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  1. Your assessment is spot on. I really wonder if the people making the rules even have a clue about the reality of release mortality or if they are just bean counters.
  2. How many wraps of line around the horn(?) before casting with 8 plus bait? Do you use less wraps for lures?
  3. I have one of those but never put it on my rod. It is going to be my last resort. I'm really hoping I can find a tape that works. If I have to use the break away cannon, I want to figure a way to mount it that does not include zip ties. So far I am thinking heat shrink tape. Anybody have other mounting suggestions and if so can you show a picture of it?
  4. If being polite and using manners makes one a racist then I am a racist.
  5. I own a weber but have cooked on many different grills. Weber is dependable and cooks evenly across the whole grill. Most of the others.....not so much.
  6. I like good snapper soup!
  7. Thanks for the replies. I will try the tape I have and report back. I have never been a fan of the glove or finger pad. I lose the sensitivity needed for long casting.
  8. I am starting to think that letting Bobocare fail would be the best option.
  9. Each one of these turtles had a shell length of at least 16".
  10. Since the season is about to start I figured I would try to see what other guys are doing. I use max quarto on my reels and have almost severely cut myself a few times. No problem when using conventional gear but I plug with a spinning rig. I don't like the finger glove and have tried a few different tapes. It's to the point where I am hesitant to really load up the rod. So far the best I have used was the white athletic tape. I had a couple rolls that seemed ok but the last couple times I have ordered some, it had different qualities that made it useless. It would get wet and lose all of its tackiness. I have tried electrical tape but I have sliced through 7 layers already. I purchased a roll of 3M durapore but haven't tried it yet. Does anyone have any suggestion for a protective finger wrap, preferably tape?
  11. It's only a matter of time before I pack up and head south. This state is the worst.
  12. Trump isn't the problem here. It is the republicans and democrats that just refuse to get anything one for fear of not getting re-elected. They all have to go.
  13. This is a great topic. Some will swear it is caused by man, some will say it isn't. I fall on the side that thinks the climate is changing with or without man and that is always has been since day 1. The environment we enjoy today is the anomaly and for most of the Earth's history the atmosphere was quite toxic and violent. I kind of giggle when on one hand we can't accurately predict a simple weather forecast but on the other hand we supposedly have a firm grasp on weather data from a couple million years ago. It is a fact that the temperatures on this planet will always fluctuate. Whether even a little bit of that can be attributed to man is very much in question. Time and time again scientists get things wrong. This time they seem to be fabricating results to fit an agenda. I still think it is a good idea to explore new and sustainable types of energy, but not based on the illusions of doctored information.