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  1. Rent a camel..... it’s a long way from the boardwalk to the water .
  2. Sorry to hear..... hardest day of my life was saying goodbye to my dad. Best wishes to you and your family in a very difficult time.
  3. Just wait till he gets bored and starts The Who would win a fight threads... example....fisher cat vs bald eagle squirrel vs sewer rat ... etc. im gonna have to move further west , being within 50 miles of mummi and belmo can’t be good.
  4. Nice job rocky..... don’t sweat the harvest nazis .... no blowfish for you.
  5. I have zero complaints
  6. I use whitetail.....$64 a quarter so ....$256 a year, Im outside of Pottstown
  7. I pay for trash removal.... we have 2 big cans that get picked up by robotic arm our cans are always empty, we can do one free bulk pickup a month as well... mattress and box spring etc... Sunday me and the boys made a bunch of deer sausage,deboned 12 hind quarters and 10 shoulders.... I tossed 12 bags of deer carcass and trimmed meat we didn’t want to grind into the work dumpster Monday morning. One small problem was the dumpster was less than a quarter full.... the other is the heat, you can’t get within 30 feet of that sucker it is bad. 5 different guys have gone to the production manager and said they think there’s a dead body in the dumpster lol.
  8. Honest to god did that with a vacuum cleaner my ex just had to have fixed....almost went to jail over that one .
  9. Agreed .... bet he never backed down into the tide or wind to make buck tailing effective
  10. Always pot luck with an open boat trip .... was the dropped outfit a boat outfit or one of the other fares
  11. Yeah that’s 20 lb floro and 1 1/2 oz territory, I would have told the dude that kept asking for bait .... if he wants me to be his mate I’m gonna expect a tip at the end of the trip lol .
  12. Guilty.....I’ve got anger management issues lol
  13. That blows Pete.... how deep were you fishing and how fast was the drift ?
  14. Fresh water sunfish
  15. Words hurt