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  1. Until we find a way to take our number back from Tampa, the plan is to let someone else knock Tampa out of the playoffs, and we'll take our chances with Houston, Cleveland, Boston, etc.
  2. I don't own the boat. I'm the invit"ee", not the invit"er".
  3. Twice.
  4. We don't need to sell Portland. We need to conquer it. Very simple process. Just make a general announcement all gun toting bible thumping pickup driving rednecks are invited to purge Portland, and there will be NO CHARGES FILED, for anything. Just get it done. The country boys would have it cleaned out in one night. ^^^ Yeah, what he said.
  5. These people KoQ may kill, why aren't they vaxed?
  6. The jab is available to everyone at this point in NJ. No appointment necessary. Instead of walking in Walmart and bumping into Mitchell, walk into one of the supervax centers and take responsibility for yourself.
  7. Tampa has our number. They are not an accurate test for us.
  8. You made 5 points, and are wrong about all 5of them. - I said .003%, not .09% - Most of the dead are not in the 99.997% demographic. They were much older, much unhealthier, and higher risk. - It's "Me, Myself, and I." - Not all 340M have caught it, and not all 340M are in the same risk demographic. - You are right about "God help this country," but the problem isn't people like me, and despite your know it all attitude, the problem isn't people like you either. So you don't get credit for that either. So you went 0 for 5 on that one, with 5 strikeouts. We call that the Golden Sombrero, no?
  9. Who cares about third world ****hole countries?
  10. Absolutely not. It's take experimental drugs or risking catching something with a 99.997% survival rate.
  11. No, they're going to use "Liability" as the excuse. Then we'll be even, because we already despise you. ^^^ This. Especially the "take responsibility for yourself" part. ^^^ This. Again. Uh oh. Calling it "experimental" makes you a science denying xenophobic misogynistic Islamophobic bigoted racist. Or something like that.
  12. IMO, it's second best reason to have an use a Facebook account, just to stick in all their faces that while they're boasting about what they know, we slamming fish and crabs in the boat. The best reason, of course, is to stick it in all your friends' faces that while they're at work, we're fishing.
  13. They were everywhere. I had them from 3' - 10', and there was a major run during hour 3-4 of the outgoing.
  14. Not all science is equal.
  15. None of them were forced to do so.