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  1. There’s plenty of fish to be caught in Gunners back yard..... which just happens to be the backyard I grew up fishing.
  2. Don’t get but hurt.... your one of em too
  3. Eff you his tits are bigger...... there’s a handful of guys I’m looking forward to wetting a line and knocking some beers back with..... red is pretty dam close to the top of it.
  4. Pa youth trout day..... took my twin 3 year olds to the creek for their first trout.... mission accomplished. My father loved trout fishing, he passed away before his grand sons were born... the first one out of the womb was named after him .... they caught their first trout on his rod and reel.
  5. My uncle has a place in south Dennisville and keeps his boat in a slip in sea isle.... been fishing from the back waters to 50 miles off the beach pretty much since I was old enough to spit. Off shore ain’t what it was 25 years ago... hell nothing is... there’s lots of fish in the backwater if you know where to look.... it’s sadly the best game in town in that area anymore.... we still hit the reefs and would do a few mako trips.... they upped the mako regs upto 87” or so which ended our inshore trips for them. ... I fish my 17’ McKee in the back and do very well. ... the boys are 2 years away from getting an intro to greenheads and gnats lol.
  6. If you guys manage to get that together I would be in....keep in mind it’s South Jersey and the best flounder fishing in the back is over before the season even starts.... it’s worth the trip just to shoot the breeze with the gunner, truly an awesome dude.
  7. Today was a good day.... they caught their first trout on my fathers trout rod, he passed before they were born, he was there with us in spirit today I’m sure.
  8. I love it when a plan comes together .... the plan was to get my boys their first trout....mission accomplished, they landed 2 each and lost 2 each .... I’m a happy daddy today.
  9. A rainbow behind a rainbow..... cool pic.
  10. Hell no I went there for the bowl.....smoked up with a buddy from work and he had one... told me where he got it and off I went
  11. I would like a spot on the waiting list.
  12. Nope.... honest to god got it from the McDonald’s in’s got a glass bowl piece and is by far the easiest bowl to keep clean..... pop the bowl piece out and run it under hot water and it’s like a brand new bowl .... add to that the body is made from that high temp rubber that oven mits are made from .... best dam $15 I ever spent.
  13. I start at 4 am... so I’m ready for lunch food by 8 am, wawa blows.... just about everywhere else is serving breakfast ... got a small place close to work where I can get a great pulled pork or cheesesteak at that time..... the other three days is a crap shoot and I usually end up skipping lunch altogether
  14. been drinking them since I was old enough to steal em from my grandfather and uncles refrigerators