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  1. Just a reminder to the Brandon cultists. The dementia riddled racist potato with the corrupt pos crack head som said he would accept responsibility for what happens under his presidency…. ”unlike the other guy” Own it. You suckers and loser voted for this
  2. I loathe the far left a bit more than the far right. But I hear ya.
  3. A lot of vague and stupid questions. And a lot of questions I’d like to see added.
  4. Some random pics …. Not sure if that’s a juvenile musky or what. Kind of looks like a pickerel but the pattern isn’t quite right.
  5. Spit the hook. He’s insufferable, a liar and a scumbag.
  6. I feel no pity for them, they got what they voted for. They actually had the chance to recall the woke hypocrite running the state and chose not to.
  7. And you're a scumbag that insinuated something about me not taking no for an answer. And a liar.