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  1. Debbie Harry? second Stevie Nicks.
  2. He couldn’t admit he was wrong. This is my shocked face.
  3. Well, for one, they have trouble getting wherever it is to pick it up. That’s racist to force someone to go pick up an ID. Wait, maybe the mail?
  4. Easy to forum shop for a liberal minded judge these days. Typical MO until it goes to a Circuit Court on appeal. Then the spanking happens. But the MSM doesn’t focus on that part.
  5. I surprised he lasted that long in prison without a shanking. Wonder how long he lasts on the streets, before he starts all over again.
  6. Only for wingfest. You missed the last one at D’Orios.
  7. When we built our house 20 years ago, I had a huge deck built and about 15,000 sq. ft backyard cleared. Only time we can enjoy it is between November and April. Or if I’m grilling. I need to invest in one of those LP gas traps. The mosquitoes are even worse than the g nats.
  8. Well he came down to dinner in his Sunday best.... excitable boy they all said and he rubbed the pot roast all over his chest....
  9. You better go check to see how the Director gets the job.
  10. Commit a crime in NJ with a gun and it is 5 years automatic.
  11. You have plenty of time to follow every thread while sitting on the throne. Good luck.
  12. No, i was talking about Comey.
  13. It’s about time we had a President who wants to run government like a business, instead of making government his business.
  14. They can’t and won’t due to:1) he cleared HRC; and 2) Trump fired him. Ergo, Trump bad, Comey good.
  15. Most if not all Presidents choose the people who will most align with a president’s political philosophy. Every president, given the opportunity, will do this.