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  1. What do Democrats think will happen to the deficit if one of the clown show that's promising free 1 Healthcare for everyone including illegals 2 College 3 College loan forgiveness 4 reparations gets elected? You can take ALL the money and it still wouldn't pay for everything
  2. Money sent.....Albies are coming
  3. Don't forget about me!
  4. I just put the rack on my CX5. Ordered the straps and rack pads. There are a few used boats I have an eye on. When I get the stuff for my rack the hunt will be on.
  5. Funny how people question Trumps health and are so concerned about it yet they voted for a woman who could barely stand up without people holding her up And yes, there are several videos of her falling down, and the are amusing I have yet to see one of people holding Trump up, or of him falling down and breaking his toe like Hitlary did Yes hes fat but he still gets around just fine....
  6. Exactly. Talk to some people that lean left about the Democrat clown show that was the initial debates. I have and people that don't like Trump are going to vote for him, because he isn't promising to raise everyone's taxes to pay for reparations, free school, college loan forgiveness and free healthcare for illegals. And normal white people are really getting sick of the Democrats crying RACISM when the wind blows in a direction they don't like.
  7. Joe is old, white, rich, racist and a groper, everything the Democrats despise and cry like girls about.......... and the Dems will embrace him orange man bad
  8. ^^^^^^ Nice run there, well memed!
  9. Most people, besides the unhinged of course, realize the Dems want to take as much of the money they WORKED HARD FOR and give it to those that don't. Free college, college loan forgiveness, free healthcare, reparations......all that stuff will only be free for those that don't want to work. I have no student loans, I have an IRA, pension and 401. I live cheap, so I can retire someday and maybe enjoy what little life I'll have left to go fishing (if there's anything left to catch by then) I already have a full time job and my own side business. Why should I have to work even harder so some idiot that got a useless degree in Philosophy can have is 100k in debt forgiven? The rampant abuse of welfare I see every day (because I actually live in the city, not some Ivory tower far away) is bad enough. People watched the clown show that was the Dem debates and saw how insane and far left they've become. It was a competition on who could give away more of the money of productive members of society to the people wanting their handouts. Even more will hold their nose and pull the lever for Trump this time around, I guarantee it. Especially if the loon Kamala gets the nod and starts really pushing for the reparations bull****. I have a couple of more Liberal friends that said they might actually vote for Trump, the clown show was that bad.