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  1. Probably posted before but always worthy of a repost
  2. The majority of gun violence in this country is committed in left wing run cities like Chicago. Inner city thugs should be considered terrorists too, just ask the people that live in those neighborhoods. This chart you drug off Daily Kos or wherever is BS. If we didn't let 35 year old muslims on student visas in here for one way flying lessons 9/11 would have never happened, but a certain side just wants to keep them coming.
  3. And most angry old Liberals actually pay Trump to live in theirs......
  4. Triggered by a Trump tweet. It’s so easy for him.
  5. True. We don’t want to offend people that day stuff like “some people did something “
  6. White supremacists must be condemned.......what about Muslim terrorists and their murderous hatred? Why can't leftists like her say it the same way about both sides? Especially when its the muslims that are doing the vast majority of killing these days
  7. Need a pic of the tweet and verification. If it’s not fake news she needs to be deported from 30000 feet without a parachute to whatever Stan chithole she came from