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  1. The CHM is alive and well.
  2. I will say this: most of my fish were caught on shrimp. I tied my own “flounder” rigs with about 2’ of 20 lb. mono tied to a torpedo swivel weight (1 oz) to either a snelled gold kahle hook or later in the week I switched over to a 3/0 octopus circle. Some had an orange bead, some just the hook. I caught more fish without the bead. I switched to the circle because some of the short and I mean short, like 6-8” flounder, were eating the entire bait and swallowing the hook. It happened twice and that was enough to cause me to switch. I didn’t need any more than two to have a problem. I think next time I will go with a larger kahle hook; the hooks I used were repurposed from the pompano rigs after a blue would take one of the hooks leaving one left. These are #2 size hooks, which are a good all around size for most of the fish down there. The other bait rig I like is the sea striker pompano rig, it comes in different hook sizes. I go with the largest hook size they make. I can catch a variety of fish with these rigs, even caught drum up to 30” with them. NOT recommended for fishing the bull reds lol. The other rig I use is the Hatteras Doodle Bug, it’s a great rig. The blues go crazy over it, but I have caught puppy drum and trout with them. Mainly in the red/white colors. For those who are unfamiliar with the pompano rig, here is a pic.
  3. And on the last day, I caught a couple nice bluefish and a short speckled trout at the bottom of ramp 55. After a half hour the bite shut down. Moved up the beach a few times without any luck. Fished at the house, ended up catching a bunch of short sheepshead on shrimp. ended the day at the Sandbar Grille for dinner. Had a great sunset. Now I’m back to the grind.
  4. C’mon give us the thread link
  5. I would bet she went online and read the entire thread, then went to him and gave him any number of ultimatums, one of which was to have the thread deleted. Perhaps we will never know the rest of the story. I hope it ends well for him, but clearly she saw the thread, I think he even said she did.
  6. Fishing was bad today, as expected. Water was brown, but no weeds or grass. But the fish weren’t around. Guy next to me had a short flounder. I had something small on but lost it. Probably a small flounder who gobbled a big shrimp and was not hooked, just sucking on the shrimp. Beautiful day, no humidity, about 75. Had a fighter jet flyby. Depending on the surf, I’m either surfing or hitting Ramp 55 to fish for the last hurrah tomorrow morning.
  7. Some surf pics from today.
  8. The west wind flattened the surf, but it is high tide now. I plan to fish the trough for some flounder and trout with some shrimp. Will report later. maybe at mid tide it will break on the sandbar, and my daughter and I will catch some surf. This was more of a wind swell from yesterday and those swells don’t last long in 15-25 west wind.
  9. The view is great.
  10. Checked into here Sunday. One lot back.
  11. On Sunday, I was was catching some nice bluefish of 55. I was waiting to check into our house (I was in Frisco staying at a friends place for a couple extra days) and my wife was on her way down. So, I decided to have some fresh blue on the grill.
  12. My rig, in the spirit of naming trucks, it would be known as the BlackHatt.
  13. Anyone familiar with Foster Boats? Here is one sitting behind his “shop” down by the ferry.
  14. Trouble sleeping. Just some pics from yesterday with the storm. Took a peek over 55. It was ugly.
  15. I never fish the point, forget that nightmare. I’d rather find my own space down Ramp 55 or 49. But I mainly fish 55, and do rather well there, considering the fact that Mother Nature took away the end of the beach at the inlet. Sometimes I go all the way down to the end, sometimes the middle, I look for good water, and I like a point for low tide where I can walk out to cast beyond the outer bar. I also like to fish Ramp 67 over on Ocracoke, but that is an all day affair. Dont get stuck believing you have to fish the point just because it’s the point. There are many other places to fish that produce. And remember, get some shrimp, I catch more on shrimp lately that I’m believing more and more that it’s the bait of choice.