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  1. I'm happy with the job he's doing, and when it comes to my opinion, which matters only to me, my opinion is the only one that counts.
  2. As long as he does a good job, who cares?
  3. Fact: Hillary ain't POTUS. Reality: Garland ain't SCOTUS. Everything else: Just a bonus.
  4. This is the real solution. Flynn should be crucified for lying to the FBI, and anyone in the DOJ/FBI who violated the rights, or even skirted the rules, should be crucified as well. These people ask us for power, we give it to them, and then they abuse it. The penalties should be horrific enough that it scares everyone else from even thinking about doing it.
  5. NJ just elected a Governor who promised to make us a sanctuary state, who then promptly made us a sanctuary state, and you think the state is going to impose harsh penalties over fishing to someone with the last name "Lu," or any member of the bucket brigade? Come on man.
  6. You want people who care about fishing to make headway with NJ politicians? Was that really posted in seriousness? Rather than fling the "keyboard quarterback" jab around, I'd suggest you take the red pill, and wake up to reality.
  7. It's state. Several years back, before NJ had a registry system in place, we had to use the Federal system (NOAA), which I believe was about to institute a fee, but NJ now has a free, state registry that we all must use to legally fish the salt. We have to renew the registration every year. Should be a simple matter for NJ to suspend that registration if they so chose. Actually, it's about time to renew, now that it's come up.
  8. The Slammer sale is over, but I got talked into dropping the same $125 last on a 4500. Now that I'm clear eyed this morning and thinking straight, I don't even know why I hesitated yesterday. Probably shoulda' grabbed two.
  9. Amazon has all the Conflict 2 smaller than 5000lc on sale for almost half price. I still like the Slammer 3 deal better, but if you want a Conflict 2, now is the time.
  10. Now the Conflict 2 are on sale for almost half price. The smaller sizes, everything under 5000. I'd still go with the Slammers, but still, if for some reason you want a Conflict, now is the time.
  11. I don't know either way, but if Horowitz already had them, then how were they "lost?"
  12. There's no "license" for salt water, but there is the free "registry." Not allowed to legally fish the salt without it. Really, except for the fees, what's the difference? Simply suspend their registration, and have horrific fines/penalties in place if caught fishing the salt while your registration is suspended. No?
  13. Give me a few minutes to mull this over, and I'll try to convince myself that I care.
  14. I was actually watching the Trump event when she asked him a question from the audience, and she stood out to me as some kind of ding dong I wouldn't trust for a second. I took her as an idiot foreign exchange student who was probably here on our dime getting free education in America while caring about nothing but Mother Russia. You would think that someone, somewhere in the NRA, if not a whole bunch of people, would raise an eyebrow at this chick and ask "what the **** is her story?"