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  1. It's time to move on from the "she's dead" narrative, yes. But it is not yet time to move on from determining whether or not we were lied to about her overall health and physical presence at the event in question. If lies were put out there, let's get to the bottom of it, and chastise those who deserve it.
  2. Is this actually true? Was your county currently collecting "millions" in tax on that undeveloped land, and now they were going to get nothing? Or is it more accurate to say that the mall, after DEVELOPING that land, would normally pay millions in tax, which is new, extra money going to the country, but because of this deal, the county wont get that EXTRA money?
  3. Planning on putting her in next week, and barring a hurricane, I'm fishing Opening Day. Who else fishes the Mullica, Great Bay, and/or out of Little Egg Inlet? Hoping to see some fellow SOL'ers out there soon.
  4. Perfect!
  5. 1. So NYC's transportation system is so inadequate, that they can't take in a company looking to give them thousands of new jobs? That doesn't sound like an Amazon problem. 2. Is giving away 3B in tax credits taking actual money out of the system, or is it really not taking in potential money that you'd only get if Amazon came and paid full price? Cause now they're getting nothing. 3. Rising housing values to me makes it sound like this would be a great for people to sell their home for more than they normally could have, and retire somewhere nice. For those not wanting to sell, was Amazon going to seize their home and throw them out? 4. What does local city council have to do with State tax credits? 5. I added that number to your post. If what you propose occurred in my town, I'd sell my home for more than it's worth, and move out of this freaking state. Or, being that technically my "career" is in IT, maybe I'd get one of those good jobs with Amazon. 120K is more than I make now, and work is 2 hours away from where I live.
  6. OK, even if it only is less than a 100, fine. You'll have a handful of people moved off welfare or food stamps. You'll have some quantity of people moved of Unemployment to a decent job. You'll have some people moved from their current, decent to an actually very good job. You'll have some people moved from their current very good job to a great job. And you'll have all this extra money pouring into the surrounding community. What is the problem here?
  7. Like I said, if you tell me that my biggest problem this year is going to be that Boone will make a couple of bad decisions that will cost me a couple games, sign me up right now. And I say that because if that is the biggest problem we have this year, we'll win 120 games.
  8. Look at the bright side, at least you ain't a dingo ****er.
  9. You tell me right now that the biggest weakness my team has is the manager, and I'm all in. My catcher is coming off a terrible season. My 1B is a short career of nothing but injury and unrealized potential. My 2B is a sophmore. My SS is on the DL My 3B is a sophmore. My DH is King Kong when it comes to contract size and Ks. My rotation is "ok" at best. Yeah, how Boone is going to manage is what I'm worried about. OK.
  10. I'm a big fan of revenge. Don't get even, get ahead. The best revenge that Trump can exact for this loss/opposition/whatever, is to do whatever he has to to win again in 2020, and in doing so, not only replace Ginsberg, but probably Breyer too. And for an added touch, he could wear blackface while making the nomination.
  11. Better to lose than surrender surely is one way to put it. I'd rather put it this way....... Better to lose this battle and still have a chance to win 2020 than fight to the death now and anger everyone so much that you lose 2020.
  12. That bill, while not nearly as bad as this one, still had a bunch of trash in it, didn't it?
  13. Any fans? Yeah, it's an MCU comic character, but it's by no means a typical "super hero" story/character. More of like a low budget, ultra violent, domestic Rambo. Only 4 episodes in, but it's pretty good, and very violent, so far. Definitely "binge worthy."
  14. What could he have done about it? Other than leave the government shut down until the outcry became so hysterical that Congress united against him and passed a veto proof Bill? If neither side, including your side, is on your side, how can you win?
  15. Of course it's not going to happen. I'm just saying that it would be funny if it did.