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  1. I catch plenty of fluke on the teaser from my boat, including weakfish.
  2. BMW owners, way back in the day, knew why they drove that car. Few were on the road. Now, with leases galore, everyone has one and 3/4 of don’t know why. Or how to drive. I know, I had one for 12 years, 30 years ago.
  3. Don’t forget the vaccine companies purposely delaying the announcement they had a vaccine until a week after the election! Like they didn’t know the week before!
  4. That’s right, going out to lunch has never been better. Except for the lack of people working who instead would rather sit home and collect my hard earned tax dollars.
  5. The Omega Man! Charleston Heston would be proud!
  6. It did, everything is open.
  7. With each post he keeps revealing his true self. He’s a commie pulling the blue lever in FL after he had his fill of NJ.
  8. A little late.
  9. Thy aren’t doing anything yet because they want to get the supplier, the main distributor. The “heavy” so to speak. something will go down, be patient.
  10. Sad news, I’ll be playing some tomorrow.
  11. So what if he did? Who really cares enough? The factory workers he was trying to impress? That weren’t there? Yeah he is one of the regular guys. Except he put a lot of regular guys out of work in his first day in office. so frigging what if he drove a tractor. Cut me a break already.
  12. Eh, the subway is relatively safe. It’s the projects at Cabrini Green and south side where most of the shootings take place. At least when I was out there in mid 80s.
  13. Rush hour this evening in Chicago .
  14. When my mom was in the nursing home, I would take my yellow lab in to visit. My lab had such a gentle disposition she was akin to a service dog. Most of the people loved to see her. It broke up the day to day boredom in God’s waiting room. But yes, I agree, it’s tough. I was going a couple times a week .