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  1. Happy birthday Reecie…..make sure that freckled up freak keeps your bowl packed and your beers cold.
  2. “If I get your balls in my mouth I’ll bite them off” also redfishkiller
  3. Drives me a insane
  4. He’s killing it because he’s hunting them like white tails , all them dudes wanna do is spot and stalk…. Climb up here , glass em them try and get on them…. They have no patience, he’s killing his animals by finding them then hunting wallows, those guys never sat in a tree stand for 8 hours and can’t fathom sittin in one spot for 4 hours.
  5. Think the tags are around $500 for non resident
  6. Perusing through the news this morning I came across an article about a chick I dated about 12 years ago, she swindled $180,000 in covid relief funds…. That chic was a lot of fun but we did waaaay too much coke together and I had to get away from that…. She was running me right into the ground.
  7. Public land in Colorado,goes for 2 weeks, his brother lives out there and that’s how he met up with the dude he hunts with who is also has his own fly fishing guide service and grows acres of doobage lol …. Public land tags are over the counter
  8. I’ve had an open invite to go for the past 10 years, he keeps asking me when I’m gonna go…. I keep telling him when I can catch tuna in Colorado I’m in….. until then if I’m shelling out that kinda coin and that much time away I’m doing it somewhere tropical.
  9. Colorado boy said his elk was the toughest extraction ever, said it all but killed both of them
  10. Great news Ted, keep on keeping on
  11. No vehicles or body parts dented? …. Did ya catch a mess of fish? Come on… cough up some details , you too @rocco I see you in the pics
  12. That was unintentional…..doing it on purpose takes balls.
  13. You been trying to get into Rocky’s pants for years
  14. We fished catfish tournament’s for 20 years on the schuylkill river…we won a few and placed in quite a few. Fish had to be alive for weigh in, once guys started pulling into weigh in dragging trailers with oxygenated tanks it was time to quit.