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  1. Both places have surface bedrock. The only reason it was mentioned was to answer the OP question about Korkers. I'm not sure what your point is, yes its ledge.
  2. In case you're wondering Hazard Rock is also ledge, don't forget your Korkers
  3. Are you kidding me? Do you think those are big rocks measuring 300 feet across. Its ledge outcropping ( Bedrock). You know like in the Flintstones. Most of NE is on Bedrock ( Ledge). In some areas it sticks out of the ground or water. I'll be kind and leave my response at that. Without suggesting what you should stick to. New England is a region in the North Eastern United States consisting of the states Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Most of New England consists geologically of volcanic island arcs that accreted onto the eastern edge of the Laurentian Craton in prehistoric times. Much of the bedrock found in New England is heavily metamorphosed due to the numerous mountain building events that occurred in the region. These events culminated in the formation of Pangaea; the coastline as it exists today was created by rifting during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The most recent rock layers are glacial conglomerates.
  4. People put on their headlamps, never said I did it. It was a list of items People do that isn't generally accepted but we have to live with it. So what is the official rule on headlamps? I usually go with RED if I have to do something. But what about if you're landing a fish on a jetty in rough conditions, is the white light OK? Normally I wouldn't ask that here because some guys might get crazy but I'm taking a chance since the discussion went in this direction. I'm being serious, all I hear is no white light. When would it be OK?
  5. Agreed but sometimes this place can be rough. I associate fishing with fun and friendly advice when I meet someone with the same interests. Here we have that but often there is so much negativity, it makes you wonder if its necessary. People will put on lights, show up without Korkers and a white bucket and sometimes we might find other fishermen in our favorite spot, god forbid. That will never end. I read more about that here than good fish stories. Lurking is a good idea, hence my 15 posts in multiple years.
  6. I don't use Korkers all the time, if you fish from shore and its sand you don't need Korkers. Its not that difficult of a question. SurfAmerica - Keep in mind this forum isn't a good place to ask questions about fishing. Good place to complain and tell people there are no fish. If you ask a question it means you don't know something which means you're a noob and will generally be insulted vs given some good advice. So my take on Brenton Point is: Its a rocky spot with large rocks and ledge in a wide spread area. The bottom is also rocks in most places and tends to be a decent spot for Tog. Definitely need Korkers there. Not the best spot for Stripers vs. most of the other popular places. If you're after Tog, give it a shot if not look elsewhere.
  7. It was the standard Power pro not the Super slick and I'm not sure about the Spiderwire, nothing special probably the standard one. It was the only one left on the shelf or I would have gone with power pro. I'm not sure the brand would make that much of a difference. I'm thinking a rod that size just wont work well with such thin line? Had nothing to do with coming off the spool, it was wrong at the release as if you let go at the wrong time and had a mis-cast. The reel came with 3 spools so I went back to 30lb and I was back to casting the entire spool. Then switched back to 15lb and it had no feel?
  8. Wondering why I'm casting further with 30lb Braid vs 15? My setup is an 11 foot Tsunami rod with an Ultegra CI4+. With 30lb braid I can just about cast to the backing with 150 yards. Blitzes from 3 weeks ago were very finicky so I went with a small popper that worked but didn't cast as far. I replaced my 30 lb power pro with 15 lb spiderwire and to my surprise casting was much worst. The feel was different and the weight of the plugs ( any size) didn't feel right or connected to my index finger on the cast release as the 30lb? There was no sweet spot where you feel the lure weight and let it fly. If this was mono it would have been night and day? I might try 20 lb power pro when its back on the shelves. Anybody know why this is happening?
