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  1. Don’t bother north wind blowing 20knts dirty, surf up
  2. OC 5am-8 dead! Watched 50 other guys do absolutely nothing!
  3. 5-6:30pm OC surf was up, left to right , dirty, blowing S 10-15knts. managed one .....released it quickly to the water without wasting time for a pic... some people get mad if we get SIZE wrong... I digress.
  4. Wait hold on I’m so confused... I thought if you caught two shorts you combined the lengths of the two? Oh crap, I actually thought I was doing better than everyone this year?!?
  5. Last night 8-11:30pm out front Location: ocean is a big place 14 + shorts, nothing of any good size stay on your couches and view SOL all day, wait for pics of short fat small fish!
  6. Sounds like a B&N report! Get out there!
  7. The lack of fish is making us all crazy! when is the next plug show?
  8. I wish I was... I don’t post 20inch fish
  9. I’d be complaining too if I made most of money during the “run”. thats like telling a guy who runs snowplow business not to complain about 40’s weather.... i don’t know the guy, does he complain... sure! I also check out his surf updates... like everyone else does ! no need to throw a local business owner under the bus!
  10. Beyond chocolate milk... mud
  11. Don’t bother it’s a washing machine out there!
  12. Report from down south OC at 6pm clean water. The further south you go the better!
  13. Report from last night 8:30-10:30 NMoCo no wind, no current, no bait, no fish water still stained I’m heading to OC to fish
  14. It’s the Gin talking again!
  15. Gotta be there to know.... OC hot bite 15” bass... lol