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  1. I am settled. By "you," I didn't mean Seal. I meant the POS defined in the previous sentence. Although, if they ever did get their hands on Seal......................
  2. What those numbers show me is that roughly 53% of this country is so ****ing stupid that they cannot be saved, they are a danger to our way of life, they are too stupid to reside amongst us, and they need to be boxed up and shipped away. Far away. Permanently.
  3. Well, if one is a POS they should be afraid. Hopefully they'll beat and torture you if they get their hands on you.
  4. ......... for Chef Boyardee?
  5. Well, they thought he was faking it. And "they" didn't paralyze him. He got hurt in a traffic accident. Close. I don't give a **** because he was a felon that likely shouldn't have been out of prison in the first place, but then followed it up with illegally possessing a firearm, at a party no less. **** him. Civilization is better off with him, and everyone like him, no longer in it.
  6. Watched the whole thing. How do you think I knew he was a felon with a gun at a party? And that no one beat him?
  7. I didn't see anyone beat or torture him.
  8. They said it would be hard to watch. I didn't find the video hard to watch at all. Felon with a weapon at a party. Who cares?
  9. How does more training eliminate bad apples? Well, aren't the lines already drawn, and every time the public cries about cops that aren't found guilty, it's because the courts found them on the good side of the line? How does a new line prevent that? You didn't address the knives or needles on the non-compliant person that could injure the cop and make an already bad situation even worse. Lawsuits from the person that got bashed in the head, although, does it really matter either way? Haven't seen the video, but I think I already conceded on that point. Like what calls? And whatever they are, it all sounds great until the ***hole beating on his wife kills the EMT personnel that arrive first.
  10. Does more training eliminate bad apples, or will it simply cost more $$$ to make those that are already fine that much better? What is your plan to deal with how we "look at threats," and how does that hold up to legal challenge when a cop smashes someone in the head? So you want cops rolling around on the ground with someone who may very well have a knife or needle on them? No, I say obey or get put down, and if you were mistreated, sue them in court. Didn't watch the video, but 60 bullets does seem excessive in just about any scenario I can picture. Well, when they're first on the scene, and the only ones there, what do want to occur?
  11. Thought 1 - I'm not reading 8 pages to see if you answered my question. You'll either answer it again (for me), or you don't care enough to try to make your point. Thought 2 - Your plan, is either nothing of consequence, won't work, addresses a problem that isn't there, or just flat out sucks. Thought 3 - While our police are not perfect, I truly do believe that we in the USA have the best police force in human history. I really do believe that, as imperfect as it may be.
  12. So prove him wrong. What's your plan?
  13. What's your plan?
  14. No, that would be suicide for the nation. "Borders" are the exact thing that actually define a country. With no border, there is no country. Every single last person that thinks like you needs to be put in a boxcar and shipped away. THAT is what would solve most of our issues.