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  1. New and improved 100 yards of wasted time, sand and money....
  2. We fish where the fish are and where people aren’t...
  3. Thankfully SIC34 and ****her are two sharpies that tolerate my daily grind...
  4. SIC34 is a cow hunter... He doesn’t like SMALL fish postings...
  5. I was going to ask the same q? Had no idea what this was... banded rudderfish...?
  6. Don’t you know? a vibration monitor... so when they strike oil or cause a earthquake they can run to the bank or hills! toms river tax dollars
  7. Cmon this is gonna work! I’ve fished this beach since I was 5 with my dad, uncle and brother... don’t you know moving sand around with big trucks is fun! I’ve built many sand castles ....and every time I come back it’s still standing... what a joke! whats sad is the people that live there full time, like my family already know it’s not going to work! I have to laugh at the vibration monitor... how much do you think that thing costs to rent per day?
  8. OC out front 5-8:30am.. tons of bait with snappers all over them. The fluke also showed up strong on the bait. Total 7 biggest 18” tried drifting a bug, no more of that... cow nose ray destroyed it... everything was in a sandeel or shrimp gulp...
  9. OC our front, 5-8am fluke nailing sand eels 12 total 14-18” wouldnt touch the swimming mullet, but loved the sand eels...
  10. Fluke bite was on again in OC! this morning 5-8am biggest 19.5” chartruese is all they wanted. this evening... sandeels, fluke were spitting them up...
  11. OC our front 5-8am 9 fluke , biggest 18” started off hitting white, then turned to chartreuse... water clartiy was pretty good and nice troughs back at again this evening...
  12. Maybe the SIC sharpie will participate and drop some knowledge for us!
  13. OC our front incoming Tide sat am, sat pm sunday am and Sunday pm. 25 fluke total, simple high low rig. found a few great drop offs... biggest was 18”, most 13-17.. tried the bug thing... but the butterfly ray is the only thing that hit it.... bi
  14. Sandy hook is a garbage dump! Carry in carry out? Yeah right... people in jersey don’t give a sh*t ... i guess I have to bring a garbage bag every time I fish from now on... I digress... fishing report... out front OC.. 5-7am cow nose spooled me they were busting on bait... water stained...
  15. WTB gliders thinner profiles 1.5 ounces and bigger 2.5-4 ounces