  9. Out yesturday at a very popular beach and breachway. I like to target late afternoon low tides so I can fish the beach and then follow with some rotation after dark. Sorry I had to use the "R" word, it apparently upsets some folks here but I wanted to give an accurate report. Arrived around slack tide, a bit late but still had a few hours of daylight. Walked on to the beach and it looked like some type of armageddon, Men and some women all in the same uniform covered the shoreline as far as you could see. Looked like an invasion was forcasted and special forces were deployed to guard the beach. Anyway I found an open spot, guys were about 30 feet apart for a mile or two. Then a giant circle of dark water started heading my way right up to the waves, to a point where you sould see all stripes as the waves crashed. They were picky but a small popper was what they wanted ( tried every plug last time and found what they were after). This went on until dark up and down the shoreline giving evryone a chance. Father and 9 year old daughter were next to me, she yelled nice one as I pulled in my first fish. Shorly after that she yelled, "I got one". After 10 fish or so only up to 29" it was dark and I decided to head to the point. There were 3 guys up there and two were leaving, they said they each released 20+ up to keeper size, nothing big. Told me the bite was still there as they walked away. So now I'm in a rotation with only one other guy. It was his first time there and appeared to be handycapped since he was using a cane to move on the rocks. He didn't know about the rotation so I filled him in. Took some time but he got it. The bite was still on and the current was strong, I couldn't believe it was just two of us. Fish were still small around 27 with the occasional 28-29. It gave me a chance to take my time and try different things, after an hour a 3rd guy showed up. The three of us fished for an hour all with fish on every retrieve. Then they both left and I had the place to myself. (It was just myself and the opossum, the little guy is starting to get big) The current finally stopped but the fish were still there, I switched to a bucktail and was able to reach the fish off the end of the jetty. Fish continued on every retrieve. I lost count but kept going to catch that good size slot fish but it never happened. Bite stopped ( slowed down) around 9PM Sorry for the lengthy report but all the whinning and complaining lately doesn't paint the real picture of RI fishing at its best. we're extreamly lucky to have such a shoreline and resource. Sure it was crowded and why would I expect to have the beach to myself ??? I guess some guys would have seen the crowd and left, I didn't and had a great night. 9 year old 20 feet away from me yelling, "Nice one" made my night. BTW I wonder how many of you know what I mean about the opossum?
  10. Middle bay low tide incoming 6:30 - 8 AM Tuesday non stop mix of 24 to keeper size with a few 34+. Area gets hot in early June I think some type of crab hatch attracts them. Always at low incoming tide, I wade out about 1/4 mile from shore. I was wondering why the bite suddenly stops at 8AM? Not always 8 it varies but Tuesday it was 8. Fish were still there but wouldn't bite, hit 20+ fish on top water popper then tried everything in the bag and no bite. As I walked back to shore I constantly saw swirls and even fins. Same when I got there except no bite. I was exhausted anyway and ready to call it a day but it would be nice to know why they stop like that?
  11. If a poacher is after 20” bass do you think he’s going to get a license first or register his rod if asked? Certainly not, he’s out to do something illegal that has a much higher penalty. The people releasing undersize fish will be the ones getting a license or doing whatever the law asks. Forcing the group that is already doing the right thing will not impact the current group that is not complying. How many kids OD on drugs? Should we limit those? You don’t want to look at those stats. Should we limit the size of the drug bag? Yeah that would work. Why is this so hard to understand, murders (or mentally ill patients) will not comply to minor restrictions, they will use any means possible. What I don’t understand is why a third time hand gun possession crime is committed in Massachusetts and the criminal will still be released after a short time in jail. Oh and he had oversize mags where MA restricts to 10 rounds. Enforce the current gun laws before placing new ones on the table that don’t make sense. Also a shot gun with 00 buck shot will shoot 9 .30 cal projectiles in one blast. At close range that would be the equivalent of 9 shots from a .223 AR15. So 6 shots from a shotgun will release 54 .30 caliber lead balls. The shot gun will out shoot the AR in close quarters every time. That’s 54 lead projectiles with only 6 pulls of a trigger and you can hip fire without aiming. It will cause much more damage than an AR. However anti-gun folks are usually misinformed and go after the wrong things, use wrong terminology and constantly confuse the issues.
  12. Sat at high noon, mid bay. Wading out at dead low tide top water popper. Everything was wrong except cloud cover and slight topwater ripple. Sunday same spot 40 schoolies 20"-25" outgoing tide not a single keeper. Bite stopped at 11AM.
  13. Going for some Sea Robins tomorrow night. Seriously. My father is in his 80's and loves sea robins, I told him we were guaranteed to catch them, which made him ecstatic. Might catch some stripers in the process. either way its a win-win. Using small plastics if you real slow and let it hit bottom you cant miss. Is there any size restriction? How many can you take? Will have full report Friday. Can't tell you where I'm going but my user name wont be far away.
  14. Thats my hot spot!
  15. I wan to see picturs and a video, maybe todays paper in the background.