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  1. Speaking of transom replacement.... anyone on here replace their HPS transom with one of the “pourable” materials, seacast etc? Just wondering how difficult it was to clean out the old wood with that 1/2” layer of glass sandwiched in the middle...
  2. Google “swingback seat.” They are all over the internet. Diff manufacturers like wise, todd, etc. that looks like wise to me.
  3. All set. Thanks guys. Mods please close.
  4. Ill take it! Please pm me your pay pal. thanks!
  5. My parents live on cape cod so I do occasionally travel that way to visit them. They are down south avoiding the cold weather, should be back in April. How much were you looking for the cooler? thanks, seth
  6. Hello, looking to purchase a used yeti tundra 45 (white). If you have one for sale please let me know condition and asking price. thanks, seth Location: southern NH
  7. I received my fly line today! Clean, supple, and crack free just as promised! A terrific price for a line with a lot of life left in it! Thanks again Jr Spey!
  8. I would like the WF -9-S. thanks!
  9. Sounds good to me. Ill take it! thanks. Pm’d ps. LH Retrieve?
  10. Looking for a used orvis hydros sl for a 9wt line. If you have one you would like to sell please list condition and price. Thanks, seth
  11. All set! thanks mightyrime! mods please close.
  12. Pmnt sent. Thanks!
  13. I have heard that thanks. Think im going to try to pick up a used orvis recon. Fingers crossed. Thanks.
  14. Pm’d
  15. Sounds good. pictures would be great! thanks!