 40+ intermediate line almost all of last year starting from April and ending in December at least 3 to 4 times per week. Never experienced any problems with the weld between the running line and the head segment. It casts just like a shooting head. Great line for using in the surf or even from a boat.
  4. I use a Stohlquist Free Play dry top/wader combo. I purposely flipped my kayak in the ocean surf a few times and even had to swim a couple of times to get back to my kayak. When I took the dry top and waders off I was completely dry.
  5. Somerset Fly Fishing Show JAN 27-29 World Fishing & Outdoor Exposition MARCH 2-5
  6. Forget about bait there's boulders deep below the surface. I have done very well there using a fly rod.
  7. There's 3 terrific spots within 30 minutes of Manhattan. They are very good spots when fishing in the early spring or late fall. The first is Roosevelt Island. It's under the 59th street bridge in Manhattan. The second spot is Astoria Park. It's located in Queens. You can fish between the Triboro Brdge and Hellgate Bridge but you must wear korkers here. This area can be incredible at times. The third spot is Wards/Randalls Island. You can get there by taking the M35 bus on 125 street and Lexington Ave in Manhattan. You want to fish the area under the Hellgate and Triboro Bridge. This area can also be incredible during early spring and late fall.
  8. Sounds like you got the "OLD" original version of the +40 line. As stated above you should bring it back and get a new 1. The "NEW" +40 Cold/Salt/Striper line that won't happen to. I've been using the +40 Cold/Salt/Striper line since May. I have easily been out over 60 times casting it everytime out, and it casts great. Casts like it did when it came out of the box. Great for the surf acts like a shooting head also very good casting from from a boat with good accurate casts(if your a good caster). You will really like this line.
  9. was it sleek shaped with swept back pec fins? Yes it had a sleek shaped body. The pec fins "angle" looked the same as if you were looking at a jet flying overhead.
  10. Funny you mentioned that. I was out on my kayak this past Saturday, south shore off the beach at around 10AM. I was paddling back in at the time about 1/4-1/2 mile off the beach when I saw a shark between 8-12ft jump out of the water 3 consecutive times about 20 ft in front of me. I couldn't tell what type of shark it was because each time it came out of the water it came out sideways with the belly facing me. It was feeding on the incredible amount of small bluefish 2-3lb that were in the area at the time.
  11. If you try parking there even in the middle of the night they will tow your car away before you know it. The tow company has a contract with the marina. The cars parked there have a special permit on the dashboard.
  12. I agree with flysully the +40 clear intermediate is a sweeeeeet line.
  13. Spigola if you have either the Forty Plus intermediate or the Forty Plus Cold/Salt/Striper intermediate both lines have an intermediate running line. The catalogue is wrong it's not a floating running line.
  14. 11235BklynGuy, Little Neck Bay water temp is 42 degrees. How long do you think you'll stay alive in a float tube when hypothermia sets in?
  15. Hahahahahahahaha!!! I remember the same thing happened to me. Hate the Fleet but it sure cleans you out.