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  1. Yup, and it's funny how he bought race into it too. I guess when you say stupid chit you may as well double down on it
  2. Damn, I'm surprised she's going against the potato. Good for her.
  3. Will AOC wail like a bitch in front of them in her 2000 dollar dress? It's weird that she isn't calling out the potato like she did Trump. I wonder why?
  4. Biden wants to build the wall again. I love seeing the blatant hyocrisy of the left
  5. Biden and company for 3 years.... there is no problem at the border, walls are expensive, don't work, and are racist, Republicans are lying, there is no border crisis, the border isn't open, Biden now before the election and seeing his polling numbers absolutely tanking... walls work, there is a crisis and it's still Republicans fault, I can do stuff about it, the same stuff that made leftists wail, moan and cry racism, I can close the border that I insisted isn't open, Their hypocrisy is off the charts.
  6. They shouldn't But you have to admit, the cost of going to college is way out of control. Something needs to change
  7. You're wrong, Trump is anything but conservative.
  8. If Biden does this will leftists wail and scream at the sky that he's a racist?
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