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  1. Quick left at the rock... four paces and you’re there! You’ll know it’s good when the seal jumps three times
  2. My useless contribution to SOL
  3. Bahaha drink up Gintini dont worry the bass have passed you by and are on there way to south jersey
  4. North MOCO 7:30pm-10pm water Gin clear no wind no bait one schoolie
  5. SP Minnows white, blurple , superstrike darters, bucktails - white
  6. Move on man.... no one cares how many posts you have or where
  7. Who cares when you fish... I don’t it was a joke
  8. DUDE... get off social media and go back to work then!
  9. you Want a reliable fishing report... go to seaside park fishing reports... “gotta get out there!” lol...
  10. Yes, poor attempt at humor lack of bass... so if your caught one I would call that a unicorn!!! Maybe the weekend warriors will provide some spot burns
  11. Feels that way right? Out last evening... out front blowing 30+ no bass, no blues seems like a daytime bite is going on?
  12. Quick trip last evening 5:30-7 managed one blue 3-4lbs. as stated, water was clean and flat. rain fish was being harassed by blues. water temp did feel it dropped a few degrees... birds were working out front
  13. Damn you SIC! I knew you were taking this!
  14. Should’ve have too. I guess some guys are complete Aholes
  15. Should have said... the guys from last night... and dropping your cigs in the water isn’t what I expect