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  1. Haven't you been paying attention to your side's playbook? "Substantiation" means nothing. "How we feel" is all that matters.
  2. That smile sums it up rather nicely.
  3. In all fairness, doesn't it sound like there were tons of offers from the Russians to share/collude/conspire with the Trump Campaign, but to their credit, the Trump campaign time and again said "no?"
  4. Not having to endure Hillary alone is worth it. Getting to enjoy the anguish on the Left alone is worth it. The victory celebration on MSNBC the night of the election alone is worth it. Seeing Hannity gloat on TV every night alone is worth it. His antics, as stupid and unPresidential as they are, are nothing compared the joy that his winning has brought.
  5. The more you look into the report, the more it seems to indicate that Trump wanted to do things that were both unPresidential and in some cases illegal, but Kelly Ann, Corey and others saved him from himself. Left to his own devices, he very well may have wound up in chains. But he wasn't, so he didn't, and now he won't, so "**** you, Lefties."
  6. Oh, I am very well familiar with the story. I am merely pointing out that I can't compare how I felt then compared to how I feel now, as I wasn't involved then. If the story happened today, and Bill were a Republican, the Left would be screaming that Bill must be Impeached because Monica could have been put up to it by the Russians, and they could have recordings from a hidden microphone on Monica's dress, so Bill is a blackmail risk and must go.
  7. Some random suggestions............ - If you insist on being able to rinse off the filets, bring home a bucket of ocean water with a lid on it (so it doesn't all bounce out on the ride home), and then divide that full bucket into two half buckets at the cleaning station. If you want to rinse, a quick dip, then onto a bed of paper towels, with another layer on top. Get the filets nice and dry. - As soon as they come over the rail, snip all the gills on both sides and the fleshy membrane under the gill plate, then into a half full bucket of ocean water. They bleed out like stuck pigs, and it really only takes about 10 seconds to do both sides, if you're slow. - I leave them in a cooler with blocks of frozen ice (not cubes), and ocean water. After a day in that ice cold water, it hurts your hand to take them out. Stick your hand into that water 30 times to pull out Sea Bass, and your hand will be in so much pain that there will be no question that the fish are more than cold enough. - Frozen 5 gallon bucket have much more chilling power than bags of cube ice. Don't forget to bring a hammer so you can smash the big round blocks into smaller chunks that won't roll around and "thunk" in the cooler. - Once you get them home. If you want to get all the water out of the cooler, put nothing but ice in the cooler (bags of cubes are now ok), straighten the fish out, and clean them tomorrow, yeah, they are stiffer and easier to clean. Do yourself a favor and be sure to get them straight though.
  8. I understand this is a bit of a copout, and admit that going in............. that said............. I did not get into politics until 9/11, and even then, I got sucked in by accident, from watching 6 months of 9/11 coverage on CNN and FOX. When the Clinton/Monica stuff was going on, I was working 70 hours a week, only married a couple of years, and thinking about nothing but paying my bills and the next skiing trip. I have no input, experience, or personal political history from that time period.
  9. They don't want to see it. They simply want to remove the orange man by any means possible, no matter how corrupt those means may be.
  10. Obstruction of the investigation of a crime that the investigation says did not exist?
  11. Come on now, I don't think anyone wants you to die. Some of us just wish you'd shut the **** up once in a while.
  12. No way in hell they drop this at all, let alone do so quickly. There will be investigation after investigation, and this will go on for months. Also plain to see is that terminally inflicted TDS'ers are the majority of the Dem party, and that is why this will not end. As for who should benefit in terms of votes, it would be Trump if voters were honest, but sadly, they're not.
  13. Why would any intelligent person ever seriously consider being truly transparent with a enemy out to destroy you, who cannot be trusted under any circumstances? The Dems in power are despicable human beings, who care not one iota for truth or justice. "Orange man bad" is all they know. They are despicable, and deserve nothing but a sneer from anyone who is truly honest.
  14. Not if those people are eager to absorb the explanation and then use that to justify their pathetic vote.
  15. This report will provide political fodder and embarrassing info about Trump for the entire duration of the next election cycle. It may not be a bullseye, but they certainly hit the target.