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  1. Got out for an hour tonight on the Delaware. First fishing trip in a couple months, since the end of the Striper season that never happened in NJ. Throwing a Mepps Musky spinner, and it stops. Then what I hooked started moving. It was pulling drag and it was heavy. My hearts pounding as I haven’t caught a big musky in years. I’m thinking the whole time “PLEASE stay on”. Get it near shore and............ it was a foul hooked Carp. Gonna give it a shot again tomorrow evening. Shad should be in soon, cannot wait.
  2. Liberals are outnumbering those with common sense. I definitely see someone like her becoming president in the near future. Hell, if Hitlary didn’t steal the Democrat nomination Bernie Boy would have been President. He’s not far off AOC’s level of insanity.
  3. You don't think someone like AOC would try this if she is president and more loonies that agree with her get seats in office???
  4. I have been on the beach when Bass would only hit a small wood metal lip crawled along the surface. And SP minnows are probably one of the best lures you can use at any time.
  5. AntiFa will be the group with the pink hats swinging dildos. At least BLM knows how to throw a proper riot And they know when the time is right to upgrade to a 60” flatscreen
  6. Nope, inner city hood rats don't care who's on the Supreme Court. They only care if one of their criminal friends get shot and killed by Police. The worst that will happen is some unhinged Liberal with a pink p***y hat will slap a cop in the head with a 12" purple dildo. We will hear a lot of the unhinged screaming at the sky though, so that's something to look forward to.
  7. Ummm, you live in Philly don't you? Philly is the worst area in the country with this. Good thing Mayor Kenny wants places for junkies to shoot up under doctor's supervision. It'll draw junkies in from everywhere like flies on ****. Northeast Philly wanted to secede from the city years ago. Liberals succeeded in turning the Northeast into a ghetto with their policies and section 8 so they don't have to worry about that anymore.
  8. I love the Lobs that think only the Rep party has Uber rich people backing them. Soros anyone????