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  1. Raining and 38 degrees here.... got just enough snow last night to draw a snow pecker on the walkway to get the ole lady laughing.... it worked lol.
  2. I vaporized one with my .308 from 150 yards a bunch of years ago.... seriously wasn’t much left.
  3. Thoughts and prayers sent
  4. I’m sure just about every mature doe you shoot after mid November is preggers,.... plucked plenty of fetuses out of December and January deer.
  5. Dammit.... I’ve used this name on line since 2002.... got me feeling funny about it now that I think about it.
  6. John on the unreel, Tom on fishing fever, Adam Bomb....fished with everyone on your list except Phil..... outstanding captains.
  7. We should get together and wet a line sometime this spring or summer .... I’ll bring the fish whistle
  8. I love my uncles place in south dennisville, think he has 18 acres that buts up to an enormous sanctuary. When we run a drone straight up from his back deck.... you can see the Delaware bay at Dennis creek.... then pan to the east and see the ocean . 10 minutes to the slip in sea isle, 10 minutes from dropping one of the smaller boats in Dennis creek and hitting the Delaware bay.
  9. Prayers sent
  10. Beaten half to death with a blunt object.... slowly, then harvest his organs with no anesthesia... and a dull knife
  11. I hate a thief, came across this Saturday while making a push.... feel for the dude, I’ve had 3 cameras swiped this year.... one from that patch of woods as well
  12. My 08 ram has a valve tap on start up , 103,000 miles on it .... our 2017 grand caravan does as well... they both go away in a few seconds.
  13. Early morning, beginning of the outgoing with just enough breeze to keep the gnats at bay. I fish south jersey just a little north of door gunner. One thing I did differently this year is make a bunch of trips with my buddy in his tin boat, been fishing the backwaters of Avalon and sea isle for 30 years .... except in a 24’ boat with a straight inboard.... the little boat with a trolling motor was like a whole new world. Up until this year my buddy had never flounder fished.... he’s hooked for life after this past summer. I was was able to scale down my tackle and fish a lot lighter, 10 lb braid ... 10 lb floro leader and did the most damage with either a 3/8 oz jig head and 2 1/2” finesse or a 1/2 oz bucktail tipped with spearing and a strip bait....I’ve always been a live bait guy, holding in place with the trolling motor and casting up into creek mouths produced a lot of flounder and a lot of keepers with the finesse. ... so much more fun than just drifting.... the weakfish and stripers as bycatch we’re fun too on that light tackle. Primarily used a st croix triumph 6 ft 6 rated 1/4-5/8 oz with a 2500 diawa.....
  14. I watched my father take his last breath , the image still haunts me.... dunno if I’ll ever get over it honestly.