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  1. That was 300 part 2.
  2. Riots happen because rioters and looters aren't shot. Start shooting them, and the law breaking will stop. That's the difference between white men and black people. Nonsense like that only happens because they didn't stick you in a labor camp every weekend for a year. Drop the hammer on teenage idiots when they're young, and you stand a decent chance of putting their mind right. This POS was allowed to retire with PTSD because of the shooting, after being found Not Guilty. He murders a man in cold blood, and HE is the one with PTSD?????
  3. "We are the ridicule of the world" is such a ridiculous thing to say that it deserves the responses it's gotten.
  4. We were founded on slavery too, and women not voting. Want to "peacefully assemble?" Fine. Get a permit, go to the park, and protest away. Don't block roads, don't close bridges, don't Occupy buildings, don't picket businesses.. <- And that's the "peaceful" stuff. As for lynching....... The cops got arrested, will get a trial, and will go to jail, like every other criminal should. So what's the problem?
  5. How can any of possible give one half of a flying **** what the world thinks? Every last person on this planet that has freedom has it only because we preserve freedom for the planet, so **** them, **** what they think, and for those of you who are concerned what they think well, grow up already. They mean nothing to us. They are nothing but a drawn on our resources.
  6. Define never, and define safe. "Never" meaning the next few years, the next few decades, or like 2,000 years from now? "Safe" meaning compared to what they were 6 months ago, or safe as in if you are in a city, you are truly safe from everything? I think most cities have been ****holes for a few decades now. Even the shining beacons like San Francisco have become true cesspools. Will they ever be safe again? In reality, who cares? **** 'em.
  7. Law abiding Blacks tend to vote Democrat, by a wide margin. So if this is what they want, let them have it, I'll be fishing, and they'll continue down the path of multi-generational poverty. For anyone who votes Left and supports Liberalism, **** 'em.
  8. **** her. And **** Collins too. Enough with slackers already. Vote them the hell out.
  9. **** him. How 'bout dem apples?
  10. None that I'm aware of.
  11. No, not at all. I see a whole bunch of college aged white kids that almost certainly have two parents at home that have worked their whole lives, provided a good life for their kids, paid for an expensive college indoctrination for their brainwashed ***hole kids that have never done a damn thing, and now those stupid ***hole Liberal kids are going to come with COVID and kill grandma. ***holes.
  12. We'll never know what the real number is, but it would interesting to know how many of these protesting ***holes caught COVID during their stupid protest, brought it home with them, and killed their elderly parents.
  13. Unless it's a big boat. Then you spell it with two t's. (boatt)
  14. Good. The scumbags in the Media don't deserve the truth.