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  1. We got destroyed at my uncles place even worse than at the dock..... then again it’s always buggy there, a huge preserve behind his 10 acres and if we fly the drone up off the back deck you can see the Delaware bay right where captain Tate’s use to be and pan around and see the back bay of sea isle and the ocean.... pretty much across the street from the Dennis township rec park
  2. Slow it down, clip your trolling leads right to the umbrellas and bump it up to 6 oz. marking your line with a sharpie every 50’ helps too if you don’t have a line counter.
  3. Biological warfare..... check civil unrest and rioting ..... check gonna have to go with a nuclear event, we already have home grown terrorists wreaking havoc.
  4. I got Annihilated at the dock in sea isle yesterday..... bad day to be installing a new battery switch.
  5. Dude.... you live in south jersey..... you should be use to this by now, I’m sure joeyzac is getting torched by em x 2
  6. Where’s Wilson Goode and a few barrels of tnt when ya need him.
  7. Dude lunch time was 5 hours ago
  8. There’s a double wide on a few acres right down the road from me for sale ....come on up to pa red
  9. That’s alcohol abuse
  10. Hang up your tool belt and trade it in for an apron.... you have a gift
  11. She’s woman enough to punch a cop in the mouth..... she’s woman enough to get knocked the f out
  12. Double rainbow .... right now
  13. That has more marble than what I was seeing , still prefer a ribeye but I’d give that one a try
  14. Agrees..... I’ve had to put another shot into quite a few deer over the 30+ years I’ve hunted..... it sucks every time.... but you do it and finish what you started ethically.
  15. Just enough to coat the stomach before some real drinking begins......gotta prep for success even if that means gas station pizza, enjoy your night Red.... I’d tell ya not to do anything I wouldn’t do but that leaves waaaay too much leeway for trouble