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  1. Sent you a pm, let me know if it doesn't work.
  2. Seriously, I wonder all our WWII Vets would have to say about this whole Transgender phenomena?
  3. I'm not a clammer, but driving you out to a clam bed and leaving you there is easy. Just say when.
  4. I know it sounds like sacrilege, but just think about the basics of the sandwich. It's ham and cheese. Mustard is a no brainer on ham and cheese. Yes, it's provolone, not swiss, but still, it's cheese. Maybe the ham is Capicola, but all that really is is spicy ham. Salami, yeah, a little more spice. Sometimes pepperoni, even more spice. So by nature, the sandwich has spice to it. Now, it's common to mellow it out some by throwing a salad on it (lettuce, tomato, onion), but instead of calming it down, why not stay on that track and amp it another notch or 4?
  5. Are you looking to go clamming, or to fish over a clam bed. I was talking about fishing? As for the Prime, I've never used it, but hey, I'm open to new things.
  6. And abortion, and gun control, and sanctuary for illegals, and tax the rich, and global warming, and orange man bad.
  7. Yes, but the Left is sick of old white men. I'm hoping that having to choose between 2 of them will discourage some of them enough to stay home.
  8. The right time to park on a clam bed in my neck of the woods is Mar/Apr. The gnats, flies and crabs make it intolerable this time of year. I can maybe arrange to park you on a wreck 10 miles out?
  9. I'm pretty sure I'm never been on the "WS or bust" train?
  10. While I'm sure most will disapprove, if you want to change your standard Italian up a little, add spicy mustard and hot peppers. The mustard and pepper juice mixes and creates something that is greater than the sum of it's parts. If you like a spicy sandwich, it's an awesome combo.
  11. Just trying to keep expectations realistic. I'm sure they "expect" to repeat in Boston, and Houston has as much talent as anyone, and there's a team in LA that feels like they get a say as well.
  12. I'm using the refractometer to check the salinity. Calibrate it, a couple of drops, and it seems to work well. For what it's worth, all 3 tanks come in with the same reading, which matches the lagoon, and my tap water does come in with a different reading.
  13. There have been signs with him. This is just another one. Time to trade him. He doesn't fit in here. I can't let it go till next Spring. I'm morally obligated and all in at this point. Just roll with it. Big names or not, I don't see how we can "expect" to beat Houston. Should we both make it to the ALCS, I think that's a true "pick'em," anything goes.
  14. It's just too bad that Sanchez ain't a real bat.
  15. That's what I've been getting at.