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  1. Hear Hear!!
  2. I want to start protecting people that do it not "intentionally," but "without regard" for the safety of those blocking the road. Something like "If you proceed through a crowd of protesters blocking a road/bridge at no wake speed (say no more than 10mph), giving them ample time to move out of the way, it's not on you if they choose to just stand/lay there and get run over."
  3. And then you people look at me funny when I say motorists should be legally allowed to drive through (over?) protesters who are blocking roads/bridges.
  4. No need to fear. Will Smith will out fly them. Jeff Goldblum will outsmart them. And all will be well.
  5. Personally I think "MORE" than half of Americans are a burden.
  6. Just got home from a tuna trip, so I saw nothing but the post game highlights, but............ Didn't Gardner get thrown out of the game the last time they were trying to give Judge a day off?
  7. Yep, I feel that's truly the best way to bring true harm to the Clinton Crime Syndicate. "Melt Down?" Methinks perhaps that term does not mean what you think it does. You want to call it mean, or spiteful, or vindictive, or just flat out cruel, well, ok, sure.
  8. It's time to move on from Hillary. I'd rather see them get Chelsea at this point. Chelsea is (and has been, for some time) on the Board of Directors at The Clinton Foundation, so I'm sure she's party to corruption/bribery in that organization. Forget Hillary and nail Chelsea. Putting Chelsea in prison would be more damaging to the legacy of the Clinton Crime Syndicate than nailing Bill or Hillary at this point. The go Huma, she's another one with a little kid. Let's start causing these families some real pain.
  9. The series we're in now.............. means very little. A couple weeks ago, we lost 3 in a row in Boston, we were collapsing, and weren't even going to make the playoffs. 10 days later, we had the best record in MLB. Now Cleveland put a spanking on us one game, so we should trade Judge. Come on now. Let's just get healthy, strive for the best record in the AL and even better all of MLB, and get things under control and well oiled for October.
  10. Another flawed term......... One most certainly CAN compare apples to oranges........... Both are fruits. Both grow on trees. Both are about the same size. Both can cost about the same amount of money. Both weigh about the same. Both are relatively round. Both are often turned into juice. Both can be peeled. Both have seeds. I could go on..................
  11. I'm thinking him as a legit ace for next season. If we can get some good bullpen outings, maybe even "opener" innings this season, that's about I can realistically see happening. It means we avoid the first decade since the 1910's that we didn't win a WS.
  12. Come on guys, we have one of the best teams in the league, loaded with young talent, and have our usual issue of needed more starting pitching, especially top notch, playoff caliber, ace type starters. We don't need to start giving up on young(er) players that could be our backbone for the next 5-10 years. What we do need is for Severino to come back as a legit #1 (even if it's next year), for Tanaka to hold, for German to hold, and a nice bonus would be if Paxson could perform at least as a decent playoff #3 starter. I don't think that's asking too much.
  13. There is more going on that just that. He has hit several fly ball outs recently that in the past would have been long gone. There's something more in play here than simply adjusting to another part of the plate.
  14. Can I request that everyone just calm the **** down with regard to Judge for a few seconds? One minute he's best player in the league not named Trout, the next he'll never be a good hitter? Come on guys. There's obviously something going on. Maybe the Lat strain is still on his mind, there's been a lot of really bad calls that have gone against him, add in simply being in a slump (he's proven to be VERY streaky), and you've got the formula for a bit of a bad run. Does anyone else remember that the year came in 2nd for MVP and hit 52 HR that for about a month after the All Star game, most of August, actually, he was completely MIA? Let's just relax. Judge, Sanchez, Gleyber, and most likely Andujar, they are the future of this team, and are going nowhere. Chill, it'll be ok. Judge will be back.
  15. - No one died. - It was a criminal shooting at police. - It was not a madman going to a public place and killing innocent people randomly. I absolutely dispute calling this a mass shooting. The term is being misused in every possible way. The police were serving a warrant, and a career criminal, who shouldn't have been free anyway, starting shooting. It certainly is a story, but people should stop comparing this to any actual "mass shooting."