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  1. Relapse
  2. I prolly should not be posting this stuff but it was 35 + years ago.
  3. I think it was the next weekend and we wanted to get back at the lady who made us take down our flagpole. We watched her pack up the car and leave the house, like she was going on a trip. So my buddy and I grab an extension cord and a blender. Plugged the cord into her outside outlet and we proceeded to make pina coladas and frozen drinks all day for the surf crew.
  4. We were having a party at our surfing beach in Longport one Saturday, we dug a hole and threw down a keg into the sand. A telephone pole had washed up on the beach and I thought it would make a good flagpole. So we dug another hole, I went home to grab an American flag and my beer mug flag. Attached to the pole and we raised Iwo Jima style. Well the beachfront house was a real party pooper and called the cops saying she was afraid the pole would fall on her bulkhead. Cop gets out and we know him, his parents lived on same street as some of us. He says what are you guys doing? Take that pole down. Yes sir! Pole came down and he never mentioned the keg party.
  5. Back in the late 70’s, probably around ‘78, we were out all night in Margate. Three of us hung out together, we were best friends, all with same first name, Pat. Well after the bars closed at 4 am we decided we would go for breakfast, not like making right decisions but we were hungry. Jumped in our friends beat up lime green Chevy Nova and headed over the causeway to the Point diner. Going over the old rickety rackety bridge, my friend was kinda going a bit fast. Cop on the other side pulls us over. It was a front bench seat and all 3 of us up front. He asked our names, and we each took a turn, Pat, Pat and Pat. Cop laughs says lemme see ID. Gave him out DL’s and said we are on way to Point diner. He says enjoy the breakfast and slow down. Can’t believe he let us go.
  6. Only thing that matched it, no pun intended, was the Dresden bombings.
  7. Kinda hard to lose the resentment when they were the ones that fought them. That was a God awful war.
  8. Nonexistent in both the Expedition and the Tahoe. In terms of play or bounce. Never notice it nor was I ever concerned about it. There might be 20 lbs of ice in there at most.
  9. Oh, and Mr. James Cavanaugh was always the Grand Marshall of the annual St. Patty’s day parade in Philly.
  10. My mom would say, “Wait until your father gets home.” Man I knew I was getting it.
  11. I just measured it. 23”
  12. I think it’s 18”. Make sure you get the longer one. I can measure it and report back.
  13. That extension works great. It allows the hatch to open and close unrestricted and keeps me dry if it rains a bit too. I bought it at NAPA.
  14. Over