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  1. Sounds good to me. Ill take it! thanks. Pm’d ps. LH Retrieve?
  2. Looking for a used orvis hydros sl for a 9wt line. If you have one you would like to sell please list condition and price. Thanks, seth
  3. All set! thanks mightyrime! mods please close.
  4. Pmnt sent. Thanks!
  5. I have heard that thanks. Think im going to try to pick up a used orvis recon. Fingers crossed. Thanks.
  6. Pm’d
  7. Sounds good. pictures would be great! thanks!
  8. Interested in picking up a used 9wt recon. If someone has one they are considering selling please let me know condition and price. Thanks.
  9. Im interested, where in NH are you located?
  10. I would love the recon, but the bvk is more in my price range at the moment.
  11. Nickerson has 3 decent trout ponds, cliff, flax, and little cliff has trout and lmb fishing as well. You can also rent canoes kayaks etc from jacks boat rental located on flax and cliff.
  12. Following...
  13. Thanks whitt80. Ill see if I can get my hands on one before spring! Haha.
  14. Thank you very much for the link, very useful! I may look up bait shops in the area and give them a call if noone is certain. Thanks again!
  15. Thanks guys for the feedback! To answer your questions doyle. I will most likely be fishing shallow water from a 15’cc boat. In a perfect world i would be sight casting to striped bass on the flats. I just got a boat last year, so untill i have some flats dialed in im open to fishing rips, under bridges, etc. thanks!