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  1. Snag.... reel in and transfer the bunker to another rod.... hook them back near the tail .
  2. I’m allergic to brown liquor.... I break out in handcuffs
  3. You have more patience than I do.... nicely done
  4. I know what he meant.....the only way is to go rogue lol, we’re from the same area I’m just trying to point him in the right direction to break the law.... I feel dirty
  5. I wouldn’t try and take one for the tank from marsh creek or green lane..... I can point you to a spot in king of Prussia and one in Radnor that will be a gimme in July especially if you want one under 5” .... no worries about running into the man at either place.
  6. My money is on momma rabbit
  7. Awesome stuff fellas..... wish I lived closer to the salt
  8. First fish of the morning
  9. Fought a lot of wind up yesterday but put some fish in the boat.... not a terrible first afternoon
  10. Don’t knock it till ya tried it.... that being said it’s a young mans game.
  11. Rolled out at 5.... just shy of Williamsport waiting for gander mountain to open .... gonna grab a new trolling motor and some tackle, should hit the finger lakes by noon.... 4 days of well deserved fishing are on order.
  12. Truer words have never been spoken
  13. If ya shake it more than 3 times your playing with it
  14. Same here.... I’ve got deer in the backyard just about every night.... seeing the first firefly of the year says summer time to me..... as well as hearing the locust tells me fall is coming.
  15. Yep.... I ain’t goin down that road again.