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  1. Lol. You know too much about everyone here not to be a retread. I don’t care either way, it’s just funny
  2. Definitely superior to the savages the looted burned and destroyed everything last night.
  3. With the lack of social distancing in the riots all of the major cities should see massive spikes in covid in the next two weeks right?
  4. It’s simple. But liberals will never understand this. And most of their “fathers” could give a rats ass about them. That’s why their community is falling apart at the seams.
  5. Liberals project, it’s all they are good at. There were lots of dumb arse white people in the crowds. Most likely antifa. But SJWs like Slowroller assume we are only talking about the black rioters when we call them all savages.
  6. Blacks need to clean up their act. And stop shooting each other by the thousands every year in each big democrat controlled city. They need to look in the mirror to see where the real problem is.
  7. They rioted and destroyed in center city. Lots of nice, high end businesses and municipal buildings. Not in their hoods this time. They are getting smarter at least. I have two friends that own glass companies that are going to be very busy soon.
  8. Let me give Knewbee something else to thumbs down and get emotional about. Here’s the video of the dumbass rioter lighting himself on fire. I hope he had 3rd degree burns all over and suffers immensely.