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  1. Is that what happened here? All this commotion?
  2. I’ll just say this-nothing about this behavior is “as American as 4th of July.” If I say anything more, well, I’ll shut up now so I don’t get any points.
  3. Be prepared for some bluefish.
  4. Back when I was in Catholic grade school, boys were never allowed to have their hands in their pant pockets.
  5. I recently bought 2 4000 Sahara’s and 1 5000 Nasci. I am using the Sahara on my 7’ Carbon Shield II rods for light plugging artificials for bass, blues... The Nasci is on my 8’ Tica plug rod. I have to say, the Nasci is really nice for the few extra bucks, but I like the Sahara just as much. I have an older 3000 Sahara I use for flounder. The reel has been flawless. I also have a couple older 4000 Sedona reels I use for back bay bass in the fall with live eels. Those are still holding up well. I use 15 lb mono on the Sedona reels, 20 lb braid on the 4000 Sahara and same on the Nasci. Very smooth reels. Plenty of power so far.
  6. That about sums it up. And another round of protesting.
  7. Enjoy and hope you have calm seas with plenty of fishing time.
  8. He didn’t, what makes you think he did? These releases occurred in blue states.
  9. If the first doc was very old, maybe he wasn’t too keen on surgery as an option and always recommended less invasive treatment as a general principle. Get another opinion. If the 3rd doc says surgery, just get it done. They perform these things routinely now, all while playing Led Zeppelin very loud in the ER.
  10. Great t shirt
  11. He has a service come in, you know, servants.
  12. And I question the ability or reliability of a face covering or a mask to prevent spread of this virus in the first place. I think it’s just a feel good thing. ill wear it but it comes off the moment I leave a store. I don’t drive around with it on, geez.
  13. The people that wear a mask while alone, driving a car, riding a bike etc will become the poster child for Governors to keep us wearing them 24/7/365. stop it. You don’t need to wear them when you’re alone!!!
  14. Pretty girls like this aren’t a dime a dozen, I’d say they are a bit more expensive, and probably the main reason why I didn’t see or have too many growing up. but I married a cute blond with a good heart. I think she felt sorry for me, lol.
  15. It’s that NY flashergirl!