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  1. Salmon once they hit the river… fun to catch but taste like crap, may be totally different in Alaska but the ones from Lake Ontario taste like chit
  2. Tuna over 100 lbs… been there, done that
  3. Schuylkill valley nature center in Roxboro…. Saw some monsters back there
  4. We use to drive out to the park in the 90’s just to look at the bucks… I’m not complaining about the lower numbers because I drive down 422 at 3:30 am 5 days a week lol. That was the place to go to see some real nice bucks that didn’t have a care in the world.
  5. Fish around the rest stops long enough and it’s bound to happen…. Hope you got your $20
  6. T Mobil for phones and Verizon for cable and internet…. No interruptions
  7. Rub some dirt on it and quit being a poosay
  8. Observations from my back yard….been here 10 years and over the past 3 years the red shouldered hawk population has boomed. Their call is unmistakable (thanks Merlin app). I very rarely get through a cigarette without hearing or seeing one. What else I’ve noticed… I use to hear great horned owl’s pretty frequently… more so during winter but in the summer as well. Not the past few years
  9. Ya know it’s not near as dangerous when the river isn’t running high… what were you thinking lol.
  10. That’s enough for a good time at the washi washi
  11. Corsons is not the inlet for a boat with a straight inboard lol…the only time we get close to corsons anymore is when we tie up to the deauville for drinks on days it’s blowing. It’s a shame running out of corsons saves us close to an hour when we fish the oc reef instead of running out of Townsends . I caught my first striper from the beach in corsons
  12. I’ve had a buncha fun with a handful of these guys and they are all aces. There’s only a handful of guys that seem like real doosh canoes here in the tavern
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